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Thomas is right. There’s nothing more dangerous in this country than a modern-day liberal.

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For worse or for better, from now ‘til forever, I’ll always remember you young. -Thomas Rhett.

@t_armstrong2011 Now the best way to deliver poor souls from being deluded and destroyed by these messengers of Satan is, to discover them in their colours, that so, being known, poor souls may shun them, and fly from them as from hell itself. - Thomas Brooks (1608-1680).

@Geestargames So sorry to hear this Gee. My thoughts are with you. Take all the time you need.

Some athletes that don’t play for one of my teams that have really impressed me in 2019: 1. Luka Doncic 2. Lamar Jackson 3. Anthony Rendon 4. Joe Burrow 5. Josh Jacobs 6. Pete Alonso 7. Ninja 8. Michael Thomas 9. Christian McCaffrey 10. Dalvin Cook.

@landon_schu This is how I feel about basically every single Disney live action remake.

It begins! Prof Mandy Thomas opens the Creative Practices, Community Engagement and Social Impact symposium..

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When the queen wakes up tomorrow and sees Twitter #Queen #queenisdead.

Like the RNC did after the ‘grab em by the p’ video came out, Thomas?.

@xPsychoBarbiex She already blocked Bianca’s account because Bi accused her of murdering her husband. Never mind that she was sliding in Josh’s DMs within days of the “death” because he also happens to be a Thomas Latimer PB, just like the dead husband..

📕 El análisis de ADN que reveló la paternidad oculta de Thomas Jefferson.

Toda vez que eu vejo a #reneweannewithane é postagens pedindo ela me da uma tristeza saber que foi cancelada de novo.

Mettre lodi en latéral gauche mettre saul sur le banc mettre Koke à gauche correa à droite mettre Thomas herrera en double pivot dégager lemar à Châteauroux acheté un vrai 9.

@_CJ10_ @hoz_alonso Tu y el 99,99% del planeta. Ese 0,01% es Thomas y los bebes que han nacido durante la segunda parte del partido..

@LauHalaMadrid Mediocentro titular del Madrid: Casemiro, titular con Brasil, 4 copas de Europa, indispensable en la última copa Amé Prensa: Por que no pone a Llorente, Llorente es mejor, Mediocentro del Atlético: Thomas. Prensa: Ni una palabra de Llorente. En.

@njjet33 Hopefully 10th & I’m fucking praying Andrew Thomas is still line was goddam attrocious today (amongst other things).

Think about this, @Arsenal were ready to pay 90million( 2 years ago) for Thomas Lemar out of desperation & poor recruitment strategy..

Today we have a new priest in Connecticut, Father Thomas Davis, of the Melkite Eparchy, and now the new pastor of St. Ann Melkite Church, Danbury..

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dios gente estoy a punto de llorar por la traición de teresa hacia thomas, en esa habitación donde lo metió.

Signa Holding and Anex Tour can each acquire parts of Thomas Cook #Companies #5.

Et puis Thomas le jour où il va me prendre en flag en train de manger ses coulances je vais me faire chap tout les weekend au taff je mange ses goûter 😭.

El gol de Messi viene por culpa de Thomas quien tras la pared que inicia el argentino no le sigue y le deja tirar..

@NellyProducts @Thomas_Astruc and very silly and inmature on various decisions 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Allez la grosse entorse a la cheville !!😭 30 jour démobilisation + 10 séance chez le kiné + un cheville enceinte 😂😭.

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@Conservatives I wouldn’t vote for Labour even if it was compulsory! Corbyns communist policies are antiquated & A huge failure!.

Thomas is right. There’s nothing more dangerous in this country than a modern-day liberal.

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