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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 18:06 PM IST

#TheOriginals - Top Tweets sur Twitter

  • Is 1930’s Germany the key to finding Hayley? Find out on a new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c on The CW! #TheOriginals.

  • The FIRST 5 EPISODES of this season are available now for free on The CW App: #TheOriginals.

  • #LIEN #TheOriginals VOSTFR 5x05 : -.

  • Danielle Russell e Matt Davis. Os protagonistas de #Legacies (Spin-Off de #TheOriginals) no carpet da #CWUpfront.

  • Sério, se Hayley morrer enquanto Elijah fica bancando o apaixonado com essa desgraçada, eu não sei se vou ser capaz de perdoar ele. #TheOriginals.

  • #TheOriginals 5x06 Promo "What, Will, I, Have, Left" Promo My babies are going to back in two weeks! 😍❤ Hooray! 💃🎈 #Klaroline 💕🐘.

  • © writesamswrite | "The actors and director preparing for a long day in the dungeon! How bloody delightful! byrdjeff #theoriginalsseason5" #TheOriginals.

  • “I’ll keep that in mind if we ever have a daughter” #Freelin #TheOriginals.

  • Question for #Klaroline fans. If you were told that there would be a Season 6 of #TheOriginals But it would basically be a #Klamille endgame, would you battle to get that 6th season anyway? Cos I am truly torn on wanting a #LuciferSeason4 , cos I hate #Deckerstar.

  • Even C/K and S/C cannot deny that. #Klaroline #TheOriginals.

  • What is making @TheTionaHobson and I laugh like hyenas? Watch #TheOriginals aftershow on @afterbuzztv to find out!.

  • I hope Elena, Damon and Stefan will make a comeback! #TheOriginals #Legacies #TheVampireDiaries.

  • Acabei de ver o 5x05 de TO legendado e a proposta que a Greta fez pro Klaus foi aprisionar o lado lobo da Hope em troca da liberdade da Hayley e ele não aceitou, pois viveu com isso por 1000 anos e não quer isso pra filha! 😫 #TheOriginals.

  • #TheOriginals Season 5 Episodes (so far) ranked best to worst: 5x05 5x01 5x03 5x04 5x02 (5x06 will probably become my favorite though) #Klaroline.

  • Na promo do 5x06: "Como que a Hope sumiu?" "Ela fugiu com um garoto." "Eu vou matá-lo." (Klaus sendo Klaus) KKKKKKKKKKKKK #TheOriginals #HappyBirthdayJosephMorgan.

  • True. Those girls including Freya are the embodiment of a true and strong women that really represent the show #TheOriginals I miss them so much..

  • Freya should just adopt Hope at this point #TheOriginals.

  • Quien se dio cuenta que esta temporada es sobre dos familias? Que han perdido y se le ha arrebatado mucho? No son las brujas, o lobos o un duo de hermanos o una organización. Es una familia que sabe lo que sienten los Mikaelson y que han perdido a alguien por Klaus #TheOriginals.

  • Here’s the deal. I think that Roman legitimately likes Hope. I think she was originally his assignment but now? Roman’s feelings for Hope will be key to their plan for vengeance failing, calling it now. #TheOriginals #Reciepts.

  • I don’t like paranoid Klaus, but I can’t say I blame him. #TheOriginals #HappyBirthdayJosephMorgan.

  • So Antoinette knew Wlijah and Klaus from 1930’s Germany! #TheOriginals.

  • Sorry Antoinette I don’t trust you. #TheOriginals #HappyBirthdayJosephMorgan.

  • I bet josh put more Vervain in her system #TheOriginals.

  • Lol if it’s one thing originals teaches you and it’s that you can’t trust anyone #TheOriginals.

  • And a midnight treat: another spread from the mod #THEORIGINALS by @davegibbons90 #BergerBooks baby! (I loved working on this book! #fanboy).

  • #TheOriginals so Roman & Antionette are Gretas kids😮 OHHH WOOOOW!!!.


  • @TheKaliMom I knew Romen was involved. I bet Declan is as well.#TheOriginals.

  • #DanielGillies always kills me with laughter on instagram. 😂 “There will be spankings, for those in attendance.” Welp, lucky everyone in Romania. Hopefully one day I’ll meet this loveable goofball. I love you Daniel, and thankyou for brightening my day. ❤️ #TheOriginals.

  • Where are all you #TheOriginals and #TheVampireDiaries fans? The CW has a spin-off coming for you! Here’s what we know!.

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