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Saj Sadiq
Saj Sadiq

Nasser Hussain if I am teaching any young boy to watch a cover drive, I would say watch Babar Azam #Cricket.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Saj Sadiq,Saj Sadiq on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

🤩 Nasser Hussain - I would say sorry to fans of Virat Kohli but Babar Azam has one of the best cover drive. I would suggest budding cricketers to watch Babar Azam play cover drive..


🗣 The people who play the cover drive, they make a very difficult shot look incredibly easy. Learn all about the brilliant shot in the masterclass with Natalie Germanos and Nasser Hussain. Created by @BYJUS 🎥 #KeepLearning #Byjus.

NEW: Albuquerque police believe the murders of four Muslim men in the past nine months are connected, the latest of which occurred Friday night. Three of the victims are Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27; Aftab Hussein, 41; and Mohammad Ahmadi, 62. #nmleg.

Horrific. The Guardian reports that Naeem Hussain, most recent Muslim man murdered in Albuquerque, was shot while returning from the burial of two other victims..

The Promised savior, Hussain’s son will come, with the message of freedom and #Hussain منجی، پسر حسین خواهد آمد، با پیام آزادگی و عدالتی که حسین با آن در تاریخ می‌درخشد..

What converted the unequal war of Karbala to a global revolution except its message of freedom and honor? #Hussain چه چیزی جز پیام آزادگی و عزت جنگ نابرابر کربلا را به یک انقلاب جهانی تبدیل کرد؟!.

What everyone knows about Hussain is that he did not succumb to the pressure of oppression and fought against a corrupted and oppressive government. #Hussain آنچه همه در باره حسین می‌دانند این است که او زیر بار ظلم نرفت و با یک حکومت فاسد و ظالم مبارزه کرد..

The uprising of Imam Hussein () is a human uprising based on reform, justice and the truth. #Hussain قیام امام حسین(ع)، قیامی انسانی بر پایه اصلاح، عدالت و حق است..

Hussain ع died the moment when Abbas ع fell on the ground #سلام_بر_قمربنی_ہاشمؑ.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by 𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗻𝘂 (🏴محرم 1444),𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗻𝘂 (🏴محرم 1444) on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

The bone of the usurping Zionist regime has been broken, God willing, it will soon be crushed and dismantled with the help of God and the appearance of the savior of the world. #Hussain.

@MuhammadShojaee Hussain Zaman is the promised savior, who was introduced in the Bible as the Son of Man #Hussain.

🇳🇱Wahb een jonge christen die een aanhanger was van Hussain in Karbala, vertegenwoordigt de link tussen de islam en het christendom. #Hussain  «وهب»، جوان مسیحی که از یاران حسین در کربلا بود، حلقه‌ی ارتباطی بین اسلام و مسیحیت را نمایندگی می‌کند...

شکر خدا که در پناه حسینیم❤ گیتی از این خوب تر پناه ندارد❤ #Hussain.

“O’ Abbas, now my back has broken”💔 — Imam Hussain (ع) #شہادت_ابالفضل_عباسؑ.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by سید_عرفان,سید_عرفان on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

Hussain rz was the person who would sit on the back of the Holy Prophet PBUH , and the Prophet PBUH would extend his sajdah while in namaz. #نواسہ_رسول_سیدناحسین Wah Hussain Wah313.

In all the turmoils,my peace is Hussain(slwt).. In all the despair,my hope is Abbas(slwt)..🖤.

an absolute barbaric slaughter of the holy family of the prophet, and in the 10th day, Imam Hussain ascends to god as a martyr after absolute torture. a dark night indeed. #ليلة_العاشر #مأجورين.

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain Sardad na dad dast, Dar dast-e-yazeed, Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain 🖤🚩 #محرم_الحرام.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by لائبہ✨,لائبہ✨ on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

بودند دیو و دد همه سیراب و می مکید خاتم ز قحط آب سلیمان کربلا #Hussain.

حالا دیگر همه چیز تمام شد؛ زینب ماند و یک دلِ سیر عزا... #Hussain.

These were the days when IMAM HUSSAINع sacrificed everything he had. Leaving nothing behind of his radiant body. To save ISLAM. These are the days when. Everyone will leave you O ZAINABع having watched her ABBASع and HUSSAINع brutally martyred 💔 #يوم_عاشوراء #محرم_الحرام.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by #Hassaanخان🎈,#Hassaanخان🎈 on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

Gham-e-hussain samjhne k lye apko shiya ya sunni hone ki zaroorat nhi hai balky ek insan hona hi kaafi 😔.

Imam Hussain (as) began to weep when Ali Akbar began his Adhan. The ladies could also be heard crying in their tents. #اذانِ_علی_اکبرؑ.

How Our Imam AlQaim(a) remembers the loneliness of Imam Hussain(a) Peace be upon the loneliest of the lonely, Peace be upon the Master of the Martyrs! _Ziyarat e Nahiya 💔😭 #یومِ_عاشور.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Salvatore,Salvatore on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

قافلہ رہ گیا دشت بلا میں پیاسا۔۔۔؁ جن کی میراث تھی کوثر انھیں پانی تک نہ ملا 💔 #labaik ya hussain ؒ #labaik ya abassؒ.

#MessageOfAllahOnMuharram CAN THE SHRINE OF IMAM HUSSAIN FULFILL ALL YOUR WISHES? Watch Sadhna TV 07:30PM (IST) 07:30PM Baakhabar Sant Rampal Ji.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by 🇮🇳Mohan koundal🏳,🇮🇳Mohan koundal🏳 on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

#MessageOfAllahOnMuharram Can the Shrine of Imam Hussain Fulfill All Your WISHES? Must Watch Sadhna TV Channel 07:30PM (IST).

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Kunal Kushwah,Kunal Kushwah on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

#MessageOfAllahOnMuharram CAN THE SHRINE OF IMAM HUSSAIN FULFILL ALL YOUR WISHES? Watch Sadhna TV 07:30PM (IST) Baakhabar Sant Rampal Ji.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Siddharth Saket,Siddharth Saket on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

Ek din me bhare lashkar ka bhi gham dekha hai Isne abbasع ka akbarع ka bhi gham dekha hai Dafn karke ali asgharع ko abhi aaya hai 😭💔 Haye mazloom hussainع 😭 Mera mazloom hussainع 😭.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Neha abbas 🦋,Neha abbas 🦋 on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo
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