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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

The attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens – this is their standard (despicable) playbook – but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech.


@elonmusk Courage is contagious. They want to break you in order to defeat the human spirit writ large. Perhaps you already see this though a deeper lens. Evil has declared a war on humanity, and is using attacks on you as a proxy war. Anti-humanism vs pro-humans. Stone Age vs Space Age..

Very sad to hear @Caroline_J has died. In her 4 Corners stories she interviewed mothers in the women. Proving that if an “important” program points a lens at certain people - their lives, their views, their stories - are elevated. Egalitarianism. Excellence. Vale..

Be A King
Be A King

What if we viewed our most pressing issues through a non-partisan lens? What if it was simply, “That person, group, or community is hurting” + “What should we do, no matter who?” What if the most comprehensively right decision was the priority? What if egos were suspended?.

@elonmusk A political lens? So you are saying you sexually harassed the women for political reasons? Or were you doing an impression of a Republican?.

Son on yılda Fenerbahçe’ye üç avrupalı Teknik Direktör geldi. Pereira, Advocaat, Cocu. Pereira 2 senede 4 oyuncu aldırabildi; Josef, Crespo, Min-Jae, Rossi. Advocaat’ın tek aldırdığı Lens sezonu sırtında taşıdı. Cocu’nun ise tek bir isteği dahi gerçekleştirilmedi..

Lens Photo,Lens Photo by Andre Clarindo,Andre Clarindo on twitter tweets Lens Photo

Alleeez Lens .. on tient .. on marque .. on gagne .. et exactement la même chose pour Marseille 😍.

@CNN And a thread from 2019 examining the gun issue through the lens of God-given narcissism and the fetishization of Freedom:.

You know it was a war when there’s blood splattered on the camera lens. #UFCVegas55.

Lens💛❤️ a toujours été ma deuxième équipe de cœur ❤️ et ce soir elle a consolidé ca place a jamais dans mon cœur ! Merci amis LENSOIS 💛❤️🙏🍻.

This spotted owlet in Ekamra Kanan perhaps recognises photographers. It never blinks while you point your lens 😊 #birdphotography.

Lens Photo,Lens Photo by Ratikanta Satapathy ରତିକାନ୍ତ ଶତପଥୀ,Ratikanta Satapathy ରତିକାନ୍ତ ଶତପଥୀ on twitter tweets Lens Photo

I think this is a blue-tailed damselfly ( common bluetail, Große Pechlibelle, Ischnura elegans). I took this photo of one sitting by itself yesterday in my garden. Telescope lens, around 15 feet away..

Lens Photo,Lens Photo by Tim Skellett,Tim Skellett on twitter tweets Lens Photo

Fotoğraf makinemi üst modele geçmek istediğim için satmayı düşünüyorum ilgilenen olursa mesaj atabilir (canon 250d 18-55stm lens ve çantasıyla birlikte).

Good morning, Family! Caught @pobedeen 🦌 with my lens again. Bullish on his eyes. They can tell so much!.

Lens Photo,Lens Photo by ANASTASIA,ANASTASIA on twitter tweets Lens Photo

I forget sometimes that a lot of people view the world through the lens of their immediate family..

@Hplt_13 C’est le foot tout peut arriver c’est comme ça, après Lens meilleur public de France, public incroyable On espère pour les bagages mais ça va être compliqué quand même.

J’arrive pas à me remettre de mes é JE T’AIME putain ce club me pleurer quand même je suis rentré chez moi en courant pour faire la fête avec mon daron si sa c’est ps beau. Encore merci Lens et ptn je vais voir un match de ligue des champions à Marseille❤️ #TeamOM.

@Barjuh @steven2878 Voilà ! Je commençais à devenir folle avec lui la. Lens égalise en même temps que Bakambu. A 90+3. Notre match est arrêté à 4’54 dans le temps additionnel, une fois que la fin a été sifflée à Lens. Je comprends pas pourquoi il débat sur ça alors que les faits sont là.

Toute la pression qui retombe sur 3 petites minutes entre la fin du match à Lens et la fin de notre match ! Une putain de dinguerie !.

I minted my Profile NFT on @lensprotocol 🌿 Follow me on Lens #OwnYourDigitalRoots.

@Poke_lens いえいえ❕こちらこそフォロバありがとうございます😭 よろしくお願いします^_^.

Sig Sauer Romeo7S micro red dot optic with 2 MOA dot, clear flip up lens covers, absolute & lower 1/3 mount and 50,000 hour battery life powered by an AAA battery for $99/ea currently here:.

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@plunderheaven Right? I think there’s a detrimental form of like… media anti-literacy in which everything is forced into a kid’s entertainment lens and this person is bad and this one is good and we’re meant to emulate everything about this one and so on. And when you apply that lens to.

Last picture on the roll of film blur. Camera: Nikon F5 Lens: Nikkor AF 50mm Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Location: The Studio at Apertures Photo, Tulsa, OK.

Lens Photo,Lens Photo by FILM DADDY,FILM DADDY on twitter tweets Lens Photo

Stade de Reims : - Le meilleur joueur : Abdelhamid/Faes - La déception : Berisha/Donis - La révélation : Hugo Ekitike - Le meilleur match : Reims - Bordeaux - Le pire match : Lens - Reims - Le plus beau but : Abdelhamid vs Lille - La meilleure recrue : Azor Matusiwa.

@ManagerBlaCky tqt il sont deuxième on dirait il on gagne la ligue 1 ( grâce a lens ).

@kantou3dazo わたしのGoogle Lensがウスバシロチョウと言っております.

I minted my Profile NFT on @lensprotocol 🌿 Follow me on Lens #OwnYourDigitalRoots.

I minted my Profile NFT on @lensprotocol 🌿 Follow me on Lens #OwnYourDigitalRoots.

There are entire whole as worlds of reality you have lived and are living that are happening beyond the lens you cling to for safety..

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