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MANCHESTER IS RED! 👹 Rashford and Martial win the 179th derby for United, and send City 14 points back of Liverpool..

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Martial via Instagram: Manchester is Red @manutd 🔴🔴🔴 Wan-bissaka via Twitter: MANCHESTER IS RED 🔴🕸 Rashford via Twitter: Manchester = 🔴 A frase: Manchester is Red ficou em 4° nos assuntos mais comentados do Twitter Alguém ainda dúvida que Manchester é vermelho ?.

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📽️ Le résumé de notre victoire dans le 179e derby de Manchester avec des buts signés Marcus Rashford et Anthony Martial. Manchester is Red ! 🔴 #MUFC.

@RepentantRick @stogieschlonk Bro Rick what a dweeb. I was enjoying life and playing halo and doing martial arts not reading Nietzsche.

MANCHESTER IS RED! 👹 Rashford and Martial win the 179th derby for United, and send City 14 points back of Liverpool..

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Anthony Martial game by numbers vs. Man City: Him get 100% tackles won Hin pass 86% accuracy Hin recovver 4 ball Him tear 3 shots (2 OT) Keeper spread yanch for am 1 times TOTO DEY PEPPER 🔥🔥🔥 #MUFC #MCIMUN.

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@JackPosobiec Or he took the rap for his SON who was a chef and had previously threatened to kill his boss with a Ron was a martial artist & they said he was in a 10min fight before he died. OJ had no defensive His son was sent out of state during white Bronco chase..

Young Martial Arts Students On Staten Island Helping Fight Pediatric Cancer One Judo Throw At A Time.

All set for martial arts championship.

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@vgr A good martial artist will always try to remain in maximally flexible positions as long as possible before needing to commit to something, which feels very mediocre in mindset to me. My kenjutsu instructor called it “zero sword” but I call it “mediocre sword” to myself now.

@CindyKendrick11 @stevewillard41 He ought to declare martial law and send all these worthless sacks of shit home..

In fact look at the end of the video when it freezes. Martial has passed and followed up for anything loose coming back out of the box. The most Martial can be expected to do is to get to the edge. He’s actually ahead of Rashford. Rashford seriously should ashamed of himself..

Free movie idea: a martial arts version of the Chanukah story called JACKIE CHANUKAH.

Jermaine Jenas slams Manchester United frontmen Rashford and Martial after Aston Villa draw .

As bad a fighting relegation battle. Nonsense Martial FC thinking the overrated cold face, black gloves wearing dude is Messi..

Exactly. The Plan: 1)install rigged voting machines 2)’win’ by cheating again 3)cheating causes nationwide riots 4)establish martial law to stop riots 4)declare nat’l emergency 5)institute more fascist policies 6)Putin-GOP stays in power until tRump is dead. Not rocket science..

Ptdrrrrr « Sa dette ça » il a dépassé Future, OffSet, Tiger Woods, Antony Martial c’est le goat.

@_JackAvfc A lot of united fans would highly disagree but sick of seeing martial not trying enough and yeah was nice seeing the goat. Not too keen on his goal though 😢😅.

@wazmcr13 100% except it’s not even Championship standard. And as for Martial- Jose was right.

Pray they give Wilder the Utd job. Absolute scenes, can see Maguire shelling it every time. J Lingz dropped for wearing gloves and Billy Sharp first summer signing number 9 Martial going the other way.

@davidwalsh1956 Martial is not a #9. James put two great crosses into the box in the second half and he was nowhere to be seen. Then he tries to chip the keeper from 3 yards! Madness. Any decent striker puts their boot through it..

I thought that’s what your boy Martial was supposed to be there for? Ya know the guy we sacked a manager and sold our most prolific goalscorer to pander to?.

Martial missing sitters but because he always puts on a straight face, people are looking away. Mad o.

@ManUtd Martial is a scam,probably should leave the club with ole😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤.

Arwa Afridi of Railways, supported by Fatima Fertilizers won 2 gold medals at 2nd Alpagut (martial arts) championships in Baku last week. 1st ever Pakistani female to achieve this honour for herself & for Pakistan. Well done! You’ve made the nation proud.

Scores of Baloch, Pashtun, Mohajir, Sindhi youth remain in illegal custody of army and security agencies in #Pakistan with no end in sight to the state’s impunity. The Imran-Bajwa hybrid regime is worse than a declared martial law.

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