france #RingsofPower Twitter Tendance: Top Tweets France

#RingsofPower Twitter Tendance: Top Tweets France

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Ok finally. This was the first incredible episode of #RingsofPower I have thought the series has been ok at best so far but Episode 6 was fantastic..

Agora #RingsofPower mudou de ritmo ne?! Já montamos todo o cenário da Terra Média e conhecemos os personagens e suas intenções. No ep 6 é só a treta pegando fogo, dedo no cu, gritaria, flechada no peito, chão explodindo, vulcão em erupção, soco na boca, cavalo capotando amei.

The big-budget The Lord of the Rings: #RingsofPower had a big opening weekend on Nielsen’s SVOD charts, outdrawing #HouseoftheDragon among streaming users.

libera #RingsofPower ai @PrimeVideoBR pra gente comentar o ep.

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#RingsofPower Episode 6 “Udûn” was fantastic. Best one yet for the series. It delivered on drama, tension and action. The Battle for the Southlands didn’t disappoint. And that ending was sweet. Loving the series so far..

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Wonder if the idea of Elves children being taken by Morgoth and turned into Uruk, or Orcs, slaves of Evil, a not so subtle redo by Tolkien on the Ottomans taking Christian boys from the Balkans and turning them into Janissaries, serving the Sultan (or Sauron)! #RingsofPower.

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#RingsOfPower / #Spoiler My jaw dropped when I saw the tunnels fill with water and drop into Orodruin. Sauron scheming this whole time (maybe using Adar as his puppet)?.

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#RingsOfPower This picture sums up what I feel like is happening with ROP. Many folks questioned why the orcs were carving tunnels. And then we saw this! It’s good to wait for the story to unfold. Seems like what doesn’t make sense now will come into the light eventually..

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Ciekawe rzeczy dzieją się w #RingsOfPower: na poziomie 6. odcinka mamy sceny akcji na poziomie 1. odcinka Koła Czasu. A, i jest duże dum-dum na koniec. Niestety wcześniej trzeba obejrzeć odcinek 5. Więcej, jak co 2 tygodnie, o 18 na livie:.

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Dla takich chwil jestem na tym portalu Obrazek to spoiler z #RingsofPower Piekna riposta od @ychttn.

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Este capítulo es uno de los mejores que he visto en series este año. Qué barbaridad y qué intriga por saber lo que se viene. #RingsofPower.

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No spoilers here but #RingsofPower has knocked it out of the park again. What an episode! 2 personal theories were proven correct (Adar & Halbrand) and a few more bubble to the surface. Loving this show & can’t wait to see what my mum will make of it on Wednesday.

Βγαίνω γιατί κινδυνεύω από σποιλς για το νέο #RingsofPower ειδικά αφότου διάβασα ότι λέγεται Udûn που στα Sindarin σημαίνει κόλαση και αναφέρεται στην κοιλάδα της Mordor (τότε Southlands) Και ξέρουμε όλοι τι σημαίνει αυτό : The Great Deciever Approaches.

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Well #RingsofPower had a better episode. Still some issues with it but at least the story finally made some actual movement. Series as a whole has been just I guess? Also SPOILERS (I suppose) but Halbrand being Sauron is so obvious..

Ktoś sobie zadał trud odszukania wszystkich sklonowanych ludzi w tej scenie. Jak na serial z budżetem 500 mln dolarów za sezon, to mogliby znaleźć statystów xD #RingsofPower.

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De were û heftakî benda beşa nû bisekine, xwedê bike xewn be tiştek be lê bila ne rast be #RingsofPower.

El mejor capítulo de #LosAnillosDelPoder, hasta ahora. Si mantiene este nivel, es mucho más de lo que esperábamos desde el principio y totalmente inesperado tras los capítulos anteriores. #RingsOfPower 💍.

O verde é esperança né? O amarelo, sei lá, desespero. #RingsofPower #OsAneisDePoder.

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Le gouffre entre les images first look de février pour la promo et celles de la série 🤯 #RingsofPower.

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لا تتسرعوا في الحكم فالمسلسل قاعد يثبت نفسه بمستوى رائع في الأحداث، الحلقة السادسة من سيد الخواتم لا توصف من شدة روعتها خصوصًا نهاية الحلقة، موعودين بحلقة قادمة عظيمة. تستاهل 10/10 #RingsofPower.

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I am so loving Galadriel as an almost religious zealot like crusader. That bad guy had a point, they have both, in some ways, been horrible transformed by the last war. #RingsOfPower.

-¿Te acuerdas de mi? -Pero, ¿quién eres tú? -👀 *aquí hay algo raro #LosAnillosDePoder #RingsofPower.

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Blown away with the most recent episode of @LOTRonPrime. 🤯🤩 Converging plots explode with epic battle(s), fantastic character development, nail-biting tension, and the origin story of one of the most iconic features of Middle Earth. 10/10 #RingsofPower.


ACTUAL SPOILER: * * * * * Who says #RingsofPower isn’t realistic? A woman just got demoted because a random dude showed up with a claim to lead people he shamed and long abandoned because now he’s in the mood to rule..

Really good episode of #RingsofPower (ep 6): they had the novel idea of putting all their best characters into one storyline and giving them something interesting to do,.

Episode 6 of Rings of Power is a prime example of patience being a virtue. That was epic. #RingsofPower.

This weeks #RingsofPower was genuinely so good, it’s weird that it took 6 episodes to get to this standard, but if this is what it can be- I’m all in 🔥.

بعدما خلق الجآن واستيقاظهم، اول ما وقعت عليهم اعينهم هي النجوم وجمالها الساحر وضوئها الجميل.. الجآن قدسوا ڤاردا واحبوا عملها ومشروعها النجمي لدرجة انهم لقبوها بـ تنتالي التي تعني في لغتهم المشعل #سيد_الخواتم #RingsofPower.

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سيدة النجوم والضوء وملكة الڤالار ڤاردا … قبيل استيقاظ وخلق الجآن في الارض الوسطى اخذت ڤاردا تعمل على مشروع جديد وعظيم لم يرى مثله من قبل وكان اقرب الى كونه معجزة، وهو خلق وصناعة نجوم جديدة ورفعها في السماء لاضاءة الارض الخافتة بضوء النجوم القديمة #سيد_الخواتم #RingsofPower.

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Este capítulo es el primero que de verdad me gusta. #RingsofPower . La personalidad de Galadriel sigue sin gustarme, aunque no me molesta en absoluto su faceta de espadachina..

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