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Tory Lanez speaks on celebrities using their platform during these times

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I didn’t pay much attention to Tory Lanez persona before quarantine started, just the music, but as of late I like eem.

Black ≠ POC ()

Tory Lanez can say real shit, because he independent. He don’t have a puppet master like some of these other celebs.

DJ First Class™ 🏁 ()

Tory Lanez Gathering Shekinah Jo. Bruh Had To Hang Up On Her 🤦🏾‍♂️

Peaches ()

Shekinah all In Tory lanez IG girl the hell you want? You already making a fool of yourself

XXL Magazine ()

Tory Lanez speaks on celebrities using their platform during these times

Domonique Taja ()

@Me_Chelle_Bell Lmfao I love Tory Lanez petty self knigga said “hiiii hellooo” 😭😭😭

Mariama ()

Tory Lanez been entertaining us & reading celebrities for filth. I’ve officially decided to Stan

Complex ()

Tory Lanez urges his celebrity peers not to condemn protestors:

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Somebody mama ()

So far the only ones that have had sense are Beyonce Cardi Tory Lanez Ice T Ice Cube Kendrick Sampson J Cole Wale Michael B Jordan Chika

Themarathoncontinues. ()

imagine if i woulda told you that Tory Lanez would be the black celebrity making the most sense during a time of civil unrest.

Narcissist🎈 ()

😂😂 shekinah all up in Tory Lanez chat like Hi Hi Hi ma’am why do you insist on looking foolish

Anon ()

I never thought I would be saying this but we need to Protect Tory Lanez at all cost.


Tory Lanez says celebrities should do their research before judging on social media @torylanez

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Curated a playlist for @AppleMusic #QuarantineRadio 🔥☔️

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☚ Didier Lallement #BlackOutTuesday ☛
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