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Dan Levy has started the most wholesome thing for the next SNL hosts.

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Bobby Levy 🇺🇸
Bobby Levy 🇺🇸 ()

HR. 1 is unconstitutional! The election process is reserved to the states not the federal government

Nat Lockwood
Nat Lockwood ()

@TreasuryMog This is Domino with his friend Levy, we always called him ‘prawn boy’ because he always used to do this pose! Sadly both went OTRB the end of last year (together again). #gladdersyoga

Levy Photo,Levy twitter tendance - top tweets
Gg ()

@libe Bon maintenant on a sa version française (tout aussi ivrogne) : Elisabeth Levy

🌊 Semi-Bionic 🤖 Woman 🌊
🌊 Semi-Bionic 🤖 Woman 🌊 ()

@cloudx2o @luv_wins_ I’m in Michigan and wear my mask. It’s amazing how many maskless nutballs get annoyed because I give a shit about humanity. 😷

kathy levy
Kathy levy ()

@RoKhanna The Filibuster comes to mind. And the Senate never makes any “sense”. The Greatest Deliberation Body is BS followed by smoke and mirrors.

Matheus ()

@TheBell_P Minha namorada é de Paty do Alferes, que é entre Japeri e Petrópolis. É na região de Valença que tem várias cidades legais e completamente esquecidas (Miguel Pereira, Paraíba do Sul, Vassouras, Três Rios, Valença em si, Sapucaia, Levy, etc.) O custo de vida lá é muito bom +

ꁼ Bery 🖤 •
ꁼ Bery 🖤 • ()

@wanningIuvs Levy?...pode me tirar uma dú Ah por que o nome do fandom é From a?..qual o significado

Baba Jaga
Baba Jaga ()

@Dsizz__ @adam_brew No, he should not! GOP former guy’s supporters are waiting for any opportunity to install GOP in gov’s office. I wish Al Franken hadn’t resigned. This is not Cosby, Weinstein type of behavior. Would you advocate for murder to levy similar sentence to that of petty theft?!

Hunk ya sekepe sa Mabhakhaniya
Hunk ya sekepe sa Mabhakhaniya ()

@MissNthabeleng ...funded anymore 3. Coal to gas power is also an alternative 4. Coal liquefaction is another way to tackle the fuel problems we have, offset the fuel levy and capacitate Sasol There are many ways of using this coal and I can go on, but we need to ask ourselves

Wayne Howe
Wayne Howe ()

@HotspurRelated Hope he stays Manager mouriniho needs to go using the kids now to soft soap levy , divisive gave him a chance want him gone before he burns the club nagelsman or Rodgers . Mouriniho stays Were doomed will not end well


Congrats Harry Maguire owners. Slab head masterclass incoming since I transferred him out for Ricardo ‘2 point’ Pereira

Eric Alper 🎧
Eric Alper 🎧 ()

Dan Levy has started the most wholesome thing for the next SNL hosts.

Levy Photo,Levy twitter tendance - top tweets
☚ #boycottelesmarseillais Aubagne ☛
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