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Worrying how Guendouzi is our best midfielder but he doesn’t seem to work well with any of our other midfielders..

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Worrying how Guendouzi is our best midfielder but he doesn’t seem to work well with any of our other midfielders..

@rr_delo @KennyKen1972 Xhaka guendouzi are meant to be ball progressors Ie the jorginho in midfield in xhakas case Guendouzi can play that role when he gets older Torreira can only play the role Kante plays currently for Chelsea.

@PatrickTimmons1 Starting Guendouzi and willock will not get @Arsenal into top10.

@WozAfc Just the 9th tweet about Guendouzi today. You are a bit obsessed by him..

🔵⚪🔴 Décryptage du jeu de passes de Mattéo Guendouzi en vidéo ❗ ✅ Casse des lignes ✅ Orientation du jeu ✅ Premier contrôle ✅ Intelligence de jeu 🎥 Vidéo complète :.

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Xhaka might be playing his last season with us, looks disinterested in parts, but still gives us more than Guendouzi/Willock. Them 2 have a lot to work on, lack of experience clear to see..


Taking Guendouzi off brought some positional stability. A sub Emery repeatedly failed to make and ultimately pass the price. Norwich gave it a good go, urged on by a vocal crowd and would probably be disappointed not to take all 3 points. It’s all about stopping the rot for us..

@psy_chou Hahaha mais c’est grave quand même déjà l’arbitre qui donne un jaune et dans la VAR on dirait que c’est logique alors qu’il met clairement l’intégrité physique de Guendouzi en danger.

Really feel like Guendouzi and Xhaka never need to be on the pitch at the same time..

seeing too much Xhaka/Mustafi slander but Guendouzi, Chambers and Luiz get a free pass.

@simbactz @LO_GRC C’est pas à Mustafi de prendre un joueur lancé dans la surface. Il fait l’erreur de sortie un peu tard mais l’erreur c’est davoir laissé 60m au mec pour arriver dans la surface sans le coller. Et cnest aux milieux de le faire. Regarde ce que Guendouzi fait sur la memenaction.

@efan_ekoku1 You said, on commentary, that Guendouzi is issuing an invitation to get hurt by shielding the ball. Youre a disagrace and a dinosaur, Efan. Why dont you leave the commentary box and go kick someone.

@langgengpakel Holding Midfield yg seharusnya menutup di posisi itu adalah Guendouzi Tapi doi baru masuk lapangan abis kena.

@GlaucusAB @Arsenal_Brasil Concordo, time errando do mesmo jeito, a escalação sem Tierney (ótima opção ofensiva), sem Torreira que não sei qual o motivo dele não jogar ao lado de Guendouzi, e Xhaka um trator velho. Pq Pepe não está sendo titular? Tá difícil desse jeito.

@ArthurSTRONGarm Been ghosting yes but he’s supposed to be attacking, what’s the point in having 3 dms on the pitch (xhaka, guendouzi, torreira).

@Dikachim I disagree on 1. Guendouzi has shown he can move the ball well against top opposition too. I agree on 2 but Auba needs a reality check..

@BackoTheDoc remonte encore un peu plus, Guendouzi fait (ou ne fait pas) exactement la même chose au milieu.

Wait. What? Guendouzi actually got called up to the French National side? Lord..

Notre colonne vertébrale c’est quand même Xhaka Guendouzi - Luiz Mustafi , faut pas s’étonner d’être 9ème.

I don’t think people realize playing Ozil & Pepe is not ideal for a full 90. We become to offensively top heavy. We’re getting countered so easily as it is with Ozil in the middle supported by Guendouzi & Xhaka & Willock, throw Pepe in the mix & might as well open midfield so 🤷🏾‍♂️.

@sirdougz @ShawnaWTF This Guendouzi thing is the real problem in our midfield,he is only good when we are in possession, very poor in ball recory. no balance in the midfield when he is playing. He should be taken out and learn some of this skills before being entrusted in the , Xhaka.

84’ Chants of “Shit Fucking Haircut” echo around the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium as Guendouzi diverts the ball into his own net. That surely seals it for the Rs. QPR 3-0 Arsenal #FACup.

@JamieMcLeary64 @arseblog For all the praise guendouzi gets I don’t get it. Looking busy isn’t same as effective. He doesn’t pass fast enough. Never seems to be this defensive force everyone says he is when it’s needed & fucks up/slows down 80% of moves that have to go thru him..

pepe for Lacazette, torreira for willock, Both guendouzi and xhaka can push high up the pitch.

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