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Kylian Mbappé: ▪️ Misses a penalty ▪️ Given a retake ▪️ Misses again ▪️ Misses the rebound ▪️ Leaves the game after 21 minutes with an injury 🫠.

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Breaking: Bank interest rates are going up to 4%, with the UK economy forecast to contract. This will worry the many families already paying a Tory mortgage penalty. We don’t have to continue on this path when Britain has huge potential to grow..

State withdraws death penalty for Marlboro Co. man charged in murder of woman, child.

@nikkicruiser @ESPNFC Penalty? Haahhahaha you a clown Nikki!!! Matter fact go make us some sandwiches.

@carlafrancome I’m sure I’ve seen docking parking spaces in the kerbside space - much better than on our narrow streets unless that is there is a very wide pavement - but penalty for not parking correctly should address then being left randomly in places..

Lord so help me if this was my daughter they would’ve given me the death penalty..

@Chris_Roling Wtf are you talking about, if he didn’t flip it would be the dumbest play of Mahomes entire career. He clearly flops. Dude those both his legs out the second he was touched. You can still say it was a penalty and acknowledge he flopped..

@VishalDadlani Arrey buddhu. Arnab is smart. The Adani matter will quickly end with SEBI levying a penalty on the group for controlling shares beyond stipulation..

@RealAndyLeeShow They cheated and paid the penalty of losing their jobs. What is your point? To vilify all public servants? I seem to recall that the nazi flag wavers were only a small minority and it is wrong to paint every one with the same brush. Of course zero non public servants cheated 🙄.

@slay_jimmy And the only goal Ronaldo has in this World Cup competition is penalty 😂😂😂 Wahala.

Aldershot 7-1 Mansfield Town, Division Four, 04/02/1984 Glen Burvill gets four of them, Ian McDonald nets a trademark penalty, Les Lawrence scores, and there’s an OG in the mix too. The legendary John Dungworth features for the visitors, but it’s the Shots’ afternoon..

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@Maple_Iracing ah of course. the right thing. like choosing to cheat in the first place but being SO NOBLE as to request DSQ after being caught. mhm! coulda reported the lack of penalty for cutting t1, but nahhh lets not say anything about it..

@AdamXeroadam3 @ESPNFC And there you go know he scored 1 penalty goal and they are hyping it on social media.

@Ajani_iAm @NastyKnuckles legal I guess; Fighting is a 5 min major penalty. Think the equivalent of a Personal Foul in the NFL..

@wyonaf There will be some under penalty of law thing attached to it for lying about it, and will identify any of those millions (?) of trans girls trying to participate in sports. Pretty much the reason..

@varnbyrde @PolitiReality So every CEO of a publicly traded company should be able to announce the largest LBO in corporate history, during the middle of the trading day, at a significantly higher price than where the stock is trading, with no real offer from anyone to buy, with no penalty?.

@tekyIian First goal with his new club. Any player make his first goal with a club he celebrates Not a random match it is a league match and they still #1 but if he missed the penalty they will be #2.

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