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Hamas and Islamic Jihad say they will fire rockets at civilians in response to Jews storming Al-Aqsa. As one of the thousands of Jews who visited the Temple Mount today, this is what storming supposedly looks like..

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Ben Shapiro,Ben Shapiro on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

One pic says it all. The difference between those who defend their country & Iran-backed Islamic Jihad who uses innocent Gazans death to stir rage. Islamic Jihad & Hamas spend god knows how much for weapons & tunnels. Why never on shelters?? #IsraelUnderAttack #IsraelUnderFire.

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq,Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

@CaronAymericoff Les droits du peuple palestinien commenceront quand l’autorité palestinienne respectera celle de son peuple espèce de clown ! Commencez par vous indigner de la dictature terroriste du Hamas et après on dira que votre indignation n’a pas de fondement antisémite !.

Avi Mayer
Avi Mayer

Israel has agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire to enable fuel and other vital supplies to enter Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad has rejected it. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the enemies of the Palestinian people. The sooner we understand that, the sooner the violence will end..

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Avi Mayer,Avi Mayer on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

Let’s be clear: Israel wanted this to become a war - they provoked it, stoked it, & wanted Islamic Jihad & Hamas to strike back. Was it to make Lapid/Gantz look strong before elections or was it, as they say, “to mow the lawn?” It’s cynical & racist. 1/2.

Mensonge : aucun Israélien ne vit dans la bande de Gaza depuis 2005. Ni soldat ni civil. Les Palestiniens vivent sous l’occupation de la dictature islamiste du Hamas qui a imposé son pouvoir par coup d’Etat en 2007..

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Julien Bahloul,Julien Bahloul on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

The Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and other terrorists groups in the Gaza Strip are dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Our message to them: Israel will always protect its citizens. #OperationBreakingDawn.

BREAKING: Israeli airstrikes have flattened homes in Gaza and rocket barrages into southern Israel persisted, raising fears of an escalation in a conflict that has killed at least 15 people in the coastal strip..

Hamas is responsible to the death of kids in Gaza. Not Israel. Hamas uses kids and innocent civilians as a human shield. That is the *only* reason there are unfortunately innocent victims in Gaza. If you care about Palestinian kids and innocent civilians - oppose Hamas..

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Inbar Cohen,Inbar Cohen on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

@ALeaument Et la politique meurtrière du Hamas contre le peuple palestinien ? Cette dictature qui prend le pognon du monde et affame son peuple, emprisonne les opposants etc… un mot ? Le peuple palestinien n’a pas droit à l’aide internationale ni votre soutien dans ce cas ? #Antisemite.

Nunca pediriam aos ucranianos para baixar armas primeiro como pedem aos palestinianos, percebem sempre todas as restrições à democracia na Ucrânia com a justificação da invasão, desculpam sempre os “extremistas” que lutam de um lado, mas não se calam com o Hamas. Enfim..

Meanwhile anyone who looks to blame anyone but Iran’s regime missed the ’s people suffer while the mullahs pour money into the pockets of Hamas,Hezbollah & Palestinian Islamic Jihad to kill Israelis. Because the death of Jews is more important than the lives of Iranians.

Equipo negociador egipcio: Si no hay alto el fuego en 48 horas, Hamas se unirá a la Yihad Islámica Hasta ahora todos los ataques han sido llevados a cabo por la Yihad Islámica, que cuenta con débiles misiles caseros y baja capacidad de combate..

The differences this time are 🔺Hamas neutrality 🔺 The direct rule of Tehran 🔺The collapse of IJ top leadership board 🔺Some of the children were killed by IJ own rockets.

Yahudi ve hırıstıyan medya lobisi hamasın başarısını gölgede bırakmaya İşgalçileri moral motivasyonla ayakta tutmaya çalışıyor bu iki yüzlülüktür şunu iyice aklınıza kazıyın hamas küfre boyun eğmeyecektir tüm islami ülkelerin verdikleri desteğiyle bu iş çok fazla sürmeyecek.

I am a proud 2 State Supporting Zionist. I am anti occupation of the West Bank. I’m also very critical of Fatah, and I loathe Hamas. I’m also, incredibly disappointed in people both on the Israeli and Palestinian side who talk about dead children with such apathy and disdain..

Si Hamas se involucra en el conflicto, entonces la situación cambiará seriamente en términos del poder de los misiles, el rango de vuelo y su número..

Ich bitte um nähere Erläuterung oder Korrektur, da meines Erachtens die Hamas hier ein positives Image bekommt, das nicht den Positionen und Handlungen dieser Terrororganisation entspricht. @SZ.

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by Jörg Gehrke,Jörg Gehrke on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

Israel wages war against civilians in Gaza, no news coverage here. Been seeing it for a few days now. Haven’t seen any killed or captured Hamas. Have seen plenty of civilians get 86’d though. Where is the outrage?.

HAMAS: Filistinli liderlere suikast düzenlemek işgale karşı direnişi durdurmayacak.

Hamas Photo,Hamas Photo by HABERNAS,HABERNAS on twitter tweets Hamas Photo

Zionist journalist Amit Segal: “Let them be silent however they want or say whatever they want… I am confident that the last bursts of rockets are behind (the responsibility of) the military arm of Hamas.”.

Hamas hides behind civilian population is such a foolish Zionist excuse to bomb children & destroy buildings. The Jewish nation harbours Zionists, so shall it be bombed entire ?.

Israel should set out to eliminate the military capabilities possessed by terror organizations in Gaza, and not allow them to rebuild and grow between rounds of fighting, writes @Amir_Avivi.

None of this happens if Hamas & Islamic Jihad end their war against Israel & uses the billions in aid they receive annually in a way they benefits their people instead of on weapons. Don’t be wilfully blind. There’s nothing asymmetric about this! #WakeUp @HMcPhersonMP.

Hussam Badran, a member of the #Hamas political bureau, wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account: This is Nablus that we know, the city of martyrs, the city of minarets, joint national action, and the 1/.

I’m going to make as big a donation as I can afford to the Anti-Defamation League as I can afford, and make it in Roger Waters’s name. Because screw that antiSemitic, racist, Putin, Hamas and Xi loving POS..

Pilihanraya Israel akan berlangsung pada 1 November 2022 Skrg ni ahli politik Israel tgh cari modal untuk berkempen Modal kempen politik paling laris ialah serang rakyat Palestin di Gaza,lepas tu play victim ckp Israel kena attack ngan Hamas.

Der Chef der iranischen , Hossein Salami, prahlte jüngst, Iran habe Hesbollah 100‘000 Raketen geliefert. Die Angriffe in Gaza könnten so in 2 Richtungen eskalieren, indem Hamas u/o Hesbollah eingreifen. Viel Arbeit für den ägyptischen Geheimdienst, der vermitteln soll..

Podría parecer que es por un ataque israelí pero es porque los de Hamas son como Terra Lliure pero con niños cerca..

Operation Breaking Dawn differs from past rounds of conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza in that it was the Iranian proxy militia Palestinian Islamic Jihad — instead of Hamas — who ignited the violence. Iran funnels millions to PIJ for weapons and recruiting..

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