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Lover💕 Friday, August 23. Pre-add, pre-save, pre-order:.

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@cholent_lover @rev_avocado toward the end, i was smoking 1-2 cigarettes per day, which is why it felt like “why should i have to quit if i smoke so little?” but it was still insanely hard to quit. b/c it was nicotine..

이은상 직캠 이은상 음색 이은상 유가릿 이은상 사진 이은상 X1 이은상 움짤 이은상 브랜뉴 뮤직 이은상 엑스원 이은상 피지컬 이은상 키 은상이는 보여줄게 많으니까♥.

#아홉명의_데뷔를_응원해 바이나인 모든 멤버에.

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@tea_time_lover_ ひぃ😭楽しむために来てるのにテンション下がりますね….

Spotify listemde Lover bittikten sonra All For Us başlıyor ruh halim 2 saniyede değişiyor amk.

The return of LWJ’s jilted lover’s look (at the end of the clip). Well, it’s really a bad timing, I have to say..

@Reitoka_lover 네ㅜㅜㅜ!! 포고에서 램펄드 성능이 어떤지는 잘 모르겠는데 SSS라니 열심히 키워봐야겠어용 히히.

“@teatimetay13 Lotte is such an amazing artistic angel with so much talent. She’s also so sweet and delightful and just ugh I lover her whole brand 💘💘” ~ Anonymous #loverletter 💌.

💿 | Lover’s tracklist now shows up on iTunes — lengths of the songs are still to come! Have you pre-ordered it yet?.

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i just keep randomly ugly crying during lover it doesn’t make much sense but it’s happening.

와 어깨 작사랐나 왜이럳지 저 오늘 스크림 할 수 잇을ㅋ가요.

When I went into work today I was expecting a busy day and rude customers. Not running into someone from hs, especially my ex lover at my heb.

🔍 | Taylor’s ELLE UK Instagram post with the caption “step into the daylight and let it go” may have been an easter egg for track 18 from “Lover”: “Daylight”.

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Honestly one of more beautiful parts of #Lover is Taylor giving us little insights into her relationship through music..

Lover💕 Friday, August 23. Pre-add, pre-save, pre-order:.

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@godisacrackhead @venmolife lover or blank space or anything else taylor THEN motivation, kacey, and grande 😌.

Good morning I’m very much still not over lover and I probably won’t ever be over it🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @taylorswift13 @taylornation13.

“I used to think my place was a spot next to you, now I’m searching the room for an empty seat.” “And at every table I’ll save you a seat.” THE GLOW UP SHE NEEDED! #Lover 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖.

@Bibury_Lover @shino_asaka 洋画は内容も薄くなる一方で… やはり1990年代が一つのピークではないかと思います。.

Omg Lover is the first one since the 2014 masterpiece “This Love”..

“O drama em torno da vida amorosa de Taylor sempre foi o centro de sua música, mas com Lover, novo single de seu novo álbum de mesmo nome, nós temos algo diferente: Ela está... feliz, tão feliz que quer gritar isso do telhado.” @AppleMusic sobre o single! Quem também está feliz?.

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I’m used to crying to @taylorswift13 songs, but #Lover is a new feeling. I’m not crying because of heartbreak. I’m not crying because of hope. I’m crying because this is the song someone writes when they’re no longer searching for She’s found it..

✨ NEW SONG OUT NOW ✨ GUYS!! The title track off @taylorswift13’s upcoming album Lover is out now!! Take a listen and get ready for the full album out next Friday! 💘:.

Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?.

In case you didn’t hear @taylorswift13’s new song “Lover” is out tonight at midnight eastern! 💘 The music video will premiere after a @YouTube Live on August 22 at 5pm eastern!.

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