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Played MW2 for the first time yesterday and I can honestly say the game feels goooood. From map design, audio, UI, flow etc., it just feels solid. BUT…… It’s amazing how SBMM ruins the entire experience..

Call of Duty Multiplayer died for me when every player had to have a K/D and be coddled in SBMM lobbies. It’s a shame I’m playing in the sweatiest lobbies of all-time with no rank to show for it. Sigh..

It truly is a shame that I can’t use ANYTHING but the most meta class setup or else I’ll go triple negative in these extreme SBMM lobbies in MWII. Inflatable Decoy over Dead Silence for fun? No. Throwing Knives over Semtexs? No. Mess around with a weird class? No. Horrible..

If CoD invested in a robust ranked mode for multiplayer and Warzone that seamlessly transferred from year to year, then it would be the best thing that could ever happen to the series. Add in great rewards. Calms the SBMM frustrations and adds to replay-ability. Change my mind..

Ich habe extrem Spaß an Modern Warfare 2. Die Videos sind geil anzuschauen. Die Abende mit den Jungs machen Spaß. Das SBMM ist definitiv anders als die letzten Jahre. Man findet auch gute Lobbys. Nur noch die Droptime erhöhen und ich bin ein glücklicher Mann..

SBMM will forever be debated. Developers add it because it benefits the vast majority of players between high skill and low. The problem is how skill is measured, how ping factors in, and extra techniques to get players to play longer. Everything has to be delicately balanced.


You’re laughing. Content creators will have to play hours longer than they would have had to otherwise without SBMM in order to get enough clips for social media…and you’re laughing. This generation disgusts me..

Es que queréis quitar el SBMM porque solo queréis ganar todas las partidas y reventar a novatos Siento decirte que estás equivocado y que no tienes idea de nada. Probablemente seas nuevo y nunca hayas estado en la época dorada de Cod. Quitarlo significa que haya variedad..

This whole SBMM debate is just a bunch of mfs who play video games for a living complaining about a bunch of mfs that want to play video games for a living.

@hitchariide Idk why but I really seem to enjoy it. Even with sbmm I’m having a blast so far.

@FortniteGame How to save fortnite in Big 2022: -Bring back chapter 1 map -Bring back chapter 1 graphics -Remove the SBMM -Put back the weapons from chapter 1 and 2 -Bring back the late game as the permanent mode -Make real collaborations that serve some purpose where there are not only skins.

It’s actually CRIMINAL that we get pubs with sbmm AND a ranked mode with every call of duty Like what 🤣.

I’ve come to expect quality from treyarch, not this lazy bullshit. I get that a lot of you were bad at the good games so this new toddlers first cod zombies stuff is enjoyable. Probably why y’all like sbmm so much as well since you refuse to get better at the game..

🎮 FLASH - Après cette prit une NUCLÉAIRE dans sa gueule sur #MWII Emmanuel #Macron annonce qu’il veut faire interdire le SBMM sur le territoire français.

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SBMM in cod isn’t even skill based. It’s the other team being the avengers while my team are the wonder pets..

love how d2 casuals will tell u that cod also has strict sbmm in casual playlists and no one complains, when that has actually been one of the biggest complaints in the cod community for years LOL.

I see all these nerds complaining about sbmm in COD, they’ve obviously never felt how bad it is in fortnite lmao. Not to mention sbmm leads to easier stream sniping (iykyk).

SBMM has been a trending topic on Twitter since #MWII Came out. If you’re a good player or slightly above average, Activision doesn’t like you and they’ll punish you for being decent or good. They’ll never remove SBMM.


@Pengu @VarsityGamingTV qucik match there should be no SBMM ranked ofc SBMM thats my opinion 🫡.

First round of #MW2 beta and I get into a 6v6 lobby against drdisrespect timthetatman and a Faze member. Solo queued. Thanks SBMM lol.

@Activision Remove #SBMM from #MWII and ill pre order the most expensive bundle you have right now lol..

Le sbmm pour les nuls c’est bien parce qui sont trop nul , mais pour les gens avec un niveau correct c’est 🤯🤯.


Basically my thoughts. The game is super polished, really fun to play, weapons feel great, map design is really good. But the SBMM ruins it all by having to use meta classes to even compete.

@MCFCADAM123 @CallofDuty Get over it or quit playing is your only options. They seem to be perfectly satisfied with sbmm, it will not be going away..

@bunhongangyi @Skylinex13 It’s always a thing with YouTubers, streamers, and e sports players that SBMM matches them with players of similar skill set which makes the game supposedly “not fun” but they want to destroy people who are just casually gaming and ruin their experience.

The new Cod has a lot of potential! It’s growing on me and has been more fun the longer I’ve played it. Game overall feels really good the only things I have gripes about currently are obviously the SBMM being absurd and the UI needs an adjustment. Other than that games solid🤙.

MW2 2009 vs MWII 2022: MW2: • Map voting • Normal mini-map • Pro perks • Classic prestige • Lobbies don’t disband • Very little SBMM MWII: • No map voting • No normal mini-map • Meh perk system • No classic prestige • Lobbies disband • Heavy SBMM.

Hmmm, SBMM is trending on Twitter again. Wonder why 🧐😂 | #CallofDuty | #ModernWarfareII |.

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@TastyFPS Unfortunately, debating sbmm/eomm is just like the whole AA debate, everyone resorts to their usual responses & plugs their ears instead of having a discussion about +/- and it’s just an unfortunate waste of time. Cod has made it clear they only care about casuals now..

@KayzahR -Sbmm weniger, du merkst das vielleicht nicht so krass weil du über alle hinaus ragst, aber den slightly above avg Spieler nervt das so hart. Und am meisten nervt dass die nicht mal gut werden, sondern nur extrem defensiv. Und so will ich halt nicht spielen..

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