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Tennis star Daniil Medvedev says Wimbledon’s decision to ban all Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s tournament sets the precedent that sporting authorities can eliminate competitors for their political views..

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ALLEZ GASQUET 🙌 🇫🇷 @richardgasquet1 takes out top seed Medvedev 6-2 7-6(5) for his first Top 2 win since April 2005! #gonetgenevaopen.

Richard Gasquet gets a big win, beats #2 Daniil Medvedev 6-2, 7-6(5) to reach the QFs in Geneva. Daniil’s first match since Miami. Curious to see the Russian in Paris. Looked decent in the 2nd set..

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¡MEDVEDEV NO PUDO EN SU REGRESO! 😔 Tras un mes y medio alejado de la competencia y con una intervención quirúrgica de por medio, el ruso cayó en su debut en #Ginebra por 6-2 y 7-6 (5) frente a un sólido 🇫🇷 Richard Gasquet. ¿Cómo creés que le irá en #RolandGarros? 🤔.

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Update: Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation: Russia will not allow the outbreak of the Third World War, but is capable of giving an immediate and super-powerful response in the event of an attack..

Dream draw at Roland Garros: Djokovic v Alcaraz Tsitsipas v Nadal Rublev v Zverev Ruud v Medvedev.

UPDATE: The Kremlin continues to walk back weeks of nuclear saber-rattling. “Russia will not allow the outbreak of a third world war, but in the event of an attack on the country, it will give a super-powerful response,” - Dmytro Medvedev, Deputy head of the Security Council..

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🇷🇺 Russia will not allow the outbreak of World War III, but in case of an attack on the country will give a super-powerful response, - Dmitry Medvedev I would imagine this is a nessage to countries like Poland, Latvia, Estonia etc.

Tiene su lugar en Cuartos 🇫🇷👀 @richardgasquet1 saca a Medvedev 6-2, 7-6(5). @genevaopen | #GonetGenevaOpen.

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While Russia is being attacked East West South North, Medvedev stated that Russia will not allow the outbreak of a third world war I swear Russia is the only country with sane leaders left. The west particularly is led by zombies who want to destroy our world.

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#Video Adiós en su debut: Medvedev, número 2 del mundo, se despide de Ginebra a cinco días de Roland Garros #DeportesBLU.

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Daniil Medvedev a pris le temps de venir vers ses fans après son match contre Gasquet. L’un des charmes du Gonet Geneva Open est bien la proximité entre les joueurs et leur public,.

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2/ But we are forced to constantly remind that in the event of an attack on our country, they are able to give an immediate and super-powerful response. Repel any aggression that threatens our state, said Dmitry Medvedev..

Medvedev vandaag op Telegram: we zullen het uitbreken van WOIII niet toestaan. Maar: dwing je ons tot een reactie, dan zullen we die onmiddellijk en superkrachtig geven. 😶.

Richard Gasquet bat Daniil Medvedev, mondial, à Genève, à cinq jours de Roland-Garros ➡️.

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Daniil Medvedev perdió en su debut en Ginebra, el primero que disputa tras haberse operado en abril, a solo cinco días de Roland Garros..

@Flash43191300 Super powerful, Medvedev? Like the Donets River crossing? Ukraine and the free world tremble in fear..


@AnnaK_4ever Medvedev has a similar style to Djokovic, very much And he probably watched Novak play more as well, he can figure him Monfils can be tricky on a good day, I just miss him so much on the tour..

@JGreenspaNY @djokerprime I think Medvedev would sign up for a round 3 departure with a smile.

Medvedev menjalani operasi itu pada bulan lalu setelah kalah di perempat final di Miami sehingga absen di awal musim lapangan tanah liat..

Gasquet Upsets Medvedev in Geneva; Norrie Wins in Lyon. #ATPTour.

Richard Gasquet 🇫🇷 sorprende a Daniil Medvedev en su debut en el GenevaOpen.

#ATPGENEVA Richard Gasquet confirma su excelente momento al derrotar al Ruso,Medvedev quien parece lejos de su mejor forma..

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@WeAreTennisFR Très en forme Richard sur ce tournoi. Il semble vraiment retrouver une bonne condition physique, notamment sur ses déplacements. Il a bien lâché ses coups et sur le petit jeux, il a bouffé Medvedev..

@LtTimMcMillan Dictionary definition of PUNK 1: a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian 2: a young inexperienced person : BEGINNER, NOVICE especially : a young man bslang : a young man used as a sexual partner by another man especially in a prison 3: Dmytro Medvedev.

Gasquet qui bat Medvedev ( n2 mondial) et on veut nous faire croire que le tennis français est en péril ?.

Although playing on his least favorite surface, Medvedev showed no signs of lacking fitness. He came strong if a little bit impatient. Too bad he won’t have more matches until the French Open. Let’s see what happens then. Medvedev and Gasquet are now tied 2-2 in their h2h record..

Даниил Медведев проиграл в своем первом матче после операции по удалению грыжи Встреча с Ришаром Гаске на турнире в Женеве закончилась победой француза со счетом 6:2, 7:6 (7:5).

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@BoredGuy0368925 @kela9123 Ok 3 tight set logic ?? Nadal defeated best HC player ( Med) in Australian Open in 5 sets. Whereas Djokovic was thrashed by the same Medvedev in 3 straight sets in the biggest HC tournament..


Viendo a Medvedev perder hoy con Gasquet, a Thiem sin conseguir ganar después de su vuelta, o lo que tardó Djokovic en coger ritmo tras meses parado, doy mucho más valor al AUS Open de Rafa. Solo él es capaz de conseguir algo así. El título más enocionante de su carrera..

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