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みんな、起きててくれたの>< たくさんお祝いメッセージありがとう☻ THANXX! MY BiRTHDAY🎂 35歳になりました😳おとな😳 今日もいい日だっ。 (お誕生日プレゼントに妹がくれたcolomoセットアップ).

#LISA Photo,#LISA Photo by LiSA,LiSA on twitter tweets #LISA Photo

ELAS! Lisa, do BLACKPINK, Minnie, do (G)I-DLE, Mina e Jihyo, do TWICE, juntinhas em nova foto 💖.

#LISA Photo,#LISA Photo by Tracklist,Tracklist on twitter tweets #LISA Photo

DROP SOME MONEY! Lisa, do BLACKPINK, comprou um jatinho particular 💰.

#LISA Photo,#LISA Photo by Tracklist,Tracklist on twitter tweets #LISA Photo

LISA, do BLACKPINK, lindíssima em nova atualização em seu Instagram. 🖤.

#LISA Photo,#LISA Photo by Tracklist,Tracklist on twitter tweets #LISA Photo

#Blackpink’s Lisa Walked in Celine’s Winter 2022 Runway Show Like the Pro She Is.

@flyhometolou28 @Lisl0810 Awww this is our Lisa 😍 I hope you and your kids have a lot fun!.

เลิกคิดว่าริส้าจะโดนด่าได้แล้ว แต่ถ้าใครด่าริส้า มึงเตรียมตัวเลย ก็มาดิไอส้ส #LISA.

Jacquemus doesn’t like her lol he doesn’t even care. In fact he looks relieved #LoveIsland.

We got a new ad too⁉️⁉️what a good day to be a LISA stan😭😭.

Soy una visionaria, lisa la próxima julian casablancas.

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@queenbeelalisa Iya sekarang Lisa trobos trus udh muak, semoga mata hati Lisa terbuka lebar perlakuan agensi ke dia sama ke yg lain beda bgt, semoga 2023 freedomnya Lisa dari agensi rat itu🤞.

@SherryMc1966 @lisa_liberal The next guy will probably be just as bad, but it’s nice to see trump cronies get crushed. Even if a new on is waiting in the wings..

@Lisa_d27789 でもどの道番長じゃなくなったら紫に引っ張られるよ(確信.

Pantheon/Schocken Publisher Lisa Lucas Featured in “Diversity in the Book Business” NYT Mag Cover Story #TeamPRH.



Hj eu ouvi o recepcionista do hospital rindo depois q me chamou e eu JURO q ouvi ele dizendo Lara Lisa mano o bullying q eu sofro por causa do meu.

genteee, ta eu vendo os videos antigos da lisa barcelos, e fui no insta fuxicar como o ex dela o glow up do gatoooo, senhoorr 😨.

This is why lisa is private about her life because bitches like you exist.

@chuckjnk i used to i guess i follow rosie and jisoo on IG, have jennie blocked, lisa not followed, band acc not followed.

What if char layu pa kayu tas nag laag si Lisa gikan😭🤣.


I miss Lisa but knowing that she’s happy and having fun with her friends melts my heart.

@barstoolsports @DogWalkBarstool 1) Cassie Howard (Euphoria) 2) Lisa Tragnetti (True Detective) 3) Rachel (The White Lotus) 4) Missandei (GoT) 5) Sloan (Entourage).

@LisaEvers Afternoon Lisa, Gotta Tell U, Friend Looking Great As Always Make It A Great Afternoon Sweetie 💙👏.

@lisa_liberal We’ve gotten rid of him, Cawthorne and Nunes. Who’s next? McCarthy? Greene? My money is on Boebert..

@Fairy_Barghest “Ahem. As per boss’s request…I’m trying to meet with my other co-workers here. I’m Lisa, how are you?”.

@TheOrangeCone Insight on teams activities. Memes. Stats. Getting to see all the weird promos drivers do that ne er surface. What goes on at tracks and garages, even on non race days. I just really like insight on the sport..

22-06-2022 19:09:01 #BlastChristian 🔊 Lisa Marie Nicole - Pray About Everything.

i just realized na color yellow yung name ni mina sa story ni lisa, hihi fave color ni lisa yon eh sunshine mo siya beh? charot😂.

Este me lo adjudicó como regalo de cumpleaños @MAMBISA5 . Me has sacado una sonrisa de mona lisa. Las Crónicas de Jendell (...): Entre dos Aguas… de Alcantarilla.

@MaryJoeSwMty69 Espero un día, sin conocernos platicar tu y Mientras Joe aborda a lisa. Sería maravilloso compartir experiencias, y fantasías algún día. 🥰😈.

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