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You want to know what kind of person @DanCrenshawTX is? When Dan was unfairly mocked by SNL, @SenDuckworth defended a fellow veteran. Yet, when Tammy’s patriotism was questioned, Dan shamelessly served Trump before defending a combat veteran.

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Maxwell Jr.
Maxwell Jr. ()

Batshuyai, Alonso, Barkley, Rudiger, Kepa, Christensen, Emerson, Drinkwater (don’t even know why this guy is still on our wage bill), Tammy, Willian ALL NEED TO BE CLEARED THIS SUMMER !!!

Laura-Rose Smith
Laura-Rose Smith ()

I don’t understand why people are still debating things like Mason >Tammy. Like comparing Becks > Giroud. #MUFC

Ciaran Allibone
Ciaran Allibone ()

@ChelseaFC Terrible performance. Takes pulisic off? Keeps Tammy on? We don’t attack, our defence is awful. Let’s hope Southampton and Bournemouth can help us now

Kelechi ()

Same thing Tammy is doing now😂😂😂😂😂😂want an improved contract


Awon Eyan Tammy Abraham da 😆😆😆😆 Some of us been knew since day is there any serious Footballer that looks like Not fast, not strong, not skilful, There is a higher chances of Valbuena scoring a header than no real standout quality but let trust him

Sam ()

City have Jesus as backup. Liverpool have Origi as backup. Barcelona literally have Martin Braithwaite as their backup ST but Tammy’s not good enough to be backup Chelsea level? Ok

Sam ()

Crazy how Tammy is suddenly the worst player of all time. 14 goals in the Prem in his first full season at Chelsea. Apparently not good enough to even be our backup now 😭

nathalie #ConfirmOceans9
Nathalie #ConfirmOceans9 ()

@oceanseightt lou e debbie mas como vc ja sabe ela e a tammy tiveram um passado #ConfirmOceans9

Clint "Ratbag" Kritzer ()

@FemininaTags @TammyMeade8 This game can boast of the best Taggers on the Twitter playing! Thank you all! And Tammy, you were fantastic! Thank you especially! 😎👍

PurpleFire0796 ()

Octavian give me his picture today. that is 11 out of 391 pictures gone. I would check if Tammy would give me her picture but she is fishing in the fish tourney right now.

kowalski 🤘
Kowalski 🤘 ()

If we want the rewards of Sandra Oh playing a chaotic lesbian we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of watching Tammy (2014)

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Luke 🇮🇪 🤝 🇵🇸
Luke 🇮🇪 🤝 🇵🇸 ()

tammy Abraham and kepa how do you feel costing chelsea champions league football yous absolute plam tree cunts

Carolyn Marie
Carolyn Marie ()

@AcnhGalapagos @FieryPhoenix Omg tammy crying she doesn’t have one and I just look proud of you guys even though I don’t have that one 🤣

Dapo ()

Tammy Abraham skills and goals vs Sheffield 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵 ll New Didier drogba?

Iqbal Mohammed
Iqbal Mohammed ()

These are fans who were trying to prop Tammy vs Martial! 😂😂😂😂!

Jozi molly
Jozi molly ()

@ChelseaFC The most clueless coach is He needs to go ..... Starting Tammy instead of Giroud , taking off pulisic instead of Tammy . The defense is a total

Fred Wellman
Fred Wellman ()

Veterans economic roundtable with Army combat wounded veteran Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Eric Swalwell
Eric Swalwell ()

You want to know what kind of person @DanCrenshawTX is? When Dan was unfairly mocked by SNL, @SenDuckworth defended a fellow veteran. Yet, when Tammy’s patriotism was questioned, Dan shamelessly served Trump before defending a combat veteran.

CFC🗣 ()

So many doubters, who said we were finished and wouldn’t make top 6. This team has surpassed its expectation with not only its fans but to all fans from rivals too! Mount, Tammy, James, Tomori, Ruben, CHO and ofcourse the experienced heads have done us proud 💙 3RD!


Goals in all competitions this season: Tammy Abraham: 15 goals Greenwood: 15 goals (Mason played 23 games less)

Premier League Panel
Premier League Panel ()

Tammy Abraham’s goals have now directly won 14 points in the league for Chelsea this season Only Sadio Mané (18), Raul Jimenez (18) & Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (16) have won more points for their sides in the Premier League this season.

StamfordBlog1905 ()

FT thoughts: • Willian uses Duracell batteries🔋 • Tammy bounces back ⚽️ • Zouma is Chelsea’s BEST defender • Jorginho is the equivalent of a stress ball 💆‍♀️ • Kepa, thank you🙏 • Mount👏 MOTM is Willian 100%. Calmed the play down countless times and covered for RJ loads🏆

T A M M Y ()

Stream a esta joya que está a Nada de llegar a los 600M #YoutubePartyWithBTS_D1 @BTS_twt

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Aaron ()

Full time thoughts: - mount class -Pulisic is a less thicc hazard -rlc, Tammy, Cho and Gilmour got minutes -Azpi decent at lb -Zouma and Christiansen is class partnership -Kepa also decent -Jorghino not playing again😣 -Kante decent -Willian with another pen -Ross class again

Shayan ()

My player ratings vs Watford: Kepa: 8 Reece: 8 Christensen: 7 Zouma: 8 Azpi: 8 Kante: 7 Mount: 9 Barkley: 9 Willian: 8 Giroud: 8 Pulisic: 8 Substitutes: Ruben: 5 Odoi: 5 Tammy: 5 Gilmour: 5

Daniel #LampardOut
Daniel #LampardOut ()

See how CHO, Gilmour, Tammy got bullied by the huge Watford players? Pulisic is also small but still managed to cause so much havoc

Kumasi Blogger
Kumasi Blogger ()

Follow me for quick follow back @KumasiBlogger_ Chelsea | Hazard | Pulisic | #bar4bar | Tammy | Sancho | Barkley | Giroud | Willian | #EMYAfrica20

Chelseagirl ()

Gotta say that was a great performance much prefer Giroud up front to Tammy and I love Pulisic what a player

🐐 ()

When Tammy Abraham got to 13 PL goals Martial was on 6. Tammy is still on 13 and Martial has reached 15 now.

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NPR ()

Sen. Tammy Duckworth says she intends to block the pending promotions of more than 1,000 Army officers until Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms he has not blocked and will not block the promotion of impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

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