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I’m deeply troubled by reports of the arrest of @JimmyLaiApple under Hong Kong’s draconian National Security Law. Further proof that the CCP has eviscerated Hong Kong’s freedoms and eroded the rights of its people.

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Allen Wong
Allen Wong ()

Freelance ITV News journalist Wilson Li arrested in Hong Kong under security law | ITV News

Milton.Mai ()

@hkStephenSYY And this has significantly violated the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini constitution. Remember freedom of speech and freedom of press protect the very hated speeches and thoughts. The gov has no right to eliminate any press just because they don’t agree with the gov.

Dawanda E. Stone🇺🇸
Dawanda E. Stone🇺🇸 ()

👀👀👀 Hong Kong Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai Arrested Under Controversial National Security Law

Kris Cheng
Kris Cheng ()

Citigroup is already taking steps to suspend accounts linked to some of the 11 targeted individuals, one person familiar with the matter said.

Ankit Panda
Ankit Panda ()

And, for the record, everyone I had the pleasure of working with at @SCMPNews was a consummate professional; I had no issues expressing myself honestly in their pages (on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjing, Kovrig/Spavor, etc). Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst in HK.

Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

I’m deeply troubled by reports of the arrest of @JimmyLaiApple under Hong Kong’s draconian National Security Law. Further proof that the CCP has eviscerated Hong Kong’s freedoms and eroded the rights of its people.

Sophia 🇭🇰🤚🏻👆🏻
Sophia 🇭🇰🤚🏻👆🏻 ()

@washingtonpost @shiroihamusan Today is him, Tomorrow can be everyone in Hong Kong. Even you are a foreigner. This country is fragile and super easy to be splitted. No more Freedom of Press in Hong Kong. #StandWithHongKong #BoycottChina

Netherlandish ()

via @NYTOpinion Here’s what ⁦@JimmyLaiApple⁩ wrote in May when he anticipated his arrest for “subversion”. He was right. #FreeHongKong

Nathan Law 羅冠聰 😷
Nathan Law 羅冠聰 😷 ()

[email protected] is being brought to the police station now. It’s a devastating move from the Chinese govt that they want to silence the voice of resistance in Hong Kong. I urge the world to keep an eye on what’s happening. #NSL

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John Dominici 🧼👏
John Dominici 🧼👏 ()

Hong Kong/China police raided a newsroom without a warrant. The #CCP is actively censoring the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

𝙔𝙪𝙠𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙣 ()

Jimmy Lai: Hong Kong media tycoon arrested under security law - BBC News

Harry Lam Pang-fei
Harry Lam Pang-fei ()

@nathanlawkc Knowing that you will, with a member of the House of Lords in Britain, present a private prosecution of three senior Hong Kong cops of British nationalities: Dover,Jordan and Shave who have to be held responsible for their roles on June 12th 2019 on your efforts.

Jopuza ()

China sancionó a 11 políticos y dirigentes de EEUU en represalia por las medidas sobre la injerencia del régimen en Hong Kong - Infobae

Romi ()

Diperkirakan ada orang di Hong Kong saat in iyang tinggal di rumah partisi (cubicle) , sub-divided housing dan rumah kandang tersebut. | #realestate #kapitalisme

Dev Soni
Dev Soni ()

This is a clear signal if any country is mistakenly taking #CCP as their friend. This will be your fate too.

ReconObsy ()

@ShibaniMahtani It is crystal clear that Hong Kong is a #PoliceState right now, and the #HongKongPolice has no respect for the press nor freedom of press.

margaret wilson
Margaret wilson ()

BBC News - Jimmy Lai: Hong Kong media tycoon arrested under security law

Clifford Coonan
Clifford Coonan ()

China should prepare itself -- I presume the EU is getting ready a statement expressing grave concern any day now about the latest setbacks to freedom in Hong Kong

Exame ()

Magnata Jimmy Lai é preso em Hong Kong sob lei de segurança nacional

παστα ποντικακι
παστα ποντικακι ()

Ο @MaxBlumenthal ξεφτιλιζει παλι τα αρδ-ακια του ιμπεριαλισμου

Dan Kawa
Dan Kawa ()

Além disso, está noite, Hong Kong prendeu um importante jornalista e ativista pro-democracia no “Estado País”. Este é mais um passo delicado na direção de tirar as liberdades de expressão e a livre imprensa em Hong Kong, que pode reverberar ao redor do mundo.

HongKonger Noah
HongKonger Noah ()

@SenRickScott Yes. Our puppet gov ruined all freedom which has been established by HongKongers for long. Sadly speaking, Hong Kong has literally dead. #StandWithHongKong #HongKongers

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Senator Penny Wong
Senator Penny Wong ()

This deeply troubling development and the postponement of elections are not what was guaranteed to the people of Hong Kong. Human rights - including freedom of expression - must be respected.

Lavy ()

Hong Kong pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under national security law


#BREAKING | China sanctions 11 Americans, including senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in retaliation for similar US moves over Hong Kong, reports AFP

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Christy Kan
Christy Kan ()

If the police are allowed to decide who counts as a legitimate journalist, it will mark the end of press freedom in Hong Kong, and no critical coverage available to the public. Instead of the free flow of information, Hong Kong will have only propaganda.

Rima Solo 🇧🇷
Rima Solo 🇧🇷 ()

Magnata da mídia de Hong Kong Jimmy Lai é preso sob a nova lei de segurança nacional chinesa

Peter Hoskins
Peter Hoskins ()

Jimmy Lai, the founder of Next Digital - the parent company of pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, is arrested in Hong Kong. So the company’s yeah, soar by more than 180% 🤷🏻‍♂️ HT @DivyaGnews

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量子猫 ()

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under security law via @FT

DLeung ()

@NBCNews There will be more abandon of Hong Kong’s press, we cannot be used to accept!

☚ #JaiBesoinDeCeBouquet goku ☛
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