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10 years ago today, Lionel Messi scored FOUR goals against Arsenal in the Champions League 🤩 Try defending this 🤤

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Que c’est un joueur immense dans le top 5/6 des plus grands de l’histoire avec Messi, Zizou, Maradona, Pelé, R9, Cruyff

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@Akira0404 軒並み中止ですよね… 当面の間は、ご自宅でのバッハ楽しみにしております! シンフォニアもやって〜!今勉強中です!

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Mundo del fútbol argentino. Es más posiblemente no hubiera seguido ni la @ChampionsLeague, no me hubiera interesado en ninguna competencia europea. No hubiera visto los partidos de 🇪🇸 en los mundiales siguientes. Será algo que a lo mejor nunca se hubiera pensado. Gracias MESSI

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@sport_apa Ronaldinho imo is goat and should be 3, but I will take him for 2. Ronaldinho rw/lw Agüero striker Messi lw/rw

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¡Ídolos del fútbol! 🇲🇽🇦🇷 Rafael Márquez y Lionel Messi: compañeros en el Barcelona y rivales con su selección 🔥

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@NPKolby Arsenal - Barca, hvor Bendtner garnede. Efterfulgt af fire fra Messi. Har lavet en meget lignende opdatering 😂

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What would be your 11 active players? This is mine. Neymar Messi Thiago De bryune Koulibaly Ramos Ter Stegen

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I have come to the conclusion that many who do not think Messi is the greatest are those whose clubs have suffered from his brilliance. If we are being true to ourselves, Lionel Messi is brilliance and an exciting player to watch

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I mean can this profile see how dumb he/she sounds? Remove individual trophies- Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are superior. Remove team trophies- Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are superior. Watch them playing- again superior. They are better with and without awards.

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Unpopular opinion: maradona e pele nem sequer deviam ser mencionados a beira do nivel de messi e ronaldo, sao futebolistas completamente a frente e ja sei que vou levar hate por isso

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Masuk Juve lah. Bagi lah kami tengok Messi dan Ronaldo dalam 1 team sekali seumur hidup.

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@RoyNemer Messi is capable of striking a partnership with another be not as good as with But he can develop it just like he did with yeah xavi and also xavi and iniesta means

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@MessiFC10i @ModricEle Ronaldo fans source: - career goals - G/G in same leagues - challenging different leagues - international trophies - European top scorer - Every UCL record Messi fans source: “Eyes”


@fbuchara10 @90min_Football Yon moun ki pa renmen Messi se yon hero Li 😂😂😂😂

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@Duncs13663558 Both charming. Messi is the best footballer and Ronaldo is the best player. Does that make sense?

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@simonnakaniski なるほど…。 あれ、シモンさん、ゲルマンお詳しい方でしたっけ?なんか色々見識がお広いので、分からなくなってきました。。。


@Tomiwaa_a @Kitsade El Tigre responsible for two Europas at two different clubs breaking all types of records, tore it up with Cristiano and Messi present, one could argue Cavani aged better but if we talking prime. Bruh Falcao was unplayable

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Messi é melhor a Cristiano Ronaldo 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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@goal The chip on the third goal😍 The excitement after the fourth goal❤ Lionel Messi🐐

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@PLTop38 @FutbolBible Messi > Ronaldo. Goals arent the whole story and even on that Messi beats him on the ratio. Playmaker > Goalscorer.

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Juntaron 88M. Aproximadamente son 1M de dólares. Es una décima de lo que ganó Messi el año pasado!!! Y DESPUÉS LOS TENEMOS COMO IDOLOS!!! Cuantos donaron estos idolos? #UnidosPorArgentina La otra cara de la moneda.

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Bld c’est un bz à l’époque il avait créé le fils de Messi sur PSG, le joueur il était trop agile

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10 years ago today, Lionel Messi scored FOUR goals against Arsenal in the Champions League 🤩 Try defending this 🤤

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ON THIS DAY: In 2010, Lionel Messi happened to Arsenal. The first Barcelona player to score four goals in a Champions League era game.

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Messis in the shape of Ronaldo vs. Ronaldos in the shape of Messi. This PES sim is quite incredible 🤣🎮

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