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Updated: January 15th, 2022 04:42 PM IST

I hope Stray Kids are happy and i hope they have fun in Dubai with the rest of the Stays!!

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Having a friend who stays loyal behind your back is truly a blessing. KDLEX YOUDOYOU #KDLex

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The case for getting rid of Boris: the party is fed up with him and will not campaign for him effectively. The case for keeping: better the devil you know. If he stays and wins a small majority, his exit can be negotiated after general.

this is to remind every stays that the voting on SMA will end tomorrow. please make sure to collect as much hearts as you can and cast your votes to stray kids. LET US ALL SECURE THE SPOT FOR THE KIDS, FIGHTING❕

I hope Stray Kids are happy and i hope they have fun in Dubai with the rest of the Stays!!

Stays and skz please be safe:( I hope everything gets back on track soon under safer and more prepared circumstances.

SCOTUS Stays OSHA ETS But Allows CMS Mandate to Proceed | by @Butler_Snow

@_NaKyle oh my gosh, i hope it stays mild and he gets better soon. that must be nerve wracking, i’m so sorry!

@MFWitches No fan of Novak Djokovic and really don’t care if he stays or is removed, but I don’t think it is fair to characterise his behaviour while in Australia as being bad simply because he is seeking a judicial review of Border Force and minister’s decisions

Shiroucord 2020 stays winning seriously though what the fuck was the 2021 Shiroucord good riddance

“give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would have pulled you under!” they stumble out of the prison, and jay stays behind to usher her friends along. gill, chip, marshall john, drey. she looks at the ship, where earl is waving for them.

@30YearsRed Who can’t love this guy? Enjoy him while he stays. In good days and especially bad… because no one else helps us get up and go again like he does… no one!

@hana___anah Dog stays in bed with me. My cat does what he wants. Sometimes, he is in bed or roaming around.


#stays_its_ok_its_all_lies Dejen de difundir rumores sobre Arabia Saudita, todos están completamente a salvo, dejen de distorsionar la reputación de Arabia Saudita.

@SICKB0YS0LD Era sobre as buscas dus stays que tavam la no show, teve alguns misunderstanding e uns fake reports

@imVkohli you and Pujara better find your form or else the test team will decline quicker than you think. also Rahane has to go, make way for Shreyas. When Shubhman comes back Rahul or Mayank, who stays?

I’m too old to be a babysitter. If you say you’re gonna be back at a certain time you better be back at that time cause I’m not a teenager that stays up all night. I wake up at 3:30am and go to bed at 8:30pm I can’t do this.

I miss the innocent version of me. Before I was expose to all the bad shit that stays in my head.

agr q as coisas acalmaram e a situação foi controlada, gostaria de agradecer mais uma vez tdo mundo q ajudou nisso tdo, independente de fandom ou qualquer coisa, ajudou e ajudou MUITO! stays, vcs são fodas, apesar dos apesares somos uma familia e hj isso foi deixado bem claro!

hermano la situación de las stays en arabia me tiene con impotencia, qué ha pasado?

I hate my icon but I don’t take nice pictures of myself often and that’s a drunk selfie where I look like myself so. She stays!

@versyditious Yikes. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope it stays mild and they make a speedy recovery ❤️❤️❤️ How are you holding up?

@Mayhem4Markets If fed stops pumping $, why can’t market stays flat ? Money was put in so market is up, unless they ate pulling money out , why would it go down. Money should still be there. Am I not getting it correct? Otherwise it is big official scam in name of saving economy .😟🤔


We are all fine and that what spread is just rumors and nothing happened #Stays_Its_Ok_Its_All_Lies

@lixwoni Por lo que ví, hay algunas stays que aún siguen perdidas y necesitando ayuda. También escuché que el staff de skz hizo un gran trabajo en el trascurso de la madrugada:/

Même si cette soirée est chaotique, on ne peut pas dire que les stays ne sont pas unis, nous sommes prêts à nous entraider à l’autre bout du monde vraiment nous sommes un magnifique fandom 💛

@chrysunthemums Konsernya ditunda karena badai, terus stays sama fans chungha yang dateng beberapa ada yang hilang sama ada semacam sexual harassment gitu

@adesdaily I think that’s why the 1922 club insisting he stays where he is. For now.

Also please dont forget that MALE stays/chungha fans are also getting lost and dont know their way home. Its not just female fans, there are also male fans in need‼️

#CHUNGHA_IN_RIYADH byulharangs here are more resources / updates for transportation and if you need help! please don’t be afraid to reach out to stays!

@rockkandy_ Iba a haber una presentación de skz pero se canceló por una tormenta de arena las Stays no pueden llegar a casa y algunas están desaparecidas, además de que algunos hombre se aprovecharon y las están acosando

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