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In all fairness she was five martinis deep when she said

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Norman Bates ()

“For a joke to be funny, there has to be some truth to it and some pain.” - Berlin

Chidoryy 💀🍓 Chidoryy Stan Club Anführer ()

@0_doppi Meinst du den Bones joke oder meinst du das tg keine bessere animation verdient?

Mariam ()

I knew the list was a joke when I saw, Congo, Kenya and Ghana, and no Tanzania lol

Cool s st*niel🇦🇱🇮🇱🇮🇲🇸🇦 ()

there needs to be a joke spanish dbz tier list but for DoD. SSSSS tier is Bravo-Uno (avión de combate)

S.c.turner ()

@iamcardib and I know you’re more then a lady, to post anything like that for any other reason then, it’s a joke!! I get it 😉 however love, try and spend some time in your yard or on the terrace 🌹you’re really needing some fresh air 😉 love your show baby! Keep doing you!

Kabir Bala 🌼 ()

So people are falsely infecting their family members of the Covid-19 just to get likes and retweets. We joke with everything

ジョークbot ()

メキシコにはなぜプールがないのか? 泳げる奴はみんなアメリカに渡ってる。

Self-ID as torpedo; pronouns, splash / boom ()

@moltymolter @mjarbo I took the captured tweet as a joke. How can that not be a joke? MundaneMatt: [says anything, anything at all] Certain people: That Mundane Matt, am I rite? Heh heh huh!

Jae 🌼 ()

there’s 17, 18 and 20 yos who are fighting for their life. take precautions of this shit and stop taking it as a joke before you really cant do shit. y’all want this to be over so bad but it’s clear who has common sense and who doesn’t when y’all stay running around. “Rant over.”

Iolanda ()

@Marek_Richard @willam being a small queer business is not an excuse to do this. what a joke

Nathan ()

I can see it now. Not one joke will be well-received. All of them will backfire. People will finally realize that the holiday inspires much more hatred than it does not and it will be destroyed and forgotten

Ehrgeiz ()

@TheJammieMixer Even before that. Pile of shit game. The audio is the biggest joke. Never played a game with audio as bad as this.

Eli Burrell ()

so who’s gonna email Flot and tell him to just end the this is a joke and we all know it

Vic ()

i feel like the shittiest person. i’m not unstanning nick, it was a joke. so please stop reminding me how bad of a person i am and that i don’t deserve him because i already know.

Thomas Gorton ()

@NecroButcher187 we just made basically the same joke at exactly the same time

Aumár ()

@jorgegusto_ Lmfaooooooooo bro i hope you ain’t crying rn. Cause now i know not to joke with you 🤣🤣

Wisegal ()

@Mouvaille @jdhze well thank you that’s kind. I am tryn to sleep lol this shit ain’t a joke y’all be careful and protect yourself please


Allen Iverson picks up a Reebok shoe telephone as a joke and quickly finds out its real😂

Wayne Dupree 🎙🎥 ()

This battle-axe was dragged up one side of Twitter and down the other for making a JOKE about Americans sick and dying.

Shafaq⁷ ☾ ()

@trashfortaejin mf know something we i hate it let us in the joke as well you two

Mekss ()

@ashielaramos @HudasLovesyou delete ko na baka mag kamabutihan pa kayo e hahahahahah joke lang lablab

Best babe❤ ()

how can someone still be feeling this whole Chioma p is a publicity stunt?? Like that’s even the last thing to joke with at this point in time. What will be the gain? I pray God be with her and her loved ones at this point and grant her good health. Stay safe people!

ジョークbot ()

俺の家はそりゃもう狭かったぜ。どれくらい狭かったかって? 横に歯磨きができないのよ。

Martin Hind ()

@chrisshipitv So we’re are the ex joke royals ?? That kid needs to be taken into care , ow Trump Av a word !

Sean Fee ()

@Lets_talk13 Is there a joke somewhere in this? Something Got bored cleaning and tried to marry my bathroom spray to my bleach. It was a toxic relationship. #CoronaLockdown #needsdifferentingredients

Andy Alli Ruiz🌎☄️🇨🇴+🇳🇬 ()

Shopping for food is a fucking joke in this period, I can’t even shop in peace without people moving mad close to me like fuck off

𝖋𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆 ()

Hindi po ako nangangain ng tao si hades lang joke hahahaha kaya sali kayoo😂

YT : Lebo Nkgodi ()

@Gee_Shuping Re tla reng mare 😭, and this is an apparent suburb 😹🤣 what a joke

James Woods ()

In all fairness she was five martinis deep when she said

Kurt Bardella ()

Racism in broad daylight courtesy of @realDonaldTrump’s son @DonaldJTrumpJr ... this is not ok. This is not a joke. Asian Americans are under increasing racist threats and attacks because of disgusting rhetoric like this.

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