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Arsenal finally getting some consistency from Pepe as he gets himself banned for the next three games

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Francisco Ordóñez
Francisco Ordóñez ()

@lopezobrador_ Felicidades al Gran Amlo el mejor presidente de todos los tiempos el más humano sencillo como Pepe Mujica.

UnkWatame 🇦🇷🇪🇸🇲🇽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
UnkWatame 🇦🇷🇪🇸🇲🇽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

Fred pega un cabezazo sin estar en juego = Amarilla. Pépé pega un cabezazo sin estar en juego = Roja. If i

sf sf 🦋
Sf sf 🦋 ()

@srtacrazyy Eu falei p vc castrar, ele saiu p arrumar uma namoradinha, ele volta ainda bb o pepe arrumou outra familia na rua de tras kkk n tive coragem d trazer d volta pq ele tava com mulher e tudo, ia ficar uma gataiada doida aq kkk mas eu vejo ele td dia aq no telhado 🥺

Frank Khalid
Frank Khalid ()

Atletico Madrid sold Thomas Partey and they are 2nd in La Liga. Lille sold Nicolas Pépé and Gabriel Magalhães and they are 2nd in Ligue 1. Chelsea sold Willian & are 3rd in the league. Arsenal are 14th, sometimes the grass is greener is really on your side & not the other side.

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Assteta FC
Assteta FC ()

@EduardoHagn Pepe wont score a brace for us again mate. He is done out here. Just have to look at Artetas reaction

Pepe Hugo Santamaria
Pepe Hugo Santamaria ()

@jimedylan Jajaja q tal raciocinio. ¡Q suelten a momon entonces!. Pobrecito. Se volvio asesino por culpa del estado 😥

Alfredo Da Venezia
Alfredo Da Venezia ()

Sospecho que de llevar a piñera a una acusación constitucional igual lo salvaría la DC y Pepe auth ante cualquier situación y eufemismo democrático .... solo queda la calle y el no hay oposición en Chile

Paulo Vítor ᶜᵉᶜ, miss 15ª posição ⚡
Paulo Vítor ᶜᵉᶜ, miss 15ª posição ⚡ ()

@SergioSRoficial contrata o Jean Pyerre e o Pepê. É só oferecer 5 pão de queijo + Feijão Tropeiro e suco de laranja que eles vem

Amir ()

Nicolas Pépé vs Leeds United/ Crazy highlights 🔥⚡️🌪️/1080p/ The Biggest fraudster of this decade ?

Pépé Photo,Pépé twitter tendance - top tweets
Al Cara-Coartada 🇪🇦 🟩⬜🟩
Al Cara-Coartada 🇪🇦 🟩⬜🟩 ()

@neigeblanca P. D. En Europa y en todo el mundo, el mejor vino es el Tío Pepe. 🤤👌🏻

RA ()

@F2dontmiss He said he’s happy the way the team reacted after Pepe let them down, he’s literally saying it’s all Pepe’s fault

Chin the Eskimo
Chin the Eskimo ()

@conspiracyb0t Distillation will not remove contaminants with boiling points lower than or close to water’s. The distiller should have a secondary filtration system to remove these compounds.

Turtle ()

@LastSonOfArsene @NBCSportsSoccer Hope you know that rome wasnt buildt in one day, same goes for a new arsenal itvtakes time pepe is no flop, he will shine.

Hak Faiyaz
Hak Faiyaz ()

Pepe is so much rasshole he could bes come play Digicel premier league and look like sein

Raphael Thebas
Raphael Thebas ()

Árbitro fraquí Acertou ao expulsar o zagueiro Marllon, embora tenha feito isso exclusivamente porque estava sangrando a perna do Pepê, o que é ridículo; pipocou ao não expulsar o volante Darlan, do Grêmio. O cara tá completamente perdido.

Pepe ()

jadjkask ese acto lo organizó roberto noble el creador de clarín

☬ ()

Any Arsenal fan that was racially abusing Pepe today doesn’t represent the entire fan base 👍🏽 Same goes for every other club who’s fans have been racist in the past including Chelsea, Tottenham etc

かすみれ@気まぐれ垢移行完了 ()

エンエン最初フォロした時が鍵垢だったから通知行ってないんかなエンエン 相互……………………………………

David  Israel
David Israel ()

@Craigpdodd74 That’s twice this year they should have beaten us lol. We got very lucky. Pepe was stupid.

Jimoh Isiaq RIP Brother
Jimoh Isiaq RIP Brother ()

@mediocentr0 Never again should be go for any player that’s more than 50m. We must never make this Pepe mistake ever again. Let’s do proper scouting. There are wonderful players worth than this amount. No more lazy super star buys

Vox Populi HN
Vox Populi HN ()

Pepe: JOH debe renunciar para no estorbar #VoxPopuliHN #Honduras

ペペロンチーノ📚 ()


Darth Arsenal
Darth Arsenal ()

Yeah Pepe got a red but fuck me no need to crucify him. He lost his temper and shouldn’t have reacted but it happens. He will know he did wrong so no need to destroy him for it. I don’t think Artetas public response was great tbf. Encourages people to hate #LEEARS

Pepe_pumas ()

@TOTARTT Que madriza nos están acomodando hermanitooooooo 😫😫😫😫😫😫🤜🏽🤛🏽

AFC Duffy PT ®
AFC Duffy PT ® ()

@avfcdiggy @BradfordBielsa Told ya best way to deal with pathetic incidents like that, book both parties. Its not a proper headbutt pepe stop being a pleb yellow card, alioski wtf are u on floor for you fucking idiot lol yellow card. Move on.

Gary Mac
Gary Mac ()

@SanogosWingman Nah it isn’t that. Pepe is just a thick twat, nothing between the ears

ゆゆ ()

@yupe_1123 お誕生日おめでとうございます!! いつもたくさんの幸せをありがとうございます🍀*゜23歳もよろしくお願いします!いい一年にしてください(*´`)♡

D ()

The small win from today is that we’ll see what Pepe is made of one way or another and then a decision can be made in the summer. This is a test of his character. Does he get his head down and make sure he’s picked when he’s back from his ban? Or does he just fade

Pepito ()

I’m telling you right now Pepe cannot play with this paella eating cunt

James Benge
James Benge ()

Arsenal finally getting some consistency from Pepe as he gets himself banned for the next three games

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