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Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest East would have taken place today and tomorrow. Because we all won’t be here this weekend, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to remember some of the epic moments we’ve shared over the years. 😍

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Scott Haughie
Scott Haughie ()

Enjoyable stroll around Pegwell cliff top this afternoon to kick off August birding. My first visit for a couple of months. A few fledged Swallows and great views of a decked Hobby (sometimes a private area on the patch is a good thing).

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JMA Words
JMA Words ()

@robertloerzel I think this is the first time I’ve seen coyotes in person or in photos where they didn’t seem to be in a total hurry. Sunday stroll in the park! Also, super curious about that tracking

Le Pit-Stop F1
Le Pit-Stop F1 ()

Podiums en #F1 avant 23 ans : 🥇34- VERSTAPPEN 🥈13- Vettel 🥉12- Hamilton & LECLERC 7- Alonso 4- KIMI 3- PEREZ 2- KVYAT, J. Versttappen, McLaren 1- Barrichello, De Cesaris, Magnussen, R. Schumacher, De Angelis, Rosberg, Piquet JR, Ruttman, Perdisa, NORRIS, STROLL #BritishGP

CBC Sports
CBC Sports ()

Canadians Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi 🇨🇦 place 9th and 15th in a race that saw a last lap thriller 🏁

Monkey Seat
Monkey Seat ()

Stroll semblait bloqué derrière Ricciardo mais au final une fois débarrassé de Grosjean on se rend compte que le canadien est juste plus lent que les Renaults.

cenkispro / cenkcoskun
Cenkispro / cenkcoskun ()

Giveaway: Royale Stroll in the garden Rules: Have to folow me Have to like this Have to retweet Ends at 100 falowers

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Synne ()

Hjxjdjejejd Will finally be free of watching Binotto the clown next szn. Lawrence Stroll ima pray extra 2 raka tonight for you

Irvin Martínez 🐍 🇲🇽🇭🇰 #FreeHongKong
Irvin Martínez 🐍 🇲🇽🇭🇰 #FreeHongKong ()

@AnaMRSantana es un buen piloto pero tambien tiene mala suerte, Hulkenberg deberia ocupar el puesto de Stroll pero la siguiente carrera deberia ocupar el puesto de checo que no ?

Daily Mail U.K.
Daily Mail U.K. ()

Declan Donnelly enjoys a scenic stroll with wife Ali Astall, toddler daughter Isla and dog Rocky

Nacho Serrano Lopez
Nacho Serrano Lopez ()

Ocon: este fin de semana ha estado en un ritmo similar al de su compañero de equipo y ha tenido una batalla muy bonita con Stroll durante gran parte de la carrera (siendo su coche inferior en teoría). Grandísimo trabajo del equipo Renault hoy y a ver si siguen en esa línea.

강군 ()

@buy_HCWL_food @night_stroll ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 전 산림님이랑 모텔갈거라서 기각합니다 ^^

McLarenDepre ()

- Ricciardo fazendo milagres com Renault sendo bastante competitivo, Ocon mostrando que ta se adaptando e rendendo bem com seu carro - Fim de semana pra esquecer da Racing Point, não rendeu o esperado no sábado e no domingo só o Stroll foi pra pista e perdendo ritmo na corrida

INFOCANCHA En Semáforo 🟡
INFOCANCHA En Semáforo 🟡 ()

#F1 Clasificacion General de Pilotos 1. Hamilton 88 pts. 2. Bottas 58 pts. 3. Verstappen 52 pts. 4. Norris 36 pts. 5. Leclerc 33 pts. 6. Albon 26 pts. 7. Pérez 22 pts. 8. Stroll 20 pts. 9. Ricciardo 20 pts. 10. Sainz 15 pts.

