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To kill an Islamic Jihad Commander in Gaza, why does Israel need to kill 9 others, including a 5-yr old girl? Is Israel above all the international law and humanitarian norms?.

Following the reports of the tragic events in Jabaliya, the IDF concluded an in-depth debrief. Based on all the IDF systems data, it appears that this event is the outcome of an Islamic Jihad rocket misfire. We did not conduct any activities in Jabaliya at the time of the event..

Once again, Islamic Jihad has shown its disregard for human life. An IDF examination regarding the event in Jabaliya concluded that it was the result of a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket. Intended to target innocent Israelis, it ended up with the death of innocent Palestinians..

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Dites-moi @MathildePanot , je ne trouve pas la moindre condamnation du Jihad Islamique qui vient de tuer par maladresse 5 enfants à Gaza . Serait-ce pour ne pas désobliger vos obligés islamistes ?.

Over the last 3 days the IDF carried out precision strikes against Islamic Jihad. Many were delayed or aborted to prevent civilian casualties. WATCH as this strike against a senior Islamic Jihad commander was delayed last night because of children in the area:.

More than 1,100+ rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad in Gaza over the last 3 days. Here are the stats:.

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Confirmation from an anti-Israel source that Palestinian Islamic Jihad would happily sacrifice Palestinian children in their murderous quest against the Jewish people. @MariamBarghouti #PalestinianTerrorism.

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Live update: Security minister: Israel refused demands to release high-profile Islamic Jihad members.

After the new Gaza strike, Israel says it killed all Islamic Jihad leaders. Hamas saw it as an opportunity to take out their rivals and was giving Israel intel..

💬 « Quand vous tirez sur le Jihad islamique vous tirez sur l’#Iran, pareil pour le #Hezbollah » Dr Fadi Esmaeel, ancien cadre supérieur du Congrès américain.

#BREAKING Dozens wounded in clashes between Israeli forces and Islamic Jihad gunmen in Nablus, West Bank.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad identifies 12 members of its military wing killed in fighting with #Israel, including two of the group’s top commanders in #Gaza. 📸.

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There is both video and eyewitness evidence that an Islamic Jihad rocket misfired and killed Palestinian children in Jabalia refugee camp. Any person or media outlet who says otherwise is propagating lies to demonize #Israel..


Abu ‘Ubadah said, “O Messenger of Allah, is there anyone better than us? We embraced Islam and waged jihad with you.” The Prophet said, “Yes, people will come after you who have faith in me but never saw me.” 💗.

Faixa de Gaza: violência entre Israel e Jihad Islâmica faz 24 mortos, incluindo seis crianças.

@MoulanaOfficial You snake bastard, your end will be in the best interest of the world of Islam. Keep barking at this, go there and fight, and die. Jihad, is also your duty, but you are going crazy for power, like a mad dog. Your end will be a terrible one. #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور.

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@Neemalations Need the Hebrew beanie to get 100% success rate.

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Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has confirmed that a senior armed commander was killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza, Reuters has reported..

This is not a single occurrence. Islamic Jihad in Gaza is firing hundreds of rockets at Israel while putting civilian population in Northern #Gaza in direct line of fire for failed launches..

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Quid du Hamas face à l’opération israélienne contre le Jihad islamique à Gaza?.

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A reminder that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a proxy for Iran. It is not any kind of grass-roots Palestinian movement. It was launched as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and is headquartered in Syria. The world is a better place after Israel decapitated them..

El alto el fuego entre Israel y el Jihad Islámico se mantiene, aunque los terroristas dispararon después que entró en vigencia. Recordemos: Israel atacó a terroristas, mientras que los terroristas atacaron civiles israelíes con sus cohetes, matando también a sus propios civiles..

Palestinian children in Gaza are exploited by Islamic Jihad to remove a fallen rocket that hit a civilian neighborhood in Gaza..

In the past years, the RSS and its outfits have been systematically working to raise communally sensitive issues and create tensions. The anti-cow slaughter campaign and Propaganda about Love Jihad are such instances #RSSQuitIndia.

Israel and Palestinian Militants Reach a Cease-Fire - The New York Times.

End of a Land Jihad by Wakf Board. Idgah Maidan row: Hindutva organizations celebrate over BBMP order. 75th Independence Day will be celebrated on August 15 at Bengaluru Idgah Maidan, as the land is entitled to Karnataka Revenue Department..

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Gazans can choose peace and economic development, but if they do not, Israel will defend itself, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement on Monday, a day after a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad took effect. ✍️ @LahavHarkov.

What we’re watching via @gzeromedia: ➡️US Senate passes Biden’s climate bill  ➡️Israel & Islamic Jihad militant group agree to a truce after 3 days of clashes in the Gaza strip ➡️Europe’s largest nuclear power station in Ukraine was the site of artillery duels over the weekend.

The accurate framing is not Israel against the Palestinians, but Israel against proxies of Iran (Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihad) that wish our annihilation. The Palestinians are victims, but Israel must defend itself from this Jew hating axis of evil if it wants to live..

Dead guy battles demons, neo-nazis, jihad and poorly understood quantum physics in a hilarious attempt to save Creation. #amreading.

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