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Pulisic’s performance today was genuinely the worst I have seen him play. Amazed he lasted 90 minutes. Atrocious. #BVB #CFC.

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@aboconnell Well i think its only uphill from here. Assuming that you keep your youngsters for the next season (pulisic already out but still) they can only get better. Sancho being the most promising one of course.

Hes taking this Pulisic debate very personal he is attacking me and my family and claims my father beats me.

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@Lxrsen The man defends Pulisic toooooo much even when he’s playing like trash ,and is always bringing up Sancho lol.

@Lxrsen The Pulisic defenders have been out in full force today, ironic considering how bad he was.

ffs why do I have someones dad stinking up my mentions with pulisic, someone collect their dad😤.

@OGuilherme93 Acho que não. O Kicker reportou esses dias que o CHO é a prioridade do Bayern no verão. E o Chelsea contratou o Pulisic. Odoi também já deixou claro que não vai renovar, e a temporada que vem é seu último ano de contrato. Acho que o Chelsea não vai querer perder ele de graça, né?.

Posted some Carniball Prices to buy in my patreon Have rise 😸💰 Jesus 15k William 18k Mertens 18k Pulisic 5k Lloris 10k Icardi 10k Bonnucci 5k Immobile 5k Ribery 5k Alderweireld 10k Still the same price 😌😴 Muller Bellerin Dint touch DYBALA & NEYMAR too.

What movies have you re-watched the most number of times? — i’ve seen dead poets society and before sunrise a lot.

i’m so blind i thought ur pfp was polo was elite — POLO.

gucke #sportstudio. hat da jemand eine Wette verloren oder warum spricht der Pulisic so komisch aus?.

Fucking amazing that Pulisic is getting shit from fans already. What a bunch of fucking Weirdos.

@heykwamzz when your beautiful club goes from costa oscar hazard in cl to giroud pulisic willian in europa >>>.

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@BoissereeC Sancho? 12 Vorlagen sprechen eine andere Sprache. Spielt er anders, gehen seine Stärken flöten. Pulisic verrennt sich ständig und ihm fehlt auch die Entschlossenheit. Das Gegenteil von Instinktfußball halt..

@PositionalPlay_ @BM15z Pulisic was a pure commercial signing. Its ok if he turns out decent, we can grab a lot of sponsors off him until 2026 US worldcup. Also patience needed for every young player, remember KdB, Salah for !? Turned out to be much much better players than one thought at the time..

Quando eu lembro que o Chelsea comprou o #Pulisic por 64 milhões de Euros:.

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@TheWeiglRole And you sit there saying see the announcers don’t talk about pulisic but they say exquisite move by sancho Too bad it didn’t work and the defender is taking the ball on a counter but he’s so great come watch bundesliga on fox fox fox please don’t change channels to nbc premier.

@saschastaat #rnbvbpod @RNBVB Fand Bruun-Larsen gut gegen Berlin, gut gekämpft und keine Angst zu schiessen. Pulisic wird nix mehr bei uns.

Soccer bros behind me have already said: “USA is so bad, Pulisic couldn’t even play in MLS”, “Boca v River Plate would be a real experience”, and “Is Red Bulls better [than SJ]?” Sigh #RBNY.

Dembele played in a better Dortmund side with Aubameyang, Reus, Kagawa and inform Pulisic next to him while Sancho only has Reus and Paco who doesn’t even start. Dembele had a better coach in Tuchel while Sancho has a decent coach in Favre..

Still can’t believe Chelsea are coughing up 60mil for pulisic when they have both CHO and Kenedy.

It’s funny how the Pulisic apologist-fan boy-trolls are absent from my timeline 🤔.

@ElMagoCF4v2 @NunesNxscimento Regardless of opinions on Pulisic. Pepe is a bad footballer. Big pass.

Pulisic can thank Sancho & Reus. Wasteful, blind and selfish today. My take on the match would’ve been much harsher had it ended 2-2. #BSCBVB.

JBL ebenfalls gut, starke Läufe in die Tiefe. Pulisic absolut unterirdisch, jeder der das Spiel gesehen hat, weiß wovon ich rede. Gaaaaanz weit hinter Guerreiro momentan und daran sollte sich auch nix ändern, kann von Glück reden, dass das Spiel noch gewonnen wurde! #BSCBVB #BVB.

Pulisic’s performance today was genuinely the worst I have seen him play. Amazed he lasted 90 minutes. Atrocious. #BVB #CFC.

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