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#LaverCup2022 Les larmes de Roger Federer pour son dernier match Le Suisse a disputé, et perdu aux côtés de son meilleur ennemi Rafael Nadal, lui aussi en larmes, son dernier match en carrière face à la paire Jack Sock et Frances Tifoe ➡️.

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You guys need to give more likes to my drunk tweets next time around. I’m saddened and disappointed.

Thank you twitter. This is the type a shit i need to know right now.

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Another Content Item Sold on IWC! POV: SOCK SNIFFER REJECT.

Ayo thats what i did with biscotti but @cupidshotwrong caught it in his mouth before it reached the nut sock.


Sock bitches send while I smoke 😌 Findom findomme paypig paypiggy humanatm cashslave.

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It’s nice to read Twitter when you’re drunk because you realize that all this shit is just words and phrases.

Sneaker Sock Season is officially Autumn is 🍁🍃🍂.

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Woolly sock season is here. ❤💚💛💙🧡💜 but give it autumn vibes.

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@MakeItWayne15 Not defending the guy or Sock but Tiafoe with the shots at Nadal and Federer in the tiebreak was completely unnecessary and nasty and for whattttt.

@andresvarperaza @MatchTenis Jack Sock es de las personas más detestables, y no hablo por el partido de hoy, cuyo resultado fue lo de menos..

… where is sock at sock is so insctive but im sure hes sleeping rn so i’ll bother him tmmr.

@ArtTeacherLife7 Lol oh really 😂 I’m digging the one sock, shorts, & no top look. 🙌🏼.

These hot babes and that SEXY sandy foot was surrendered by @Thegoldenbard1! Thank him and surrender your girls next!.

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Headbands are the new odd sock. I have bought loads over the years… where are they all?.

Är ledsen över det senate språngdådet i stockholm - Är sock inte ledsen över att det hände på just Södermalm.

NEW GROUP - GUILTY PLEASURES 😈🤭 Yeah sure you can keep scrolling through Findom wanking into a manky old but a real submissive submits, obeys and gives in. Group consists of the hottest content, games, humilating tasks, 24/7 chat and so much more. DM for more info..

@merydncl Bunlar gerçekten akılsız mantıksız insanlar ne alakası var ırkçılıkla ya 😡 adamın ten rengi değil hareketleri yaptığı terbiyesizlik seviyesizlik nedeniyle kiziyoruz djo ya da kiziyoruz sock a da ya da cedi ye de onlarda mi siyahi.

@SwayThePristine One Of Neighbors Heard Me Say That And Instantly Said “Sock It To Me” Loud Af 😂.

@g_hibby 😂🤣😂 I can imagine you have a pair of pants on a pole that acts like a wind sock 😂🤣😂.

@InShamblesRn law does have a tattoo like mugiwara cum sock so he also protects luffy identity and no one will see it anyway.


@guysitsray give me bones n all i have an old toothbrush and a sock take it or leave it.

Se sabe que es un torneo oficial, pero habría estado de 100 que cuando Roger sacaba 9-8 en el tiebreak, Sock hubiera dejado pasar la bola. #LaverCup.

Imagine replying from a sock puppet account and protecting your tweets afterwards. Just another day on the bird app.

@JuliGranatee @AmalfiTenis Federer sería capaz de darle un puñetazo en la cara a sock si se da cuenta de que éste afloja un poco Esa es la mentalidad de éstos monstruos, por algo ganaron tanto.

it’s important to experience duality on occasion. to do this simply wear a sock on one foot and not the other, then walk around the house for a while.

@TheAlexBridge Another coward hiding behind a sock puppet account. Funny how all you anti-trans bigots love to hide. I wonder why!.

@hugeasmammoth_ All of her looks are beautiful but this one. She is one of the best drag artists to ever come on the show and I’ll miss her 💘.

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@lopezdoriga Pues ellos no son doblistas, son singlistas naturales, y sock es un doblista excelente.

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