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Robbo and Máne happy to get the job done and top the group #LFC.

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If someone says var have helped Liverpool out this season. I want you to look at this.

Nak tau tips nak lupekan bf/gf???..korg buat la macm mane korang lupekan tuhan mase korang tengah.

There were reports circulating at the time when Zidane resigned from head coach that he had a personal agreement with Mane and his entourage for a move to Madrid that summer. What a shame, he would’ve been an instant impact signing. Madrid then moved onto Vinicius and Rodrygo..

At the end of the season I really need a compilation of Mane and Keita highlights with “Hey Brother” by Avicii as the song.

Messi was right about S. Mane , this nigga deserve better ...just dat FIFA is corrupt..

@snowfronthe919 BROOO BIG BET 🤪, & The government is funny mane, 😂, talkin about we can go die for the country but can’t legally have a drink smh.

@vivianportom cala tua boca mane, tudo que tu conseguiu em tão pouco tempo, vc e seu jeito com as pessoa e com o mundo AH VIVIAN POR FAVOR.

O que eu posso falar de vc? Com ctz vc foi um dos presente desse ano💖 e eu vou sentir tanta saudade de vc! Gostei muito de cada almoço que passamos juntos, cada conversa, cada risada, enfim gostei muita da sua amizade e espero levá-la pra vida! Conta cmg pra sempre mané? Te amo!.

@yuamikami_mane @yua_mikami I can already see myself freaking out!!!!! O(≧▽≦)O.

@valdirvirjao Serie A2? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk PIADA PRONTA. ACORDA ZÉ MANE! É SÉRIE B @SerieB_BR.

kad pređeš pedesetu to ima svoje mane i ne vidiš slova izbliza al prepoznaš kretene na daleko Maja Jugović #OblakUbermudama.

The baby mama drama make me wanna holla plus I lost all my ghetto role models this my struggle mane.

@JimFish286 @BoxingScience1 Also drops to also 3rd of the ground to cover for midfield. Has player most minutes bar Mane and Gini. Needs couple of match rest then he will be back to his best again..

@izzysmh If bae gotta go do her shit I just know she hit the shower after cus Big Mane freaky freaky 😂😂😂😂🤣 y’all sensitive asf.

@harkeanee Yes I know remember last year when mane did the same thing missed clear cut chances. It happens to the best players also..

@ClinicalNani First goal was all Mané second was luck, give the geeza a break he stopped so much.

Porra mané, só pra quem se fodeu muito em shopping vai saber do que eu to falando.

Mane kep leu am si rak bu digue ne merci frérot 😋😋😊😊.

Robbo and Máne happy to get the job done and top the group #LFC.

@Tactical_Times Better than I thought! Seemed to lose possession a lot tonight. Un-Firmino like performance. Hendo, Keita, Alisson, Mane and Salah were incredible though..

@yasarkemalolsa @0ran_Analiz İkisini de aldık mane ve salahın isteksizliği yüzünden ....

Ya cinco personas preguntaron precio de compra para 🇰🇷Son y 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Sterling #TOTGS. Sepan que los valores de hoy son bajos pero pueden ser más bajos aún si sale 🇸🇳Mane LW POTM el Viernes y su SBC es barato Si los quieren usar, compren. Si son inversiones busquen otras más seguras..

Salah fans re hypocrites man. They criticise Mané for missing sitters apparently yet their boy has missed 5 clear cut chances and they didn’t bat an eye lid. Not the first time either..

Mane I hit this roach inna bong & it got me walking funny🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨.

É por saber que pessoas como eu existem e caminham entre nós que eu sou contra dar arma na mão de qualquer filhodaputa. que mané bandido, satã nos livre é do nervosinho com uma 42 na cintura..

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