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Hana Kimura, pro wrestler and #TerraceHouse cast member, dies at 22

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Ylenia ()

comunque io dovevo recuperare gli ultimi episodi di terrace house ma dopo quello che è successo a hana non so se voglio continuare

Yusuke Furuya|古屋祐輔 ()

木村花さんの逝去の報せはネパールでもニュースになっています。ネパールでも富裕層はNetflix見ているので、テラスハウスも多少ですが認知されていると思います。私自身も今回のロックダウンで初めてNetflixを契約し見たばかりだったので哀惜の念に耐えません。Rest in Peace

Mélanie Dangereuse de Clegane ()

In 1854, Victoria celebrated her birthday at Osborne House, where her five eldest children surprised her by playing a quintet composed by their father. In the afternoon, the royal family posed for photographs on the terrace.

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FormulaTV ()

Muere la luchadora Hana Kimura (#TerraceHouse) a los 22 años tras sufrir ciberacoso

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Ayami Michelle ()

Il y a une très triste nouvelle en provenance du Japon : Une lutteuse professionnelle est décédée (Elle apparaissait dans l’émission Terrace House sur Netflix) Elle a été blessé par les mots de personnes malveillantes sur les réseaux sociaux et elle s’est suicidée.

三枝 玄太郎 ()

ワシントンポストもこの扱い。朝日新聞、WP見た? 1行も載ってなかったね、朝刊。こんなセンスだから森友、加計、桜と空中楼閣な話ばかり追いかける羽目になるんだよ。

星 の 銀 貨 ()

TERRACE HOUSE新メンバーの星の銀貨です めちゃくちゃフェラが好きです よろしくお願いします

Afry Curiel ()

Me he puesto a mirar los perfiles de los compañeros de Hana en Terrace House y ahora estoy llorando a mares.

Doordarshan Sports ()

Hana Kimura, a female professional wrestler who was among the cast of the popular Japanese reality series Terrace House, died Saturday at 22

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Rchl ()

Bener ya org yg keliatannya ceria, sebenernya mereka suffering a lot. Aku nonton Terrace House Tokyo sampe akhir s1, dan personalitynya hana kimura selalu bisa bawa mood rumah jd bagus😭 masih ga nyangkaa huhu

Angry Aims ()

This is so sad. 22yrs old. She was so sweet and genuine on Terrace House. What the fuck is wrong with people who go out of their way to troll and harass people online? Humanity needs an overhaul. #RIPHanaKimura

M4rgot ()

je suis en train de tout lire les postes des participants de terrace house je fais que pleurer

L.A. County Fire Department ()

SHED FIRE | FS24 | 35660 N VISTA VIEW TERRACE TENHI MTN #Palmdale | Units responding to an outdoor Shed fire, Engine 131 reports fully involved Shed next to house, brush not involved. Engine 131, E37, E80, WT80 can handle. #LACoFD

Vírus comunista ()

Gente a hana kimura do terrace house morreu???? Mds eu tava assistindo ontem, o q rolou mds ela é tao novinha aaaaa

J ()

Terrace House Star and Professional Wrestler Hana Kimura Dead at 22

Daily Mail Online ()

Japanese Netflix star Hana Kimura is found dead aged just 22 after sharing a string of troubling messages online

🙏 🌎 Maryanne UK🇬🇧 ()

Hana Kimura, Pro Wrestler and ‘Terrace House’ Cast Member, Dies at 22 via @yahooNewsUK.

Millennium falco ()

there is also stan culture and the undeniable toxicity of it, the way how celebrities get commodified and consumed. its ironic that a reality show as mild as terrace house (compared to big brother for example) yields this kind of consequence

Bryan Silverstein ()

@RealMickFoley I am shocked and infuriated and have been all day. I only knew of her through Terrace House 2019-2020 and she was a beautiful and vibrant spirit. I’m verging on being sick to my stomach knowing she was bullied to this point. Unreal.

Adultchildren0213(°👄°)ℒℴѵℯ💕 ()

テラスハウス TOKYO 2019-2020 #テラスハウス また1人、若い命が失われてしまった。 死よりも辛い事ってなんだろう… ご冥福をお祈り致します

G🐣T7 ()

Gente chocada, terminei de assistir o terrace house na semana passada. Caramba, adorava ela. Descanse em paz

Bri ()

Pink drink, pink sweater, pink hair. Watching terrace house and will forever miss my favorite pink girl #RIPHanaKimura

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𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷⁷/arsd📌 ()

@hobiyeehaw Je sais pas si t’as vue Terrace House ? Mais Hana est morte et c’était ma pref

Los Angeles Times ()

Why some fans of Netflix reality-show star Hana Kimura blame her death on cyberbullying

Mari with an m ()

@anacakez Você também assistia? Eu tô muito triste terrace house nunca mais vai ser a mesma coisa

Onyx @ art contest ()

dude watching terrace house is so depressing now knowing hana died today. like its so fucking sad.

Keegan ()

Only saw her through Terrace House but she seemed like an incredibly bright and positive personality😢 Please be kind to people online and off

Mile ()

@eric_shorey She came across as a genuine, sweet and humble girl on Terrace so sad to learn she is gone.

Netflix Japan ()

今後予定しておりました『TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020』の新着エピソードに関して、Netflixでの配信は見送らせていただきます。

Variety ()

Hana Kimura, pro wrestler and #TerraceHouse cast member, dies at 22

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