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🇭🇺 Congrats to George on his first pole. I’m a bit disappointed with P2 as I could have done a better final lap, but we keep taking steps in the right direction and I am confident we can carry the good pace of Friday into the race. Ready to go for it! 👉.

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#HungarianGP Todavía no escribí sobre Ferrari. Luego de otro desastre como el de hoy no quiero lastimar a nadie pero así no pueden seguir. Sus ‘tifosi’ merecen algo mejor. Cometen errores en todos los frentes. En la foto Leclerc parece preguntarle a Sainz: “Qué hacemos ahora?” 🤔.

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So there was a plastic bag stuck on Carlos‘s car during the race. Sainz: I just found when I stepped out of the car that there was a plastic sack on the side of the car. I don’t know if it was costing me downforce because it was quite big..

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quem foi que colocou na minha tl tweet dizendo que o sainz é melhor que o george?.

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🚨☎️ Informa @Manu_Sainz Celta y Getafe están interesados en Martin Braithwaite.

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Carlos Sainz, tras la carrera, comentó que tenía una bolsa de plástico en el coche: Cuando me bajé del coche, vi que tenía una bolsa de plástico en el lateral. No se cuánta carga aerodinámica restaría pero la bolsa era bastante grande.

1 month ago today - British GP 2022 (first time) Pole-Sitter Carlos Sainz ❤️.

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🏆 Lewis Hamilton now has more #F1 podium finishes than Charles Leclerc in In full: 10 - Max Verstappen 6 - Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz 5 - Charles Leclerc, George Russell 1 - Lando Norris.

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Sıralama tahminim : 1-) Russell 2-) Sainz 3-) Hamilton 4-) Norris 5-) Leclerc #HungarianGP.


Max has made mistakes this season, the difference is his car control is insane so he manages to save it from going into the barrier and loses minimal time. Spain for example he loses way less time than Sainz having made the same mistake and Hungary he lost like 3 seconds only..

at monaco charles wanted to go to slicks BEFORE sainz, asked to pit FIRST the moment SC opened at silverstone and he wanted to extend his stint on mediums and then move to softs at hungary. all three races the team chose otherwise there’s really nothing more he could do.

A che ora il gran premio? Così posso programmare il pisolino e svegliarmi a 5 giri dalla fine con Sainz out e Leclerc quarto..

Cita o responde a este tweet con tu predicción de la carrera del GP de Hungría. TOP 5: Posición Alonso: Posición Sainz: Posición Pérez: ¿Hay lluvia? N° abandonos:.

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Honestly matching Ocon in your first season would be Verstappen/Leclerc levels of good imo, Esteban is a good driver and much better than Marcus Ericsson or a rookie Carlos Sainz, if he matches Ocon immediately then he’s that guy.

Giresunspor Gelenler Doğan Can,Vefa,Alper,Mert, Rahmetullah,MuratCem, Bajic,Borja Sainz Gelme İhtimali:Mame Diouf,Kadir Seven,Diarra,RobertMejia, Savicevic, Milosevic,İsmail Kalanlar Onur,Erkan,Zeki,Hayro,Perez Sergen,Fatih,Anıl,Furkan,Traore, Sergio,Çekdar.

El Napoli sueña con fichar a Cristiano Ronaldo con el objetivo de convertirlo en un nuevo icono de su club. Fuente: [ @Manu_Sainz ].

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Yarın Sainz yine taş koyarsa küfür edebilirim haberiniz olsun. Geçmemiz zaten zor, üstüne yapabileceği en iyi savunmayı filan yapar tutamam ben kendimi. Sainz iyi adamsın da, sal Şampiyon olalım işte amk seneye sen olursun tutma bizi #F1.

Sainz slowly chipping away at the gap to Russell, another four-tenths on that last lap, down to 2 seconds #F1 #HungarianGP.

I hope you know what you’re coming into when you followed me, this is 100% a carlos sainz propaganda / stan account 😂 Will catch up on mentions and all that when I get my sleep back. Was fantastic hanging out with you all and hearing your thoughts! Thanks again 🤝.

Day 1 of Posting B&W photos of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc until the summer break ends because I’m in mourning✨.

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leclerc has likely lost four wins this season because of mechanical issues and strategy errors from ferrari, and he’s still beating carlos in the standings by 26 points sainz has underperformed very badly this season.

@meraqibtw what hes saying is that he doesnt like lewis, thats like suggesting Spanish fans dont like Sainz or Alonso, its not always racism, stfu idiot.

💪🏻🇪🇸 Carlos Sainz no pierde la fe: se ve siendo campeón del mundo este año.

Entro su twt solo per dire che: sono sempre più orgogliosa del mio pilota Carlos Sainz e che voi mandria di capre non vi meritate nemmeno di respirare il suo stesso ossigeno. #ISupportCarlosSainz.

Max Verstappen Topps Now WDC champ /99 PSA 10 $1100 Mick Schumacher 112 /25 PSA 10 pop 1 $300 Carlos Sainz orange/red PSA 10 pop 1 $280 Lewis Hamilton 139 goldwave /50 PSA 9 $100.

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que tan ridículo es lo de ferrari?? no se nada peor en los últimos años, tienen el auto más rápido en general, a un piloto top como leclerc y a uno muy bueno como sainz y están solo 30 puntos arriba de mercedes que tiene mucho menos auto.

@ferran_genis @sainz_gemma Qui estigui lliure de pecat que llanci la primera pfrr.

@dnicatala @sainz_gemma coherència del PSC és aquesta. I els COMUNS i la CUP,n han dit alguna cosa,no,oi? Ja m ho semblava..

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