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American infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bradley are spotted in Poland today Polish railway company PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe transports Bradleys toward the Ukrainian border. 📹.

Poland are closing in on agreement to appoint Fernando Santos as new head coach — deal expected to be valid until June 2026 🇵🇱 #Poland Former Portugal coach is discussing the final details to get it done soon..

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During COVID, the American taxpayer was reportedly defrauded of more money than the entire 2022 tax revenue of England, Italy, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, Israel, Canada, Poland, and Brazil… COMBINED!.

Over the past week, @SecondGentleman traveled to Poland and Germany to further the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to counter antisemitism by coordinating international efforts with our partners..

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Poland expects broad coalition to call for Olympics ban on Russian, Belarusian athletes.

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People talk about Biden, Poland & others that should increase pressure on #Scholz #FreeTheLeopards. But the only ones that have forcing leverage & bear a democratic responsibility for what the gov does are the MPs in the Bundestag — 118 from @GrueneBundestag & 92 from @fdpbt..

My morning was punctuated by chants of Yariv Levin, Yisrael zeh lo Polin (Israel is not Poland)! Yariv Levin is the new Justice Minister, who is pushing sweeping reforms to the judiciary. His home is about a 10 minute walk from mine. Modiin is the new Raanana. What a country.

Warsaw backs the #FossilFuelTreaty! 👏 A huge step forward for Poland, where fossil fuels account for 85% of the total energy supply. 🇵🇱 🗣️ We call on more governments to commit to phasing out coal, oil & gas, and make way for a just transition!.

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🛑 *Germany has begun transferring Patriot air defense systems to Poland.*.

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@MrKovalenko @RheinmetallAG Rheinmetall can always register in Poland to avoid German government stalling its growth..

@gortestia To mówisz,sory, ja 2-3 kieliszki dzisiaj tylko chcę i nie masz problemu.

3) Fleeing to Bavaria with his mother in 1001, he returned in 1003, when Boleslav the Brave (of Poland) declared him Prince of Bohemia. However, he had to flee from his brother again in the same year..

Let us remember that the rising cost of energy in countries still dependent on Russian gas is not the price of the Ukrainian war, but the cost of German realpolitik. The same realpolitik that imposed a catastrophic green agenda My article in @ElAmerican_.


@iltasanomat Time to set up NORDIC-AUKUS with USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - while civilized Nordic countries share no values with Erdogan regime and Germany could have never been trusted. NATO co-operation with Baltic countries and Poland comes automatically 💪.

first, because weak Ukraine weakens Poland and all the CEE countries too, which, in turn, gives time to Germany-France axis to crystalize..

波兰推动为基辅购买更多坦克,将寻求德国同意 波兰周一表示,随着其西方盟国向基辅提供更强大的军事装备以阻止俄罗斯的入侵,波兰将请求柏林允许将德国制造的豹式坦克派往乌克兰。德国对是否批准向乌克兰派遣坦克犹豫不决。但即使德国不同意,波兰也会做出自己的决定。.

@KyivIndependent Poland pis Nazis talk and talk and talk! Why don’t they ask? Why didn’t they ask since 11 months? Because they are only lying! Because they are scared! The same way as when lying about the mig29! They promised to sent, but never did!.

@MarchandSurgery That’s a little low but I am glad that Poland is helping Russia is not good for freedom..

@yo2thok Attrition will Not Work in Nuclear War 1️⃣ 2. Ukraine Saved Face by Having American Complisitness of 1994 Agreement Violation. 2019 had Patriot Missile Systems in Warehouses in Poland. Zielinski Started the war Knowing he Could hold HIS Citizens in front of him 🕳.

Koshihikari rice is a life changer. A lot of older folks in Poland boil low quality rice then wrap it in blankets so the pot doesn’t burn, I guess it’s Soviet rice cooker technology.

Nicolas Raskin jest już po testach medycznych przed transferem do Rangers FC..

Eduard Sobol przechodzi z Club Brugge do RC Strasbourg Alsace..

@YearwoodKelvin @apocalypseos Thousands of volunteers perhaps, but Poland does not send soldiers..

German foreign minister will not stop Poland sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

@aels8nFKF7DemJe You lie. These tanks are not from Poland These tanks are from 14 countries.

@mikegalsworthy It’s uks war with Russia uk should be sending troops as well like Poland.

@UKikaski Those are German GTK Boxer and Leopard 2 on the move somewhere in western Poland, maybe Tychy. The original poster tried to earn some coffee money by insisting they where going towards the UKR border but that’s not true unfortunately..

@JKatowski4 @NOELreports That is ridiculous. Poland has problems with democracy and Western values. That goes for Hungary too. Not “any” country. The overwhelming majority of countries in the EU have no problems with democracy and have no problems with Germany..

@HolocaustMuseum @yadvashem I read Maria was saved in Tykocin. I have been there - a pretty, tiny town in eastern Poland, where you can visit a precious synagogue, well-maintened. The centre of the village remembers the horrors of GERMAN terror… Just like every corner of any Polish city/town…😢✡️✝️🇵🇱🙏🏻.

News Wrap: Poland steps up pressure to send tanks to Ukraine.

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