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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:05 AM IST

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  • Gender equality is the great cause I’ve chosen for my presidency in France. This issue has no border. One of the key for a better future is girls’ education. Let’s work at this @melindagates @JustinTrudeau!.

  • Canada & France are the closest of friends with an ambitious vision to build a better world and fight climate change. Today in Paris, President @EmmanuelMacron & I focused on greater cooperation between our countries. Get the details:.

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  • @LachaudB @imhotep1338 @JustinTrudeau @LaREM_AN Hallucilogene.

  • @LindaFrum @IqraKhalidMP @JustinTrudeau @IqraKhalidMP is a traitor and not a Canadian to real Patriots. We look forward to ushering this disgrace out of Parliament, never again allowing her to interfere with our democratic country. We will repeal the ridiculous M103 law. Islamaphobia is propaganda. Plain & simple..

  • @jkenney @RachelNotley @JustinTrudeau @AndrewScheer Not one eco protester have a problem with dumping raw sewage into the ocean. Complete Hypocrisy. #StopKM #TransMountain #bcpoli #ableg #abpoli #BCNDP #pipelines #ProtecttheInlet #Burnaby #vanpoli #cdnpoli.

  • @MayorofLondon @Commonwealth18 @JustinTrudeau @jacindaardern Snakes in the grass.

  • @conny_conny1 @MarcDanDad @gmbutts @JustinTrudeau The pm of cabada is really a freak just look at the people he calls friends i wouldnt want him anywhere near my family pretty sick and disgusting.

  • @cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau @FP_Champagne how much is this trip costing the tax payers.

  • @JustinTrudeau don’t pay for the oil pipeline, you already lost 1 billion don’t keep throwing money away on this, you had your chance in 2016 and you named it big bear forest and said no to the pipeline and lost 1billion, and now you are gonna invest up to more.

  • @cathmckenna @environmentca @JustinTrudeau Australia is a big energy exporter -- coal and natural gas - #PoweringPastCoal.

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  • @cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau @EmmanuelMacron The economy and environment do not go hand in hand..

  • Double speak courtesy of @JustinTrudeau He says building a pipeline goes together with Canada efforts to meet Paris targets. #wrongsideofhistory.

  • MFW @JustinTrudeau partners with France on the climate and environment but is still pushing hard on the Trans Mountain Pipeline..

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  • #SommetG7 : @valerieboyer13 la perle du jour :quand @JustinTrudeau cause le Français «  c’est pourquoi l’égalité des sexes sera le thème horizontal du prochain sommet «  ...... du G7 il fallait osé @enmarchefr #DirectAN.

  • @AlexpiersonAMP @JustinTrudeau He was not elected with a platform or an agenda. He has no political acumen or depth. You have to understand that he was carefully marketed and sold as a product..

  • @melindagates @EmmanuelMacron @JustinTrudeau Pretty sure it’s impossible. After all there are now 63 of them..

  • @naif1o @JustinTrudeau @gerard_larcher @Senat You’re right there is very little racism. Have you not noticed that Trudeau and his political party constantly says there is though? Called Identity Politics and they are very proficient in it..

  • @CanuckSentinel @AlexpiersonAMP @JustinTrudeau Would it be pipeline socks or anti pipeline? Maybe he can wear one of each!.

  • @schpierre @JustinTrudeau ils se crissent des gens..