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Spencer Dinwiddie on basketball Mecca: “I’m from LA listen ’s not even close we had Russ, James, Klay may or may not made it but was right We put more people on all-nba teams than some states have in the league!”.

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Em reencontro com Kawhi Leonard, Raptors são batidos pelos Clippers; Warriors perdem.

Kemba becoming a staple in BeanTown. DLo putting SanFran on his back with the new look Dubs. Lakers & Clippers both terrorizing the league. Toronto showing the world it wasn’t just Kawhi. Brodie & Beard in Houston. Kyrie with Brooklyn on his back. Jimmy in the 305..

Résumé de la nuit dernière : Kawhi : 22x4 😐 Harden : 51x1 💥 Westbrook : 30x1 🚀 Mitchell : 37x3 👍 D’Angelo : 42x1 💪 Soirée à 322 pts, on prend 8 places, aux portes du top 800 💪.

Kawhi and LeBron both had terrible game against the Raptors offensively but the big difference is that Kawhi secured the W and Bron lost..

@VitorOLaender Sim foi Campeão com Siakam, Green, Marc Coloco mais o Wiggins para ser campeão em cima de um GSW no hospital, se o Ademar tivesse lá teria chance também, pois veio reforços para ajudar Kawhi.

🏀 Una nueva noche de NBA ✅ Otra exhibición más de Luka Doncic con 34 puntos ❌ Marc Gasol no pudo parar a Kawhi Leonard.

Lakers DefRtg: (1st) w/ Kawhi On Crt: (32 mins) w/ Siakam On Crt: (42 mins) *Warriors DefRtg: (30th) *NOP DefRtg: (29th).

@Jhickness9 At the time A+ Now A+ Was always a great trade for us. We got PG+Kawhi value. But still not cool with PG. (You should do a poll or several polls).

Kawhi Leonard vs The Raptors 1st Meeting! 2019-20 NBA Season via @YouTube.

@thedeleonfam1 @TomerAzarly Yeah, Nick Nurse certainly knows effective defensive strategy, but Kawhi was still able to find teammates in space and rack up 9 assists..

@TheAaronRose Nah but Fr your best player is a fraud who got exposed by Kawhi in the playoffs and you sold brogdan ( the only guy who can get his own shot off the dribble ) you guys stink.

@Biv0ck @SergioACNBA Por eso creo que si no empieza a defender no va a llegar por otro lado es verdad que el tiro de 3 es lo más valorizado hoy en día pero mira a Kawhi, promedia 29 ppp y toma muy pocos tiros de 3, fuera que esta temporada está con malos % de 3.

Imagine having been molested so many times in your life that you think Melo is as good as Kawhi?.

E ainda perdeu OG no início do jogo. Jogou sem dois titulares e sem o Ibaka. Raptors mostrando que tem condições de brigar por título mesmo sem Kawhi. #NBA #WeTheNorth.

Geçen senenin şampiyonu Raptors, en iyi oyuncusu Kawhi Leonard’ı yitirmesine rağmen enfes bir savunma takımı olmuş durumda. Üst üste 2 gece Los Angeles takımlarına karşı yaptıkları maçlarda süperstarları çok iyi savundular: Kawhi Leonard 2/11 FG, 9 Top Kaybı LeBron James 5/15 FG.

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@otaku_youth Kawhi is hurt. Lou didn’t play heavy minutes throughout his career. 32 minutes is actually not so bad. He’ll be fine..

@Chris7959 In my cozy ass bed. I’m not about to stay up so @MettaWorldLife can spam a triple threat move with Kawhi for 13 seconds and have him bitch about me being the shitty teammate..

Kawhi Leonard 2 for 11 vs. Raptors but Clippers pull out win - #LatestComments.

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@Jozay_12 I cav we do. We kept kawhi from making a field goal for almost 3 quarters. Elite Defence..

Kawhi Leonard missed 9-of-11 shots but still got the best of his old team, narrowly missing a triple-double with 12 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists to help the Clippers beat the Raptors 98-88..

@ABallNeverLies Les Raptors démontrent qu’ils étaient pas seulement Kawhi dépendance, et qu’ils restaient avant tout une vraie équipe, faire les 2 matchs qu’ils viennent de faire contre les Lakers et Clippers sans Ibaka et Lowry, c fort, ils restent un candidat crédible aux finales..

#NBA The Clippers grinded defensively through the fourth quarter, allowing Toronto only 10 points in the final period Report:.

📌 Semaine 4 pick #21 #TTFL : 3 x Ruuuudy 50pts 4 x DLo 42pts 1 x Kawhi 22pts 2 x DMDR 18pts 376 puntos📊 On commence à prendre nos aises dans le top 10 : 6ème 🔥.

It’s OK to reminisce, Kawhi. We’re forever grateful. But remember: We the Champs and we’re ready to battle you and your new crew, starting tonight. @Raptors. @LAClippers. 9:30pm ET on Sportsnet. 🏀.

Spencer Dinwiddie on basketball Mecca: “I’m from LA listen ’s not even close we had Russ, James, Klay may or may not made it but was right We put more people on all-nba teams than some states have in the league!”.

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