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Rihanna estava presente em um dos protestos do #StopAsianHate, na cidade de Nova York!

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@giophobic @CabronPR Mf is talking about prettiest Lebrons, when he could be talking about how amazing Rihanna is instead. This world is backwards man 🤦🏾‍♂️

z’s bucky.
Z’s bucky. ()

if i hadn’t known i was a homo since like middle school, ‘i can’t remember to forget you’ by rihanna and shakira would’ve done it for me

julian “el joto”
Julian “el joto” ()

I think it’s time for Rihanna to rerecord the Good Girl Gone Bad album.

Rihanna Photo,Rihanna twitter tendance - top tweets
𝙨𝙞𝙢𝙗𝙖 ¥•¥ 💜
𝙨𝙞𝙢𝙗𝙖 ¥•¥ 💜 ()

comunque in una serata sono state distrutte Lady Gaga e Rihanna, serviva solo il guanto di sfida su Katy Perry e avrebbero cancellato il female pop per sempre #Amici20

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love grace jones but she was so bitter and for what like she said similar things about rihanna and beyoncé Like girl ok

Roc Nation
Roc Nation ()

15 years ago today, @Rihanna released her second studio album - A Girl Like Me 💛

Aarti Tikoo Singh
Aarti Tikoo Singh ()

Since the US can’t take on China, the bully, looks like for the next few years, it is trigger happy to show its might in Indian land, sea & air. From Rihanna to Meena to USS John Paul Jones, all unauthorized interventions are welcome. Of course, we will keep “expressing concern”.

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them calling him lil like its his first name reminds me when rihanna called dababy da

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Ansioso pra ver o que a Rihanna vai aprontar no álbum dela, quero ver os reggaes da patroa

British Vogue
British Vogue ()

Rihanna has gone beyond fashion influencer to the best ambassador the industry could ask for.

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não gente esse vídeo da rihanna orando no cristo redentor com uma caipirinha na mão

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Rihanna estava presente em um dos protestos do #StopAsianHate, na cidade de Nova York!

• A L E X •
• A L E X • ()

YT Music the top result for MY search that says REHAB is RIHANNA??? I am offended

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@999Googly hey googly baby, its me rihanna, can you send this song to mei wont leak it i promise :D

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Nicki Minaj YouTube
Nicki Minaj YouTube ()

Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Rihanna are the ONLY female artists to have 6 YouTube videos with more than 1 billion views each. Queens of YouTube indeed.

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Judiate Donald
Judiate Donald ()

@swifttanic Sheee poopz very longgg logz lol and she fartz allot I saw an video of rihanna cutting cheese lol

Maria Rita
Maria Rita ()

acabaram de me mostrar um video da rede ao lado de papagaios cantando beyonce e rihanna e quero papagaios cantando maria rita e elis na minha mesa até o final do dia. pela atenção, obrigada.

simone ₊̣♡*̣̩˚̣̣⁺̣‧.₊̣̇.
Simone ₊̣♡*̣̩˚̣̣⁺̣‧.₊̣̇. ()

@faIlenaIien only put rihanna and sza together because they’re both black i mean their music sounds practically nothing alike

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@jas_murphy @rikiiiilovesban Rihanna is still being streamed daily and out streaming girls with new & still has an album charting on billboard as we speak.

Ebony Coulter 967
Ebony Coulter 967 ()

Rihanna Wears Vintage Feather Jeans from 1999 to Run Errands |

Miracle ()

no need to set up mani. weve had it. and sza sounds nothing like rihanna


Wizkid is a worldwide home Name just like Drake, Nicki, Beyoncé, Rihanna and so on 🦅

Bile & lucana
Bile & lucana ()

A 12 anni guardavo il video di We found love di Rihanna e pensavo “a relationship like this🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺”

duc de kuchent
Duc de kuchent ()

et pendant ce temps là les vrais chanteurs se lancent dans la beauté (rihanna selena halsey) c a ne plus rien comprendre

Ab Rihanna
Ab Rihanna ()

@Mu_AlSadr ونعم الداعي وابن الداعي طابت اناملك سيدي


@Team_Sussex I ’s a public beach. Rihanna is now getting papped everyday doubt she is posing.


A beleza dessa mulher é surreal cada ano só melhora puts 🤤💟 #RIHANNANAVY #Rihanna @rihanna

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lu 🌙
Lu 🌙 ()


Rodri ()

@opsmelio @nastygrandeera Tarada, seriamos Oriana y Dybala Como Mac Miller y Ariana Work, como Drake y Rihanna

Astro Poets
Astro Poets ()

Therapist: do you think you have commitment issues Sagittarius: are we all waiting for another Rihanna album

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