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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Reveals Big News, Ends on Emotional Note From Sheldon Cooper.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 صبحم قشنگ شد.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Reveals Big News, Ends on Emotional Note From Sheldon Cooper vía @variety.

@CarlaDay The Big Bang finale was fine, but that Young Sheldon ending is what really got me crying. It tied in to everything so perfectly and beautifully..

People will say the clues were laid out years ago, but Sheldon immolating the smallfolk of Pasadena was still a surprise to me.

@bigbangtheory thank u for everything ! Especially “Soft Kitty” was the only thing that got my baby cousin to go to sleep when he was little. Also he is the real life “young Sheldon” in every way possible !!!! (Not lying) 👀.

@Simms2673 What?! No! Wayne would protect Young Sheldon! He’s a lovable underdog! cc @RhettReese.

So glad they finally resolved Sheldon’s, um, bedroom problems..

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Sheldon behind the desk tho! 😂😂😂😂 HAHA #BigBangTheory @bigbangtheory.

@m_sheldon So many good things in this game. Got down early because of a terrible call and a bad break. Fought back. Pitching was awesome. Offense added a big run. Won a series against the 1st place team!.

#BigBangTheory I wasn’t expecting the double whammy from Young Sheldon tonight 😭😭😭I’m gonna need some extra makeup tomorrow because of all the ugly crying 😩.

I have watched the #BigBangTheory since it premiered all those years ago and tonight we say goodbye. Loved your speech Sheldon. I’m gonna miss this show. #BigBangTheoryFinale.

If we get a season 2, Wayne is going to kill Young Sheldon. So let youtube know if you want to see more Wayne and see him kill Young Sheldon..

Wow! I thought I would be sad when the #BigBangTheory ended, but didnt know I would end up crying thanks to Sheldon! Well done @bigbangtheory ! You all will be missed ❤.

Thanks #BigBangTheory for those enjoyable moments past 12 years. #Sheldon and crew went from post docs to faculty to nobel laureate - a dream journey!.

Thank you to @bigbangtheory for such a hilarious and heartwarming run. You will be greatly missed. And we loved the ending of Young Sheldon tonight. #BigBangTheoryFinale.

@shanefamecom What did you think about the ending? It was great for Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, but the Howard, Bernadette only worried about leaving the but the #Raj ending was terrible. There was no depth or any type of story for him. Like seriously Buffy? #BigBangTheory.

@bigbangtheory You’ve grown so much Sheldon!! That speech left me in tears! @bigbangtheory.


@bigbangtheory Congrats Penny & Leonard 🤱😏❤️ Congrats Amy & Sheldon 🏅Love ya all! Thx for the laughs, love & memories 🇨🇦❤️ Thank you writers, producers & crew, best finale! 👍👍.

@bigbangtheory Hey Sheldon may u and amy have kids of gold and may they find the love like u and her did.

#BigBangTheory Sheldon’s speech is everything, everyone needs to be acknowledge sometimes and be thanked sometimes. Wow what a finale!!! Thank you so much for 12yrs of great tv, I will miss you 😘 all dearly, thank you ❤️.

Sheldon Cooper will go down in history as one of the best characters EVER. Amazing finale of #BigBangTheory! The entire cast was great. Thanks for the memories @bigbangtheory.

With what sounds like big bang being now my family will stop saying I act like sheldon, or that I remind them of him..

Leonard’s slap and Sheldon’s speech were the only good things about that finale. #BigBangTheory.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Reveals Big News, Ends on Emotional Note From Sheldon Cooper.

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