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Was trying to describe JK Simmons to my partner and landed on “male Allison Janney”

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Tim ()

Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are All Stars and the Sixers have the best record in the East. That’s the tweet.

Rayane 🌒
Rayane 🌒 ()

@PacersFRA @TrashTalk_fr ils ont préféré ben simmons qui a pas progressé depuis 3 ans

Keith Pompey
Keith Pompey ()

#Sixers’ Ben Simmons named to #NBAAllStar , but Tobias Harris is snubbed via @phillyinquirer

Fondue TTFL
Fondue TTFL ()

📊Deck n°10 | Pick n°63📈 Hey la comu, un fourre-tout qui ne vole pas bien haut 👇🏼👀 2x Murray 41pts 🙂 Giannis 68pts 🤩 George 48pts 😎 Brown 43pts 😏 Randle 42pts ☺ Lillard 37pts 😑 Young 34pts 🤒 Simmons 32pts 🤨 Capela 28pts 😵 Total : 414pts #TTFL

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Abubakar 🇸🇴
Abubakar 🇸🇴 ()

Tough L tonight, but big on Norm and the guys for not reacting after Simmons did that. For the refs to compound that no call with a technical on us is just sad. Hopefully, we have enough energy for the heat tomorrow #WeTheNorth #Raptors

Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers ()

FINAL SCORE 📊⤵️: Harris 23 PTS | 7 REB | 5 AST Korkmaz 19 PTS | 7 REB | 2 AST Embiid 18 PTS | 12 REB | 2 AST Simmons 15 PTS | 9 REB | 7 AST Green 11 PTS | 5 REB | 3 STL

TrashTalk Fantasy Lab
TrashTalk Fantasy Lab ()

Fin du 1er QT entre les Sixers & les Raptors ! Les scores #TTFL : Korkmaz 28 🔥 Harris 12 Simmons et Green 10 Embiid et VanVleet 5 #NBA

D.O.C ()

It’s going to be very hard to tell for a long got a lotttt of picks stretched over 6 years so you never really know. But I’d rather have the surety of Ben Simmons. Then again Tillman is a broke b*tch

Kiss Collector
Kiss Collector ()

Rare Creatures Of The Night Poster Ace Frehley

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The Ghost of Adam Gase ➐
The Ghost of Adam Gase ➐ ()

For those of you making the “Zaven Collins is this years Isaiah Simmons”, argument. Whoah. Pump the brakes lol. Although same size, weight and field gig, Collins is a guy compared to the athletic freak Simmons is at Pump the brakes on the hot takes.

Jackson Frank
Jackson Frank ()

Ben Simmons’ last 13 games points rebounds assists ( TOs) steals TS from the floor at the line

Lady Pie de Grue
Lady Pie de Grue ()

I used to be a pharmaceutical rep on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I saw celebrities every day. I once was in an elevator with me and Henry Kissinger. I met Richard Simmons on the street and he hugged me. Met Julio Iglesias in a shoe store. Met Simply Red in drs office.

Rich Hofmann
Rich Hofmann ()

Simmons, Harris and Rivers have all said something along the lines of We got great looks.

Dr. Markenya L. Williams
Dr. Markenya L. Williams ()

@DenaSimmons Let’s go for 10k, Sis!😉👏🏾👊🏾❤️ Please follow Twitter Family👇🏾Dr. Simmons is doing amazing work, you don’t want to miss any updates! 🔥💎💫

𝓓𝓣𝓤⚡️ ()

@RocketsPlsWin @SixersMaddie Tbf giving up Simmons plus Thybulle plus picks was a lot already

Un Sixer menos Triste (20-9-1*)
Un Sixer menos Triste (20-9-1*) ()

Los detesto con el alma, lo pierden los jugadores, jugaron sin ganas todo el partido. Otra vez el duo Embiid-Simmons vs el mundo y sus propios compañeros

Harrison Sanford
Harrison Sanford ()

This Raptors defense, with Matisse and Simmons out there, will be hard to score on to say the least if it’s trying to flow through Embiid. With Green fouling out, Shake might be the choice but he’s also on a minutes limit.

Slam Dunk Brasil
Slam Dunk Brasil ()

Qual o FT% do Simmons desde que ele começou a melhorar na temporada? Só hoje ele está com 80+ em 10/12 FTA. Isso é insano de bom para ele.

FAMU Rattlers🐍🧡💚
FAMU Rattlers🐍🧡💚 ()

Sending healing vibes to Coach Simmons’s son. Praying for the entire family.

Rhea "RB" Butcher ()

Was trying to describe JK Simmons to my partner and landed on “male Allison Janney”

@ClickbaitSmit ()

Dave Portnoy Says That Fraud Smitty FOR SURE Trashed Ben Simmons In The Past #THISLEAGUE

Sean Keane
Sean Keane ()

Ben Simmons is the first player to score 40 points without attempting a three-pointer since LaMarcus Aldridge in 2019, and only the second to do it in the last ten years. The three-point line can suck it.

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Scotty B
Scotty B ()


Villainous Mentality
Villainous Mentality ()

More people have called Tom Brady “The Pharaoh” than Ben Simmons “The - and I cannot stress this enough - Yank”


Monday night saw some huge scoring numbers 😳 @ESPNNBA Julius Randle: 44 Pts Ben Simmons: 42 Pts Kyrie Irving: 40 Pts Jordan Clarkson: 40 Pts Bradley Beal: 37 Pts Tobias Harris: 36 Pts Steph Curry: 36 Pts

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𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗🏖 ()

Ben Simmons career high: 42 Jayson Tatum career high: 41 Corey Brewer career high: 51

StatMuse ()

Ben Simmons tonight: 42 PTS (career-high) 9 REB 12 AST 15-26 FG 12-13 FT He is the first Sixer with a 40p/10a game since Allen Iverson in 2006.

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Ben Simmons is BALLIN’ 😤 He has a career-high 42 and counting

Anti-Fascist Abolitionist AWK
Anti-Fascist Abolitionist AWK ()

Like many vets, Willie Simmons got addicted to drugs serving overseas for our country Upon his return, he was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life without parole FOR STEALING $9 He’s been locked up 38 years The “justice” system is racist, classist, and unreformable

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Abraham Riesman אברהם ריסמאַן
Abraham Riesman אברהם ריסמאַן ()

From the Stan Lee archives: a 1982 letter from Gene Simmons on official KISS stationery in which he asks to be cast as the Thing in a Fantastic Four movie

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☚ #Bayern3Racist Astérix ☛
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