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After failed negotiations between Disney and Sony, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will no longer be involved in future #SpiderMan productions. via @Deadline.

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Sony Blames Marvel Studios for Death of Spider-Man Deal #SpiderMan #SpiderManFarFromHome.

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tell ya what ill take the rest of the spider-man movies being shit if it means kevin feige had to slam his desk in a fit of rage.

Sinceramente, me resulta imposible creerme que Disney y Kevin Feige hayan renunciado a Spider-Man y a la continuidad de todo su universo voluntariamente y así como así, sólo por tiempo, después de todo lo que han peleado por ambos. Es que simplemente no me lo creo..

Kevin Feige, Disney, all those Give Sony what they fuckin want. Disney make too much fucking money as it is and the fans deserve to see Spidey in the MCU.

Kevin Feige being too busy smells like a bs excuse to me. When is Feige too busy? lol.

@picture_play Saya punya firasat bakalan ada negosiasi ulang antara Sony-Marvel perihal dealnya kalo mengingat kegigihan seorang Kevin Feige. Semoga aja bener..

@StripMarvel Claro, gracias a Kevin Feige es que existen las películas de los X-Men, pero desde que Fox comenzó a meterle mano se tiró el trabajo creativo del señor de la gorra..

Disney-Sony Standoff Spins Doubt On Kevin Feige’s Spider-Man Future – Deadline Sony stop ruining SpiderMan! #SpiderMan.

@BondOfGames Yeah very true but I don’t really blame Disney/Marvel backing out. Sony wanted to do a 95/5 deal, with Disney/Marvel only getting that 5 percent. Kevin Feige wants control of the Sony spinoffs so that they’d be included in the MCU. I think a compromise will be reached hopefully..

ส่วนรายนี้ก็ Sony กับ Disney ตกลงดีลกันไม่ได้ Sony Pictures จะดึง #SpiderMan กลับไปทำเอง แต่ยังเป็น Tom Holland ที่เล่นเหมือนเดิม แต่ทุกอย่างที่เป็นจักรวาล Marvel และ Kevin Feige จะไม่มีส่วนร่วม.ในหนังภาคต่อของ Spider อีกต่อไป แฟนๆ Spider ขาดใจแน่ๆอะ.

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@VanLathan @Sony literally has one card in their pocket and they’re holding onto it for dear life. Only reason Spider-Man has done so well is bc of Kevin Feige.

BREAKING: Tom Holland has ran away from home after hearing Kevin Feige and Tom Rothman arguing about Sony taking back the licensing rights for Spider-Man. Reports also state that both Kevin Feige and Tom Rothman want full custody of Tom Holland..

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God rest his soul, but Stan Lee has been gone long enough. It is time. Neil Gaiman, Kevin Feige and Mark Hamill must fistfight for the title of Nerd Pope..

@slinehan1 Exactly even in far form home the Prost credits scenes tie into phase 4 and Beyond. But I hope Kevin feige sorts it’s out because In some reports are saying they could get a new deal with marvel.

Kevin Feige isn’t gonna surrender over this lmfao Hopefully.

A Marvel só tá perdendo um dos personagens deles. Homem Aranha é rentável, mas eles tem Avengers, X-Men e etcs. Já a Sony tá perdendo público, dinheiro, chance de histórias decentes com Kevin Feige e ganhando a chance de flopar de graça #BoycottSonySpiderman #BoycottSony.

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@Cracksun98 @SonyPictures Va a quedar todo en aguas de caída en bolsa ha sido tremenda, ahora están saliendo noticias de que siguen (Sony ha visto el miedo), ah, y Kevin Feige había pedido el control de los enemigos de.

Sony, Spider-Man, Tom Holland, Marvel, Venom, Far From home, Kevin Feige, MCU Spidey and Matrix 4 ! The (usual) cause: follow the money. 🕸💰.

Mão invisível do mercado vingando o Tom Holland e socando fundo no cu da Sony Bem feito dona Sony, seu único dever era ficar CALADA enquanto o Kevin Feige dava as regras Mas vc n quis.

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Disney-Sony Standoff Ends Marvel Studios & Kevin Feiges Involvement In Spider-Man - Deadline.

give him his third movie with kevin feige producing it then kick him out of the mcu, it’s simple.

After failed negotiations between Disney and Sony, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will no longer be involved in future #SpiderMan productions. via @Deadline.

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Kevin Feige a Tom Holland cuando no consiguen cerrar el trato.

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os executivos da Disney devem ta putos, imagina o kevin eles entraram em um confusão achando que iria ganhar mas se fuderam.

Stupid move, 😕 Disney-Sony Standoff Ends Marvel Studios & Kevin Feige’s Involvement In ‘Spider-Man’.

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