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The Dodo
The Dodo

This guy didn’t want to adopt small dogs — now he takes them everywhere goes 😍 Special thanks to Betty, Bean, Julie & Matt! Follow along on TikTok and Instagram.

GMA News
GMA News

Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz are at it again with making everyone so kilig with their latest duet..

A federal trial for “Chrisley Knows Best” stars Todd and Julie Chrisley on charges including bank fraud and tax evasion is set to get underway Monday in Atlanta. Prosecutors say they submitted false documents to get loans and failed to pay income taxes..

Julie Plec sobre o final de Legacies: Há algumas surpresas para os fãs de longa data do TVDU que podem simplesmente explodir sua mente..

Julie Photo,Julie Photo by Universo Vampires,Universo Vampires on twitter tweets Julie Photo

Que Dieu apaise la famille de Julie Jeffers , que Dieu apaise leurs cœurs , bon repos à elle, prions pour eux pour qu’ils puissent trouver la paix 🙏🏾 Maranatha ..

@Julipeoro @MadSvafnir As expected, no stream yesterday. The people were right. Julie has very small balls.

@gott_julie Good afternoon Jules, hope you are having a lovely day 🌺🌸👋🏻☀️👍🎼🎵🎤.

@immerse_ur_soul Good morning Julie 😊. We do all need some happy places yes ❤️.

@Melissaboyette6 @DaysHayes Julie’s no dummy. She knew there was something suspect about TR from the jump. #Days.

@JP_MotherOfPug We feel your pain. I got it a while back. No fun. Julie is still COVID-free! 🤞🏻.

Só lembro do scooby e da julie, os pestinhas que eu era apaixonada ❤.

@JulieJulesLamb Good Sunday Morning Julie. Enjoy the trip to see your son and your coffee.

О, прес - алкаше свій висер презентувала? Мабуть після бодуна).

@julie_kelly2 With Republicans like these, might as well vote Democrat. Until the Trump saga, I never understood how bad these establishment type Republicans are. I fell for the red team, blue team thing. Well, no more..

무료 공개 기간을 다음주 일요일까지로 변경합니다~ 디엠으로 부탁하신 분들이 계셔서요^~^ 송성 썰북 즐겁게 봐주셔서 감사해요~!!.

@frau_julie Das sage ich, die vor 6 Jahren 30kg abgenommen und seit 3 Jahren fast 40 wieder zugenommen hat. Mein Geschwafel klingt einfach, ist es aber nicht. Ton ist der Kürze des Tweets geschuldet. 😕.

@julie_nami145 Долбанет, кск говорится, и с концами ахахах.

Golden Apple Julie Mango Pineapple Grapes (Special mention: Strawberries, Bajan Cherries, and Plums).

@1rightknee Good afternoon yes thank you John been busy and made another Rhubarb and black cherry crumble . Hope you are a lot better now and enjoying your Sunday 😊.

@MolinariJulie Ridicule les moutons en marche( OTAN) ,,,,????? politicotico ? Nos bretons français avant dernier honteux ! sur ce BONJOUR JULIE ⛵️.

Julie Photo,Julie Photo by armelle,armelle on twitter tweets Julie Photo

@NormanBrennan I don’t understand this either 🤔 This world is lacking common sense now..

A massive thank you to all the helpers this morning at the first all stars session. A good turn out for the first all stars of the season🏏 Daniella Adrian Andy Abbie Niki Av Luke C Julie Neil Connor Luke L Hayden P.

Julie Photo,Julie Photo by OrpingtonCC,OrpingtonCC on twitter tweets Julie Photo

#MasterChefAu and that’s why we love Julie Goodwin a proper home cooked feast, Whole lamb shoulder!!.

@AdamKinzinger Because criminals follow laws and apply for guns, guns they’ll use for a crime. You are a mor0n..

誰が決めるわけでもない 人生なら なおさら 又いつか めぐり逢える 白い船のデッキで 手を振れば 遠ざかる 手を振れば 手を振れば「船はインドへ(1973)」.

Pyrrha’s still carrying their team leader around. No way in hell is Julie going to be able to lift the dragon..

@julie_kelly2 Please I have three teenage kids. They could careless about tucker Carlson. Or don lemon. Even if he has watched tucker what has happened to personal accountability? Maybe that’s more of the issue than any media source. With zero accountability all actions are.

@miss_milu94 Si, ma in realtà non si poteva mai immaginare questo grande successo! È genuina ❤️ lei in tv andrebbe alla grande.

@julie___1024 아이쿠😢 소누 보고 잠시라도 훨훨 털어버리시구 힐링하세여😊.

Julie Photo,Julie Photo by Sorah🌌,Sorah🌌 on twitter tweets Julie Photo

@gcldenArc Her arms are wrapped around the blonde — nuzzling her face into those blonde locks. Sighing contently , seems like Julie helps weiss sleep ..

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