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T E A R D R O P @Yg_Trece wins it for the @okcthunder in #PhantomCam! #ThunderUp.

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⚡ RUSS & PG ⚡ ⚡ 45 PTS / 9 REB / 7 ASIST para George! ⚡ 43 PTS / 15 REB / 8 ASIST para Westbrook! ⚡ FANTÁSTICO el dúo dinámico de #ThunderUp llevando a una nueva victoria y está vez en el último segundo 🆚 #TeamIsEverything tras 2 prórrogas! 🔥.

Que jogo meus amigos!!! Paul George insano!!! #OKCvsUTAH #ThunderUp.

Victoria de @okcthunder sobre @utahjazz tras dos prórrogas por 147-148. Paul George consiguió 45 puntos, 9 rebotes y 7 asistencias. Donovan Mitchell finalizó con 38 puntos, 5 asistencias y 4 rebotes. #ThunderUp.

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Best performance for me for JG, Big Kiwi, TF and the man himself Schroder. #ThunderUp.

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Russ and PG combined for 88 points but it was the resiliency and fight from George and the Thunder reserves after both Westbrook and Ferguson fouled out that made the difference on Friday night. | #ThunderUp Read:.

T E A R D R O P Yg_Trece wins it for the okcthunder in #PhantomCam! #ThunderUp.

👀 the TOP OT plays as the okcthunder prevail against utahjazz late in Oklahoma City! #ThunderUp.

😤 Yg_Trece (45 PTS, 9 REB, 7 AST) & russwest44 (43 PTS, 15 REB, 8 AST) both go for 40+ PTS in the okcthunder thrilling double OT win! #ThunderUp.

PAUL GEORGE FLOATS IT WAY UP AND IN TO TAKE THE LEAD! #ThunderUp 148 #TeamIsEverything 147 left in 2OT on ESPNNBA. UTA ball..

DOUBLE OVERTIME ON THE WAY! #TeamIsEverything 139 #ThunderUp 139 WATCH on ESPNNBA.

PAUL GEORGE WINDMILL IN TRANSITION! 😱 #ThunderUp 133 #TeamIsEverything 133 2:43 to play in OT on ESPNNBA.

T E A R D R O P @Yg_Trece wins it for the @okcthunder in #PhantomCam! #ThunderUp.

Stark contrast in Russ and TFerg foul night Harden and CP3 both fouled being the Thunder didn’t panic. The next man stepped up when needed. It’s such a great feeling to have a team chemistry that IS team oriented. #ThunderUp.

I don’t know why I feel totally spent! I was standing in front of my TV like the fans standing at the arena — willing the WIN. Totally involved. Omg what a great great team. One MVP and another who should also be an MVP. Fans do get to vote. And we will. #ThunderUP.

@shesforOKC Just started watching it sis! Just got back from a Charlie Wilson concert. 🙌 Let’s go!! #Thunderup.


Amen. But Billy D is still doing an incredible job with lineup and play calls this season. Mistakes happen. #ThunderUp.

As great as Westbrook has been shooting tonight, that last shot has to go to Paul George w/ 17pts in the 4th. #ThunderUp.

I barely made it through the 4th quarter why y’all do me like this?! #ThunderUp.

Russ!!!! Bad last possession. Drive to the basket, get a free throw or something. Come on!! #ThunderUp #OKCvsJAZZ.

PG and Westbrook better WonderTwins activate and get this done!!🔥🔥 #ThunderUp.

@EASPORTSNBA VENICE needs an update ASAP ! 😊😊😊😊😊 #ThunderUp #NBALIVE19.

Very bold of Russ to risk OT to make sure he keeps the trip dub streak goin. #thunderup.

Wow!!! Westbrook 🤣😂🤣 such a great player, Over Time #ThunderUp x #TeamIsEverything.

Donovan has to call the timeout. Thunder have been too good tonight coming out of the timeouts #ThunderUp.

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