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(Colorized by me) Marie Curie in her laboratory in Paris, 1912..

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@lIlIllIllIllIl 復活おめでとうございます✨ そして、フォローありがとうございます✨.

팟 프로필 사진 그리고 팟의 옛날 슛폼은 뛰지 않고 그냥 제자리에서 슛하는거더라고요.

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수행을 해야 한다는걸 현실부정하는(?) 아마네다베 근데 막상 해보니 잘하더라고요.

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Sorry I don’t have updated HD photos and I’m doing this for my friends hihi I miss doing drag sm.

@marie_nassar Good morning dear Marie. 😍🌷☕️Thank you my friend. 🥰🌺 I wish you also a happy Friday and a great weekend filled with smiles. 😘💞🙋‍♂️🌞🌊⛵️.

Не гази ја туѓата среќа, за да не се сопнеш на твојата несреќа..

@peinerthelmut 監視勢とはぱいなーの過去のツイーティングから引用しようとする思念が発せられた刹那よりごく短時間のみ発生する妖魔みたいなもんだから.

irank ang girls according sa kagwapa — 1. marie 2. the rest of the girls.

@PartyLikeMedyuh один из самых отвратных запахов на свете, как по мне.

@epxtaph eu posso ser sua akali?? 😣😣😣 alias amor proprio e tudo marie shshusjsus.

The one slamming his head into the wall? Marie: Yes, him. He’ll do perfectly..

I just got invited to a family meeting with hallis family where they were lecturing the kids, and never have i felt more accepted and nervous 😂.

Being vulnerable is not a good look for neither is this lighting. #exonthebeach.

@mnxn_ml simba, marie, lapinette et olaf donc bof mais bon c’est les plus beaux.

Félicité à toi Marie, surabondance de bonnes oeuvres, sainte patronne des femmes chastes et charitables, Tu es au dessus de toutes les élues du SEIGNEUR SUBLIME et INSONDABLE. Bonne fête aux Chrétiens..

@Marie_Stringer ヤバいことだからこそのスリルを味わっているのだと、傍観しちゃってます(笑.

Let’s take 5.😌 music brings us all together🌿 Ann Marie - Throw It Back.

This Marie Kondo shit is no joke. I’ve added to this no-joy pile since taking the photo. And now I am tired and I want to know who is supposed to bag all this stuff up and take it away? Surely it can’t be up to ME?.

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white female youtubers with overly white backdrops with between 500k and million subs all look the same. especially the ones that have a video where they “clean and declutter” their “””mEsSy””” (just clothes ok the floor) room in a “marie-kondo-ish style”.

i just marie kondo folded all my shirts so yes i guess you could say my mental health is pristine.

You’ll be the one I was meant to find 🖤✨ Listen to James Arthur & Anne-Marie - Rewrite The Stars by Atlantic Records #np on #SoundCloud.

(Colorized by me) Marie Curie in her laboratory in Paris, 1912..

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Le cœur prend le dessus sur tout, tu te met à faire des déclarations sans t’en appercevoir là, à ton réveil tu découvres que t’es en couple, marié wsh.

La montée de Marie au Ciel a commencé par ce oui prononcé à Nazareth. Chaque oui à Dieu est un pas vers le Ciel, vers la vie éternelle. Car le Seigneur nous veut tous avec Lui, dans sa maison !.

Je vous salue, Marie pleine de grâce ; Le Seigneur est avec vous. Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes Et Jésus, le fruit de vos entrailles, est béni. Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, Priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs, Maintenant et à l’heure de notre mort. Amen #Assomption.

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