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Only Joe Biden could thank a Coast Guard member for heroic service during a hurricane and then kick that member out of the service because he doesn’t want the COVID vaccine..

Don’t forget. The NSBA ran their controversial school boards letter by the White House before they sent it! Remember that letter? The one where they compared parents protesting at school board meetings to domestic terrorists. We remember..

@MunstaMasta Chief take out these superpowered aliens that can destroy planets. Chief: easy.

döndürme cebirsel deyim tasdik mahallî idare bunlartım ekip yazar #adanat̑ȓ̈avȇ̈ſti savruluş pala bıyıklı kaynakçaymıştım arpacık.

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@AtomicSkeptic @Theo_TJ_Jordan Stop shifting the issue. No one is saying tech had a duty to promote the story. They had a duty to refrain from censoring it..

@Jim_Jordan You and Donald Trump. And anyone that covers up sexual abuse and espionage..

@Jim_Jordan Really? Is that why YOU fucks hate protesters and the media? Bc that’s all u bitch about. How fake media and protesters should be shot down. But how bout that first amendment u dumb ass rocks fool..

@Jim_Jordan Add to the list 3)insurrectionists 4)brown-nosers 5)liars 6)people who don’t speak out when their student are being abused. I guess that makes you the most hated man in America 😳😂.

@TimCollinsPhoto @F1_Jordan Or you could just try and back up your lies 🤷🏻‍♂️.

An odd thought: What if you open with Jordan Montgomery or Steven Matz in Game 1? Just the 1st, then Mikolas is in. Keep Montgomery on a count and available for G3. #stlcards.

@Jim_Jordan Really? Please, feel free to pull out of OPEC, which was put into place a LONG time before President Biden. Gah’head. We can’t wait to see this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@Jim_Jordan FFS Do you ever get on Twitter and actually tell the truth? What is wrong with you??.

@Jim_Jordan Two things the Right loves: Parroting Russian talking points, and fascism..

@Jim_Jordan No matter the words that come out of your mouth, you’ll always be a coward! A groveling, crying, and begging coward!! You do nothing Senator!.

@Jim_Jordan Two things that the Rest of Americans hates: YOU Jim Jordan and all the stupid tweets that you How about get back to WORK for a change????.

@Jim_Jordan is ridiculous, he should be Presidenting not out personally kicking people out of the @uscoastguard . Where does he even find the time..

@Jim_Jordan Kiss your big oil good bye and the money also but please by all means enjoy your experience 🍵🫁.

@Jim_Jordan Plus, scumbag wrestling coaches that ignore sexual abuse at the University where he coaches. Sit down, punk!.

@Jim_Jordan Only Jim Jordan knowing about sexual abuse of male athletes can then decide to ignore the abuses and run for congress..

@Jim_Jordan My shocked look? Socialists Democrats did the fossil fuel deal! To force people on to solar! But! Their isn’t enough electricity to power everyone to work! And electric power is expensive! Because fuel like coal or nuclear is used to produce electricity! Socialists stupid!.

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@Jim_Jordan Thanks for another scenario that never happened. You are a fucking tool..

@Jim_Jordan I think every last one of you should be fired and banned from political positions going forward! I think anyone who supports trump or the lies he spins should be barred from holding office..

@Jim_Jordan Jim, you’re not helping matters. You crab and bitch about everything, yet you have absolutely no solutions. Do your job!.

@Jim_Jordan It’s actually the (hijacked by the right) second amendment. Also known as the Republican Sponsored Murder of Innocent Americans Amendment.

@Jim_Jordan You mean an America where the POTUS is not bribing and controlling everyone?.

@Jim_Jordan No one could care any less about Elon Musk and why do you think anybody cares about him.

#Ohio you deserve better than @Jim_Jordan ! He’s literally useless.

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وقتی نگران کسایی هستیم که نمیشناسیمشون یعنی اتحاد داریم همین عالیه #مهسا_امینی #MahsaAmini.

@Jim_Jordan We also hate abuse of student-athletes in the Ohio State wrestling program and the cowardly former assistant coaches who try to cover it up..


@Jim_Jordan That’s not really true. We relied on OPEC even when we were a net exporter, which we still are. Please have a reasonable conversation than just spewing and yelling..

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