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崖っぷちのNZがテストマッチ連敗を3でストップ B・バレットがシンビンも敵地で南ア撃破 #RSAvNZL #TheRugbyChampionship.

📱 @johan_schoe4 you got it right and 12 GB of @Vodacom data is coming your way. #ScoreMore #RSAvNZL.

That involuntary noice that Justin Marshall made 🤌 #RSAvNZL.


オールブラックスファンの皆様おめでとうございます🖤🏉‼️ 前半終了間際のポラードのPG、アムのビックゲインからの幻のトライ、ボーデンさんの🟨など南アにいきかけた流れをよく取り戻しました😊流石です👏👏👏 ところでジェシーさんは大丈夫かしら。次の試合も出場機会があるといいなぁ。 #RSAvNZL.

Siv Ngesi
Siv Ngesi

Watching our world champs kicking the ball away when we are 5 points down ,with 4 mins to go ,in the oppositions half was heartbreaking and embarrassing! #RSAvNZL.


#RSAvNZL 激しかった‼️ 怪我人多く心配ですが、マークスさんの50capとMOMは嬉しかったです! オレンジアーミーのみなさん、おめでとうございます😊 ノートライでは終わらせないABsもさすがでしたが、それにしても南ア強い🇿🇦💪💪💪 #ザ・ラグビーチャンピオンシップ.

TRC RD#2: South Africa 23 New Zealand 35 In an epic battle in Johannesburg the All Blacks gain revenge for round one loss to get campaign back on track. #RSAvNZL Full details:.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by TheRugbyChampionship,TheRugbyChampionship on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

🇿🇦 What a try this was from the Springboks! #RugbyChampionship #RSAvNZL.

ニュージーランドのトレンドが昼になっても「#RSAvNZL」「All Blacks」「Foster」のワンツースリー。眠れなかった人も多いのでしょう.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by ユニオン,ユニオン on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

A few kilometres away from The cooler box stock has lowered, significantly, the energy is top tier and the vibe keeps getting better! Kumnandi! 🍺 #GwijoAtTheRugby #RSAvNZL.

I thought that was a magnificent test to watch. It had all the ups and downs. Am is an absolute master. A privilege to watch him. Other standouts - Eben catching that breakaway runner and Psdt intercept. Sorry Boks lost, but what a wonderful game. Onwards and upwards. #RSAvNZL.

What about that pass 👌 The @Springboks kicked off their #TRC2022 campaign with a 26 - 10 victory over the @AllBlacks! #RSAvNZL.

The look that won the game against the All Blacks. @Springboks #RSAvNZL.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by Green-Arbor,Green-Arbor on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

Players with ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD executing their skills in fast-paced situations: • Lionel Messi • Roger Federer • Sachin Tendulkar • LUKHANYO AM #RSAvNZL.

Treasured moments. 💚💛 🏉 #GwijoAtTheRugby #RSAvNZL Want to be a member?.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by Gwijo Squad,Gwijo Squad on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

🇳🇿 The drought is over for the All Blacks. Turning point? #RSAvNZL.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by Planet Rugby,Planet Rugby on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

@nkanyisojobe30 Can we just agree that Lukhanyo Am is the best Rugby player in the world right now #RSAvNZL We absolutely can !!! Yes agreed!!! He wears that jersey so well!!!.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by The Grey Zone,The Grey Zone on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

▶️ハイライト▶️ ______________ 🇳🇿🇦🇺南半球4カ国対抗戦🇿🇦🇦🇷 🏆ザ・ラグビーチャンピオンシップ🏆 🏉第2節 🆚南アフリカ vs ニュージーランド  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ▶️WOD見逃し配信! ✅放送・配信予定 #RSAvNZL #WOWOW.

I remember so many times, watching Ireland as a kid, and after another dropped pass, knock on, missed tackle, or kick to nowhere etc. my Dad would say ‘you’d never catch the All Blacks doing that’. But today, I did catch them, and they were poor. #RSAvNZL.

Springboks Murder the All Blacks! in the Mbombela Stadium last night, is this the end of Foster? #RSAvNZL.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by RugbyHRV,RugbyHRV on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

How it started vs how it went 🏉 🔊Joburg 🚎 Nelspruit #GwijoAtTheRugby #RSAvNZL Want to be a member? ▶️.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by Gwijo Squad,Gwijo Squad on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

Please help find my friends car he was hijacked yesterday in Rosettenville, JHB. Can contact Mpho on 0782074728 #DStvPrem #RSAvNZL | Benni | Puff Johnson | Mogoeng Mogoeng.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by SirYums,SirYums on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

いやぁ〜ホントに凄い試合でした! ここ最近ABsは厳しい時期をすごしているので良い兆しになる事を願います☺️ マルコムも前半から登場で嬉しかったなー! しかし海外twitterでレフリングへの不満が散見されましたが、私個人は下記スタッツ通りの妥当な結果なのかなと😒 #RSAvNZL 🇿🇦🇳🇿 #TRC2022.

#RSAvNZL Photo,#RSAvNZL Photo by くげは,くげは on twitter tweets #RSAvNZL Photo

How the Boks rated at Ellis Park against the All Blacks. #RSAvNZL.

Didn’t get to see the game but it seems like from twitter Deref had a stinker of a game and cost SA the game. Who is he? Was there a late change to the bench? #RSAvNZL.

Watching the game this morning, I was pretty frustrated with calls against the All Blacks. Then you read SA fans on Twitter, and they’re blaming the ref for their loss. Perspective, and bias. Everywhere, eh. #RSAvNZL.

Frame that jersey, Jaden, and let it motivate you to play even better. Aaron Smith will go down as one of the best to have ever played 9. #RSAvNZL #GreatestRivalry.

This is the best tweet I’ve seen about yesterday’s rugby game. Respect, @Inkosi_yoMhlaba! 🐐 #Springboks #RSAvNZL.

Gotta say, Sam Cane was very good. Workhorse performance and hitting hard off both shoulders all game. Noticeably quiet form his haters today…. #RSAvNZL.

Sam Cane “loss of small margins’’ Ian Foster In many ways that was probably our best performance of the year While they both figure out who to blame. I’m left wondering when it became ok to spin that hard in the post match? #allblacks #RSAvNZL.

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