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The #PakistanPlaneCrash earlier has saddened me. My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who returned to their Maker during this Blessed Month of Ramadan. May the Almighty grant them the loftiest ranks of Paradise & calm their loved ones with beautiful patience. Aameen

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Liputan6.com ()

Choi Siwon Promosi Kurma Korea, Bagaimana Manfaat dan Harganya?: Choi Siwon membuat cuitan di Twitter dalam bahasa Indonesia untuk kesekian kalinya. Bintang drama MY FELLOW CITIZEN itu juga tahu kalau kurma identik di kalangan muslim.

Safalicious ()

Ramadan became the bulking season that I did NOT ask for smh time to attempt to shed all this off for the next two weeks


الواحد كان لازم يتحب بشياكه عن كده ، دي مكنتش علاقات ده كان مشهد تكسير كراسي قهوه في خناقه في فيلم عربي قديم .

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Madinah Eid Khutbah - Who are the Winners and Losers after Ramadan May Allah Accept our Deeds and Grant us Steadfastness .

Mofasa ()

Wsh ik kan toch ni de enige zijn die heel ff dacht “einde Ramadan = einde Corona”

Oruç ()

Alter wieso hat mir kein schwein gesagt dass am Sonntag dieses Ramadan fest da war junge hätte do fette rackz von meiner Family abspacken können 😭🦦🚑

Bleacher Report ()

In Game 7 vs. Denver last year, @EnesKanter went without eating or drinking water starting from 3:25 because he was fasting for Ramadan.⁣ ⁣ Even without drinking water all game, he still played 40 MIN and had 12 PTS & 13 REB in a win.

Nick S ()

@DarrenPlymouth Ed Davey - leads a party who tried to win the Muslim vote by eating bacon on Ramadan . Let that sink in

Faisal M. ()

So many beautiful eid pictures,Masha we all live to see the next ramadan in good health

Afzal Multani ()

Take a break from all the stresses and give some time to family. May this Eid bring you all the things you need in life. May the Almighty accept our prayers and bless us with the rewards of Ramadan. Let this Eid show forgiveness, speak for justice. Eid Mubarak 😇 #EidUlFitr

F a t e م a 🥀 ()

May Allah (SWT) Accept All Of Our Ibadah, Forgive All Our Shortcomings,May Our Every Silent Prayer Get Answered And May Allah (SWT) Make Us Witness Of Many More Ramadan. ❤✨ #EidUlFitr #EidMubarak

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EjeCentral ()

#Galería 📸| MUSULMANES CELEBRAN FIN DEL RAMADÁN Musulmanes celebran el Aíd al Fitr, la fiesta que marca el final del Ramadán, empañada por las medidas de confinamiento para frenar la pandemia por el #coronavirus | @AFP ➡️

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Dankoo-Baka ()

I Humbly bid Ramadan , till it Grace us Next Cycle . and now , after 18 hours fasting every day .... i welcome my #1 mistress back = #coffee

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𝐷𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐻𝑎𝑚𝑠𝑎 ()

PETIT SOUVENIR : quand j’ai vu que le calendrier du ramadan 2019 affiché la pub de SYRIA CHARITY 🤣 (Partie 1)

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Cllr Hina Bokhari 🔶 ()

The Muslim News #EidUlFitr message ⁦@EdwardJDavey⁩ “This year, I joined MPs and party members in fasting for one day of Ramadan and this culminated in a ⁦@LibDems⁩ Iftar – the first for our party.” ⁦⁦

Fabio Q 🇮🇹🇺🇸 ()

Inghilterra >Birmingham Eid Mubarak fine del RAMADAN, ecco come festeggiano gli adepti della religione di pace. OVVIAMENTE LE TV ITALIANE MUTE.

Ahmad Nadeem ()

Assalam o alliqum Keep praying regularly like in Ramadan Mubarak Pray fajar alhumdulilah

Han 🌙 ()

Literally been a day since ramadan ended and I’ve had one too many ‘oh look, shaytaans out’ comments 😤 I’m not even that rude 😒

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Minister Akbar said one of the Chapters he love so much is Luqman - a Blackman - ends with the words, And no one knows in what land he will die. Surely Allah is Knowing, Aware. He said as Muslims we do the best to live the life of a Muslim. #EidMubarak #RamadanPrayerLine

Nicolás Maduro ()

El final del Ramadán nos trae la llegada del buque FORTUNE, muestra de la solidaridad del pueblo islámico de Irán con Venezuela. En tiempos donde el imperio supremacista pretende imponer por la fuerza su dominio, solo la hermandad de los pueblos libres nos salvará. #GraciasIrán

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Bernie Sanders ()

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating the end of Ramadan. Jane and I wish you and your loved ones good health, joy and blessings.

و ()

Alhamdulillah ramadan is over peacefully. may we rewitness it next year and every other year till the day we die.

Muhammadu Buhari ()

Even as we mark the successful end of the Ramadan, and the commemoration of Eid-el-Fitr, we are doing so mindful of the times we are in. Let us continue to reflect on the lessons and virtues of this season, and sustain them beyond the celebrations. I wish you all Eid Mubarak.

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Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun - MFR ()

My family and I celebrate with all Muslim faithful in Ogun State on the successful end of Ramadan, and we are very grateful to Almighty Allah (SWT) for guiding us all through the Holy Month, especially during this time of a raging pandemic.

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Tayz🥶 ()

There’s something about Eid that stops me from sleeping every year 🙃 always end up staying awake all of the last day of Ramadan till end of Eid

غازی جنید🇵🇰 ()

Missing those precious ❤️ souls which Endia took away from us during Ramadan , especially #RiyazNaikoo saeb.

MuslimRapppel ()

Je pars ce Continue les prières obligatoires. Continue les prières surérogatoires. Continue les invocations. Continue la pratique du dhikr. Continue la lecture du Coran. Continue à faite des aumônes. Fais attention à ta foi. Ramadan

Thanos pls snap ur fingers ()

last day of ramadan I’m doing the debby ryan at my weed jar rn

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ErsGuterJunge ()

Ramadan vorbei ich warte nur auf die Schlagzeile von Bushido gegen die ganze Keller gmbh die versuchen mit Bushidos insta likes zu Fronten weil irrelevant & dumm

𝕄𝕦𝕗𝕥𝕚 𝕄𝕖𝕟𝕜 ()

The #PakistanPlaneCrash earlier has saddened me. My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who returned to their Maker during this Blessed Month of Ramadan. May the Almighty grant them the loftiest ranks of Paradise & calm their loved ones with beautiful patience. Aameen

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