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Com a 29ª escolha, o Memphis Grizzlies seleciona o armador TyTy Washington! Ele foi negociado e jogará pelo Houston Rockets! #NBAnaTNTSports #AquiGeralJogaJunto.

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Up on that stage with all this foolery in front of Brandy! She used to sing with Whitney Houston! #Verzuz.

If Kyrie and KD leave the Nets, the Rockets have to be feeling great..

I love to see all the new houston sports players at the club and strip clubs in bout 5 months. Tradition..

@IamHeavyO I just told 1 of my coaches who is die hard houston everything down here that. 😂😂😂.

El tocayo Framber ha limitado a NY a 2 hit en lo que va de partido aunque con tres Carreras Houston 6 Yankys. 3 5 2/3.

Para variar Joey Gallo (Yankees) se ha ponchado dos veces hoy (79) tiene 178 avg. Creo que el consuelo del jardinero neoyorquino es el receptor de Houston, Martín Maldonado, quien batea para 148avg..

Ahjah said come back to Houston now I’m looking at flights and praying I could at least eat this time..

@MaryGarrido75 @AristeguiOnline Estás loca,a mi me vale ,tu vida,ni me interesa quien seas,tus letras son de personas solas,te hace falta ver más box,no es cierto,te hace falta vivir,que mal x tu padre,vienes de un hombre,o cuánto pagaste x irte a Houston?.

Rest of the draft picks… 17th pick Houston - Tari Easo 18th pick Chicago - Dalen Terry 19th pick T’wolves(traded to Memphis) - Jake LaRavia 20th pick Spurs - Malaki Branham #NBA #NBADraft.

@SiennaReed8 Driving to work at Houston Business Journal on the West Loop. 2 years prior was working in Manhattan and could see the World Trade Center from my apt window. Sad day..

@ScooterMagruder Pistons having a heck of a draft, Houston got a lot better defensively, OKC is having a good draft but there’s always question marks as to if they will develop, Knicks dont know what the heck they are doing. And yeah. Lol.

Oh thank God i can scratch my scape again 🥹 idk how y’all do sewin esp in Houston heat.

#PlayingNow on WFER Fleet EDM Radio TRAIG - 7B - 8 - High On You (Dirty Disco Eagle Houston Remix) TRAIG #StreamingLive on WFER.

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Today - From a Trumper: “What hearings? This has been over since they shot that girl at the Capitol.” Also today, from an independent: “I’m not watching. They’re all lying.” Uhhh… Me: “Houston. We have a problem.”.

@ManuelForH @astros Yeah you guys go do that. Taillon is our worst pitcher in the rotation. Tonight was your chance. This is the Yankees. Not the Mets. Houston Asterisks could try to hope for a split.


With Moore, Baldwin Jr. and Watson gone, @Lakers gotta be looking at Caleb Houston #Lakers #NBADraft.

NASA targeting late August to launch its mega moon rocket via @houstonchron.

@_ZachGriff @united Cool stuff. I fly a ton domestically, but never had the Polaris Lounge opportunity until next week, which happens to be in Houston. I have no others to compare it to, so hoping the wife and I are impressed!.

📈ベットシード【オッズ速報】 #ブックメーカー #スポーツベッティング 以下の試合の勝敗予想オッズが発表されました 2022年06月30日11:30 開始予定(日本時間) サッカー / アメリカ MLS Portland Timbers vs Houston Dynamo 現在のオッズ⬇️.

MLB Baseball Game Betting Picks Simulator: 6/24/2022 7:05 PM ET - Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees - RUN THE GAME SIMULATION FOR FREE HERE:.

Somebody just asked me if Omarion and Marques houston had the same daddy? What???😂🤣.

LGBTQ advocate to host inaugural ball in honor of Black man who founded Houston Pride Parade via @houstonchron.

Okay Omarion gata bring out Marques Houston and dance out the You Got Served soundtrack. Cuz this pretty much over..

I’m going to bed after this next song but Mario is WASHING Omarion. Man better bring out Bow Wow, B2K, Marques Houston, SOMEBODY 😩#Verzuz.


nah this definitely should’ve been marques houston vs omarion… Mario doing him bad #verzuz.

@CCbarman @michaelschwab13 That’s almost as bad as Houston fans cheering when Matt Schaub got injured oooff.

NASA is hiring a Management and Program Analyst, a Full-time position under Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. See for details, apps due July 1, 2022..

Está on fire el Matatan véanlo ustedes Baltimore de hembra sin miedo ni nada, ví el canal y dijo Houston tiene vida hoy y así fue asegurando con la carrera y media solo una jugada inexplicable no se está dando.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️.

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