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Guys, I think when the Mussolini woman says “financial speculators” I don’t think she actually means financial speculators.

- Fora da Copa do Mundo pela segunda vez seguida. - Mais de 12 anos sem ter um time campeão na Champions League. - 15 anos sem título da Ferrari na Fórmula 1. - Fascismo de volta ao poder 100 anos depois da ascensão de Mussolini. Que fase terrível da Itália..

Mussolini enjoyed publicly referring to Jewish people as “financial speculators” who needed to be controlled..

Es curioso que algunos de los que acusan a Meloni de haber elogiado (hace 26 años!!) a Mussolini son los que hoy siguen homenajeando a dictadores asesinos como Lenin👇.

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Five weeks from today, October 31, 2022, is 100 years to the day from Mussolini’s assumption of the role of fascist Prime Minister of Italy..

“Born under Mussolini, I wouldn’t want to die under Meloni” 💔 Don’t let 2022 be like 1922 ! Italy deserves so much better ! 🇮🇹 🇪🇺.

BREAKING: I am excited to announce my new Mar-a-Lardo clothing line during Milan Fashion Week as we celebrate the fall of the Mango Mussolini. Yes, it’s real, and you can get yours today: .

Solo recordar que en octubre de este año se cumple el centenario de la marcha sobre Roma de Mussolini y de la llegada de los fascistas al poder..

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El Jueves
El Jueves

¡¡LA PORTADA!! Mussolini ha vuelto 💩 Arte de @pedroveraOyP.

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El Jueves
El Jueves

— Soy socialdemócrata. — Comunista. — Yo soy heredera de Mussolini por la gracia de Cristo y de mi patria. — Ah, el típico centro-derecha..

Nothing to see here, just a Republican senator and runner up in the 2016 presidential primary openly praising the rhetoric of the leader of a neofascist party founded by Mussolini’s heirs..

Of course Putin is getting more involved. Just like Mussolini, who made himself Minister of War and led Italy into military defeat and ruin. #Strongmen think they have all the answers and then accelerate the death spiral..

Más de inmigrantes ilegales en 8 años. Una media, cuando aún no ha terminado el 2022, de más de al año. La izquierda italiana pensaba en Mussolini y la derecha en no caer en la impopularidad que supone combatir este desastre. Espero que mañana cambien de rumbo..

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La vida de una generación de españoles q fueron despreciados por los malos vascos y perseguidos por los vascos malos. Y la historia ocultada de un nacionalismo vasco q fue colaboracionista con el franquismo y traicionó a la República en Santoña, en 1937, pactando con Mussolini..

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!Qué mundo este! !En Irán las mujeres se sueltan los cabellos y en Italia gana una discípula tardía de Mussolini !.

“Meloni’s party slogan—“God, Fatherland, Family”—celebrates those very pillars of power. And it came from Mussolini’s dictatorship.” Ecos do Brasil….

Si el domingo gana la ultraderecha en Italia, como se prevé, ganarán los amigos de Putin y una admiradora de Mussolini: Meloni. Muy bien no suena un Gobierno con esos 🤮👎.

it downplays the actions of hitter Mussolini and Hirohito. it downplays the garvity of the atrocities of fascism. it put those heroes who gave their lives against fascism like Ernst Thallman or the heroes of the Red Army on the same level as Hitler. it servers anti-communism.

Youtube dunce Jimmy Dore cites serial rapist Mike Cernovich as proof that its misogynist to call Mussolini-loving Italian President Giorgia Meloni a fascist.

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En 1996, lors d’un reportage télé, Giorgia Meloni, aujourd’hui favorite au poste de Première ministre en Italie, disait le plus grand bien de Benito Mussolini ⬇️.

acho muito engraçado vcs assim “nossa gente o ciro gomes fechou com espírito de mussolini ao vivo na tv” sendo q empresários diferente de vcs q são pobres fecharam com lula e apoiaram o bolsonaro em 2018 ou seja a cada 4 anos vcs escolhem quem o bilionário já escolheu há décadas.

Calling her Mussolini after she directly quotes Mussolini in a victory speech, is just the truth..

she was literally a member of the youth wing of The Italian Social Movement which was founded by Mussolini supporters!.

This time line is scary. Meloni’s party is a descendant of Mussolini’s, yet the media thinks they have to put a “feminist,” swing on her being the first female fascist PM of a renewed fascist Italy? She worships Mussolini, that’s not a “glass ceiling,” that requires breaking..

Could we stop the “everyone I don’t like is Mussolini or Hitler” thing? It’s getting pretty old.

Socialism or Barbarism?!?! In Cuba million people went out to vote today on the world’s most progressive code to protect LGBTQ & Women’s rights! In Italy, millions went out to vote for the most fascist govt since #UnblockCuba #ByeByeBlockade.

Tonight I saw someone tell an Asian tourist group to move out of the way of the Hollywood sign photo-op and shouted “MUSSOLINI WON!” before swiftly exiting w/his group. I’ve sat with this for awhile and it’s just made me sad and angry to see people celebrating racism and fascism..

I worka and campaign-a just to be called the Mussolini, generale grasso who cannot even win the little guerra even witha the helpa the Germany. buongiorno arrabbiato, pagherete tutti.

Voters in Italy appear poised to elect a far-right prime minister tomorrow — Giorgia Meloni, the woman expected to win, leads a neo-fascist movement, reminiscent of Benito Mussolini’s own political party..

“ERC tiene el único presidente de la historia que ha invadido su propio país”, y con dinero de Mussolini.

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