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Ragnarok is coming. #PlayStation5 God of War: Ragnarok has officially been announced for PS5, and is coming in 2021.

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Game*Spark ()

人気YouTuberによるPS5体験動画を順次公開! 「Try! PlayStation5 on YouTube Gaming Week」10月4日より実施決定

PlayStation México ®
PlayStation México ® ()

Todos sabemos que esta generación, como siempre es de #PlayStation5 #PS5 Aunque unos amigos verdes (cof cof Xbox cof cof) no quieran aceptarlo. Tinimis mis pitincia. Jajajajjajaa.

Naughty Dog Mag’
Naughty Dog Mag’ ()

[Guide Précommande] #PlayStation5, #PS5 Digital Edition, les premiers accessoires et les 12 premiers jeux ! Où les trouver ? où les précommander facilement ? (dans la limite des stocks disponibles)

PS5 - PlayStation 5 News
PS5 - PlayStation 5 News ()

• HD Camera 🇺🇸 US: 🇬🇧 UK: • DualSense Charging Station 🇺🇸 US: 🇬🇧 UK: #PlayStation5 #PS5

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Die #PlayStation5 hat schon jetzt eine lange Reise hinter sich. Wie es dazu kam? Video gucken!

Emado ()

للحين ماني مصدق سعر اللعبة بيصير بـ ٣٠٠ ريال والله مبلغ مو بسيط!! #PlayStation5

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Gabriele Gaiba
Gabriele Gaiba ()

Ho trovato la #PlayStation5 , 499€ per la Classica 🔥 se me la mandano anche gratuitamente al D1 posso pensare di fare un regalo ad uno di voi 👀

GAME Watch
GAME Watch ()

Amazon、プレイステーション 5の高額転売を一律停止に  #PS5 #PlayStation5

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GAME Milton Keynes
GAME Milton Keynes ()

#Playstation5 STOCK UPDATE! Consoles are now sold out, however we still have a limited amount of controllers, cameras and media remotes. So if you want those juicy extras pop in and preorder quickly 😎 #PS5

Pro Gamer 1911
Pro Gamer 1911 ()

Well tonight is the last night to try and my hands on to pre order a PlayStation 5. For me in United Kingdom Argos is the last major retailer of PS5 Pre Orders tonight at midnight. My parents are getting ready please let me get one😫 #PS5 #PlayStation5 @Hero_On_PS @RocoClutchPro

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IGN ()

Get a look at PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition’s slick new packaging. 💙🖤 #PlayStation5

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BBC News Mundo
BBC News Mundo ()

México estará entre los seis mercados clave que Sony eligió para el lanzamiento de la #PlayStation5. Te contamos las fechas y los precios.

Carlos Sapag
Carlos Sapag ()

Paso Rodolfo Carter y digo que los precios de la #Playstation5 en Chile están inflados:

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Luiz Gustavo Queiroga
Luiz Gustavo Queiroga ()

Bom dia só pra quem passou longe de fazer a pré-venda do #PlayStation5 🤣🥺😭

TCMFGames ()

It’s in the am, I woke up, went on Best Buy preordered the charging my body knew I forgot something 😂 Back to sleep 💤 #PS5 #Playstation5

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IGN ()

Ragnarok is coming. #PlayStation5 God of War: Ragnarok has officially been announced for PS5, and is coming in 2021.

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ModernWarzone ()

We will be live streaming the #PlayStation5 showcase event in 50 minutes over on ! Hope to see you by, we have brand new layovers to show off as well!

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At0 ()

À priori, du très très lourd à prévoir pour cette soirée #Playstation5 ! On se retrouve dès maintenant pour en parler et suivre le direct qui débute à 22h :

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PlayStation Brasil
PlayStation Brasil ()

A gente se vê hoje, às 17h (horário de Brasília), para o nosso evento virtual PlayStation 5 Showcase: #PlayStation5 #PS5

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Ed Skuér
Ed Skuér ()

#PlayStation5 PS5: a Eu: água, luz, telefone, aluguel, comida, prestação do carro, ração pros pets, morte interna

Faisal Alfaidi
Faisal Alfaidi ()

تحت هذه التغريدة تجدون تغطيتنا الكاملة لحدث #PlayStation5  🗓️ : اليوم 16 سبتمبر. ⏰ : 11 مساءً بتوقيت السعودية.

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™فانوس ()

🎥| توقيت الحدث في اكثر من دولة ؛ 🇸🇦| ١١م 🇪🇬| ١٠م 🇰🇼| ١١م 🇦🇪| ١٢م 🇬🇧| ٩م 🇺🇸| ٤م 🇯🇵| ٥ص #PlayStation5

Wout - The Hashtagonist
Wout - The Hashtagonist ()

Sooo, what is your top prediction for the #PlayStation5 event today and what is your pie in the sky hopeful prediction? Top prediction: A Final Fantasy tease Top Hopeful: Dragon’s Dogma 2, for the love of god, just do it.

▪️Koяax 🐺 Juan Caяlos P.
▪️Koяax 🐺 Juan Caяlos P. ()

Fechas y horarios de eventos (España): 🔹 Showcase #PlayStation5 16 septiembre - 22:00 h. 🕙 🔹 Nintendo Direct Mini 17 septiembre - 16:00 h. 🕓 🔹 Tokyo Games Show 24 al 27 septiembre 🇯🇵


Ptdrrr la next gen elle est clairement pour la Xbox contre la #playstation5 avec son nouveau game pass et puis juste psk Xbox >>> depuis le début. Imaginez ils nous mettent un ultimate avec le ea acess 😍😍

Geoff Keighley
Geoff Keighley ()

PlayStation 5 showcase - streaming on Wednesday. What are you hoping to see/hear? #playstation5

NeiKoohh_Youtube 🍋
NeiKoohh_Youtube 🍋 ()

LIVE Mercredi à 22h sur la présentation de la #PlayStation5 !!

طارق الجاسر
طارق الجاسر ()

سوني تحدد يوم 16 من سبتمبر لإنطلاق حدث #PlayStation5

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Nat of Tsushima
Nat of Tsushima ()

Ansiosa por isso Se Deus quiser, será meu próximo console 💙💙💙 #PlayStation5 #PS5

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PS5情報をいち早く。ソニーストアでメール登録開始 #PS5 #PlayStation5

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☚ #FrenchDays diego carlos ☛
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