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  • “Is this real whip cream?”.


  • ☛REAL -瞳の中の憂鬱(1/3 Quality)- #música #Japón #información.

  • @Derrick1Laryea Messi retire aa then we go see the real Barca.

  • Whoever thought it was convenient to talk to automated robots over real people on the phone need they ass BEAT I believe this system was made for introverts who also need to be beat. I DONT WANT TO TALK TO SIRI I NEED JAKE FROM STATE FARM..

  • Today i saw my fellow leaders stand up for what they believe in. Today I saw REAL leaders take a stand against gun violence and the murder of innocent lives. Take a stand, make a difference. Enough is Enough..

  • Why do men always do this? What are you adding to the conversation, other then using a very serious and real topic as an excuse to play victim.

  • real friends

    Réal twitter.
  • بكلمات أخرى "ربنا ده بتاعي أنا وأي رب تاني يبقى مزيف"

  • I’m struggling to find the perfect trousers for work kmt the struggle is real.

  • Trying to decide to put on real pants to go to the caf when you’re currently wearing pjs is literally the worst. I’m so hungry but real pants are so uncomfy 😭.

  • Pasenme grupos/artistas de rap corte linyeras, la real conexión, Foyone, etc... Pls gracias.

  • @fcbarcelona_fra @ChampionsLeague Roma, Séville. Au pire Liverpool. Mais je vois arriver le Real gros comme une maison....

  • One night, - Tottenham beat Madrid! - City beat Feyenoord! - Liverpool beat Maribor - Chelsea beat Atletico and United defeated Mighty "CSKA Moscow". All of a sudden, people started saying "EPL teams are back". Well, we can see who is left when the real tournament started.

  • Am I real life Morgana Pendragon?.

  • Why go on the bachelor when in real life you could just talk to a guy that’s already talking to 15 other girls.

  • não tenho mais 1 real pq gastei tudo em ingresso de festa.

  • real que me estoy echando trombocid qué vida más triste.

  • @_Blind_Truth_ Lmao u Wildin that song is deep and real af. But aye I heard ur new shit not too long ago and u coming along nicely bro shit sounds tough.

  • @todonoticias Hay que tenener huevos para hacer ese planteo TAN REAL!!!.

  • @Mikayla_Kilts @colieeexoxo @jakemiller @Jakes_starburst Inserting this here real quick.