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Updated: September 7th, 2021 11:41 AM IST

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Dreams come true tonight. First time playing red rocks 🥲 see you soon! 🔺🪨

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could I maybe ask for a little souvenir like an extra mini I collect candy wrappers and rocks — I’m not sure what you mean. I think I do, but I don’t want to misunderstand what you’re trying to say or ask ? ++

PSPSPSP. SPECTRE TEA IS HERE EVERYONE. You can buy it here—on Project Sakura Blends Shop! Thanks to @projsakuraygo 🤍(and that gorgeous design by @guttersblessing 👀👀👀👀 totally rocks)

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You must flow through obstacles like a strong river gushing through rocks. -Hiral Nagda-. 📷Pinterest #HearYourselfBook #infhear

Rocks Photo,Rocks twitter tendance - top tweets

📢FREE FIRE UPDATE📢 Introducing: Tree stumps, rocks, barrels and many more new models 😎 (The fountain is not made by me)!! I have also added player joined and left messages and map borders! Go check it out now 🤩 !! ➡️

@PlumberAlberta I can’t see the rocks or who threw them…lol but wow are people angry!

One of the cool things about being Native is when you find out your tribe fought a war against an 1800s fur trading company that’s now a department store, so whenever you hear about that store you get annoyed. It’s like having a generational blood feud with a Macy’s and it rocks.

psa: wearing skirts wit every outfit and collecting rocks doesn’t make u spiritual 🙏🏾

my partner is so hot that they awaken my deeply-embedded, carnal urges to 1) throw rocks into a lake, or at a larger rock to break them into smaller rocks and 2) scream face down into the forgiving earth

@ForanKen @HannahThibedeau Why does the size of the rock matter? Throwing rocks of any size at someone is assault and just plain disgusting.

@TheTorontoSun @CandiceMalcolm They’re scared of being brutalized along with the PM. What kind of a shithole country throws rocks at their leader? #IStandWithTrudeau

Hey, Hi, Hello! Gravel is in fact small *rocks*. There is no excuse for throwing rocks at a person. Stop minimizing violence directed at other people. What the actual fuck is wrong with you people?

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Rocks Photo,Rocks twitter tendance - top tweets

Whoa!! That is too cool!! #MarkHamill rocks! What an awesome person to do that for you!

I’m not forgiving no Predator nor molester , and if anyone rocks with them they dead to me tf

@glowstreetlight The thing is no one listens to our stuff on bandcamp so I won’t listen to anyone on there

சுயமரியாதை முக்கியம் பிகிலு.. அமைச்சர் @katpadidmk Rocks 🔥🔥


@andrewneville He would have held them down and fed them handfuls of gravel and rocks

After har koi baat baat pe bandook dikha raha hai.😆 Pehle sirf jhagra hota tha with tumtanananana in background😆😆 Ajkl toh bandook ka kuchh alag hi show chal raha hai🤭 Upps no m nt saying anyone copycat🙂😉 #IshqMeinMarjawan2 rocks!✌️ #RraHel rocks❤️

@Kon_Rocks_999 柵が少なくて(?)後ろからの圧力が凄くて死ぬかと思った思い出w

Protest rocks Ota over bad roads, residents block Abeokuta-Lagos highway

@frankritchie That’s impressive ! Running rocks like that. Work hard = results 👏🏻👏🏻

You lucky they not big rocks. You journalists deserves it too #fakenews

@sgerard @drsimonegold Newsom rocks & im not about to vote him out just cause he had an unmasked dinner breh

#NowPlaying Saints of Destruction - Dream of Pain :: Tune In:


@MercedesGlobal And most people do fully condemn it, including me. No matter how much I dislike the guy, people ought not to be throwing rocks.

@donie We were visiting Central Park in July and remarked that while there were many rats scampering around in the bushes and rocks, we didn’t see any squirrels at all. Maybe the heron is trying to restore balance to Central Park.

An incredible view. Thank you to everyone who came out to Red Rocks last night. #RememberThisTour

Rocks Photo,Rocks twitter tendance - top tweets

So much love at Red Rocks last night ❤️ Thank you all for a night we’ll never forget! #RememberThisTour

Rocks Photo,Rocks twitter tendance - top tweets

Dreams come true tonight. First time playing red rocks 🥲 see you soon! 🔺🪨

Rocks Photo,Rocks twitter tendance - top tweets
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