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Маtheus Schnell
Маtheus Schnell ()

@gvilhermw Pois é mano. Meu avô dizia um negócio n tem piloto ruim na F1, ngm chega ali por acaso (+/- vdd, na época n tinha stroll ainda 😂), mas a parada é q ali tem 5/6 pilotos muito bons e quem tiver no melhor carro vai acabar ganhando. Maior prova disso pra mim é o título do Button.

Gunner Pride
Gunner Pride ()

@lance_stroll @RacingPointF1 I love how you are racing Lance. As a fellow Canadian, I am always cheering for you!👊

Bob ()

Bob’s Broadway theatre stroll. Today’s stop: the Lunt-Fontanne. Opened in 1910 as the Globe. My favorite memory: Finding Neverland.

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Michael Bonner
Michael Bonner ()

On my morning stroll, I had a thought. We are forcing teachers and students back into school. The students will learn about science and even be assessed on the standards But, simultaneously we are ignoring the science in Covid-19 by sending them to school. Interesting

Umbrella Academy S2 🍎
Umbrella Academy S2 🍎 ()

There are plenty of ways to date than samgyup. You can stroll in a park, eat fast food take out. Hell, make your own DIY samgyupsal by buying pork slices. Puta maging self-aware naman kayo. Kahit sabihin nating pabaya ang administrasyon, this doesn’t excuse the lack of awareness.

Synthwave shark (Jordan) Needs more ocean
Synthwave shark (Jordan) Needs more ocean ()

Really lovely day for #FursuitFriday Quite nice to just get out an take a well needed stroll, care to join? ^w^

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Sportschau ()

Ein gebrauchter Tag für Sebastian Vettel, ein vielbeachtetes Comeback von Nico Hülkenberg und eine erstaunliche Tagesbestzeit für Lance Stroll - der erste Trainingstag in Silverstone hatte einiges zu bieten.

98,5 Sports
98,5 Sports ()

Si son coéquipier Sergio Perez rate le Grand Prix de Formule 1 de Grande-Bretagne en raison du coronavirus, Lance Stroll, pour sa part, commence le week-end en Angleterre du bon pied.➡️

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Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher ()

That was an interesting day at Silverstone. Plenty to discuss aside from returnee Hulkenberg who acquitted himself well when you consider he was heading to the Nurburgring 25hrs ago. Stroll Sr will be happy - this time next year an Aston Martin P1 will make him even happier #F1

CHRiZ 💛🐝
CHRiZ 💛🐝 ()

Observation: I live just a few minutes from Mount Washington (the wealthy neighborhood on the hill above me), but I clearly don’t look like I belong, because every time I go for a morning stroll there some WW walking a dog offers to help me “find where I’m going.” 🙄

✊🏾 Leandro Estrela ★彡
✊🏾 Leandro Estrela ★彡 ()

Não acompanhei os treinos da #f1 de hoje Mas olha o bebe de papai com a Stroll fazendo gracinha :p

Gaslento 🇫🇷
Gaslento 🇫🇷 ()

Se o Stroll pegar pódio esse Gp isso vira minha capa fodasse

Stroll Photo ()

Carlos Sainz marca el sexto mejor tiempo en unos libres dominados por el Racing Point de Stroll

Gillette Stadium
Gillette Stadium ()

Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest East would have taken place today and tomorrow. Because we all won’t be here this weekend, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to remember some of the epic moments we’ve shared over the years. 😍

Automobilismo Brasil
Automobilismo Brasil ()

É meus amigos, Lance Stroll está tirando tudo e mais um pouco do novo motor Mercedes! P1 para o canadense no segundo treino livre em Silverstone! 🇨🇦 🏁

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Gazeta Esportiva
Gazeta Esportiva ()

Stroll surpreende e é o mais rápido no segundo treino livre para o GP da Inglaterra

Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

CLASSIFICATION: END OF FP2 Just nine-hundredths between the top two as Lance Stroll finishes P1 in second practice ⏱️ #BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

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☚ Le CM #INCEPTION2ndWin ☛
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