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@BarackObama I miss having a president that didn’t attack war heroes like John McCain. Happy Saint Patrick’s day Mr. President. ps. come back..

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May be some late adventures today, queue boss is strong. XD Happy Saint Patrick’s Day friends! 🍀 Been watching Love Death + Robots on Netflix and it’s so good! 🤩.

Its always weird to me that in america people go sooo hard for saint patricks day, because 99% of ue are not irish and also have 0 knowledge of why patrick was ever given sainthood in the first place.

I lost money, my $32 eyeliner, and my dignity yesterday. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day..

Fun Fact- Today is also the feast day of St Gertrude of Nivelles, aka the patron saint of cats. So if you’re not feeling the St Patrick’s day spirit, just go pet a cat.

Saint Patrick’s Day always brings out the trash in NYC.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day @ Sans Souci Estates, Miami, Florida — at Sans Souci Estates, Miami, Florida.

Iba a ser domingo de netflix hasta q me llego una invitacion de saint bamo a tener q ir me dijo el bas boni.

Well if Saint Patrick is looking in send me some customers at Boston show !.

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All black people break out the camo if they choose to participate in Saint Patrick’s day.

@alyshatulip Do my best but unlike this holiday, this Patrick is no saint, will try to have some 📸😏👍🏻.

Será motivo para juntarnos, Saint Patrick day., en Huacho Tierra De Brujos Y Embrujos.

Republican smears with a touch of anti-Irish animus? Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!.

Tonight! We celebrate Saint Patrick’s day and the end of the week with this sick show. 3 years ago Is when I booked my first hardcore show on the same date. Since then it’s been non stop and I couldn’t be happier about it. SCHC.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day. Share with us your luckiest golf shot story! Press your luck by registering for our Major March Contest from #sirstewartmulligan at.

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7 Lucky Facts about Saint Patrick’s Day.

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@BarackObama I miss having a president that didn’t attack war heroes like John McCain. Happy Saint Patrick’s day Mr. President. ps. come back..

Saint Patrick’s day is gross. The city should be less tolerant of public drunkenness especially today. Let these people drink in the hills. Thank you for coming to my ted talk..

Can’t wait to see all these fakers wearing green and making a complete ass of themselves. Happy Saint Patrick’s day to my fellow bogtrotters☘️🇮🇪.

Gabriella et Jacques vous souhaitent une bonne Saint-Patrick #Instahshprincesscharlene #StPatricksDay.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 🥳 Nuestros alumnos han estado preparando actividades y pasándoselo genial durante los últimos días de la semana ¿Sabes que puedes ir de campamento a Irlanda? Desde Foovy te ofrecemos pasar un verano distinto, check it out! 👉🏻.

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Sometimes you get to meet the former and current Colonels of the 69th NY after the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! ☘️🇮🇪 💚🇺🇸☘️.

It may be the more popular day of Saint Patrick, but let us also pay homage to Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats on this day of March 17th 🐱🙌.

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St. Patrick is proof that a culture can be converted, that sorrow for sin bears fruit, and that a bishop can be a saint. Ora pro nobis! #StPatricksDay ☘️.

I just read about Saint Patrick on the @SaintOfTheDay mobile app: #saintly.

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