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Exclure quelqu’un de son compte Netflix : le top 5 des excuses..

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@ArkaCha03929145 @taran_adarsh #War Top 5 Me Aygi #BajrangiBhaijaan Ka 321 Ka Record Aram Se Tod Degi.

@betcoza More than half of those runs were from the lower order too! 1st Test Top 5 = 178 & 60 Bottom 5 = 253 & 131 2nd Test Top 5 = 53 & 79 Bottom 5 = 222 & 110.

Top 5 reasons men cheat on women 1. Women are unaccountable 2. The headache to beauty ratio is off 3. Nagging too much and not appreciating the good 4. The other woman ain’t annoying and rides for more than 2 minutes 5. Existing I don’t make the rules.

TOP 5 Weekend Provisional 1- Joker 4,4M€ 2- Abominable 1,4M€ 3- Mientras dure la guerra 1,1M€ 4- Geminis 1,1M€ 5- Dia de lluvia en Nueva York 0,5M€.

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1. Peanut butter on top of butter 2. Breaking a new book spine (don’t @ me) 3. Clean hair 4. Candles in the kitchen 5. Olive deli bars 6. Putting your feet in the sea. All temperatures..

NBA Top 5 du jour : les enfants de la NBA montent en pression, elle est belle cette jeunesse dis-donc.

@PureHooperZ and hayward was never their 2nd best player, id argue hes never even been a top 5 most important/impactful for them..

Pues ya tenemos el Top 5 de #MasterchefLaRevancha Me quedo con un sabor muy agridulce de esta temporada. No puedo creer que Memo o Rogelio, dos participantes que solo se han mantenido en la competencia por injusticias o errores de otros, vayan a quedar de Top 4.

Dannyman will go down as a top 5 Twitter user when its all said and done.

top debate 6. gomez centurion 5. lavagna 4. del caño 3. macri 2. espert 1. alberto #DebateAr2019.

@JayDizzyD He’s behind ALL OF those guys, and you’re telling me he’s top 5 for MVP?!?! One of the worst takes I’ve ever seen..

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@LordReebs He was a consensus top 5 QB preseason too! I’m glad I didn’t buy that hype.

Exclure quelqu’un de son compte Netflix : le top 5 des excuses..

Should the LSU Tigers be considered for the No. 1 overall ranking? • undefeated (6-0) • two top-10 wins (Texas, Florida) • points per game • Heisman candidate Joe Burrow.

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Os 5 minutos mais corajosos, contundentes e necessários do ano. Roger é um crânio do esporte, top de linha como treinador. Mas seu papel vai além. É referência humana e social. Idolo! 👏👏👏 #ChegadePreconceito.

definitely in the top 5 of indie talent you need to watch out for..

@trey_rowland59 Yeah, but we aren’t a top 5 team when we bent them over. If difference..

@_brooksy12_ 🤔 Clemson D is top 5 in the country. Swift has has 2 100 yard games out of not a chance.

Once when I was about 5 years old, I put the plastic laundry basket at the top of the stairs, got in, and then pushed off, riding the out-of-control laundry basket down the stairs and into the wall.

Top 5 Lugares Embrujados Donde Ocurrieron Fenómenos Paranormales vía @YouTube.

The Top 10 TV Shows of the 2010s: 10. Mindhunter 9. Making a Murderer 8. Boardwalk Empire 7. Westworld 6. Fargo 5. The Deuce 4. Black Mirror 3. American Crime Story 2. Game of Thrones 1. Chernobyl #Bestofthe2010s #TVShowLists.

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faça um reinado com um top 5 das suas músicas favs de twenty one pilots me: 👑 isle of flightless birds 🤴🏽 👸🏽 anathema cut my lip 💂🏼‍♀️ 💂🏼‍♂️ ode to sleep natn.

Top play of the day with Mich St + is going to lose in horrible fashion. Never really a chance. Right when you think Lewerke is a capable QB, he goes full 2018 and proves otherwise 😂 Onto the next! Nothing to be upset about - the last 2 months have been incredible👍🍾😎.

@theNickieZ2K @ReptileOfRot 👉😎👉 top guy for 5 mins till i have to retire..

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