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Here to spice up your morning. 24 Pts - 11 Reb - 4 Ast - 3 Blk @pskills43 | #WeTheNorth.

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Good battle, @Raptors. Solid company, too. 🇨🇦 #WeTheNorth.

Keeping Up With The Canadians 🇨🇦 Chris Boucher | vs. @LAClippers 13 POINTS 3 THREE POINTERS 6 REBOUNDS 2 BLOCKS 1 STEAL #WeTheNorth | @Raptors.

Ontem não pude acompanhar, pois este fuso da conferência oeste não privilegia o proletariado brasileiro. Mas saber que mesmo desfalcados saímos de com 50% de aproveitamento, contra dois dos favoritos ao título, enche o coração de orgulho! I Love You @Raptors ! #WeTheNorth.

He’s cute together #WeTheNorth @ShawnMendes @Camila_Cabello ☺️☺️.

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if OG ANUNOBY was able to finish the game, i believe the RAPTORS wouldve swept LA. #wethenorth.

No doubt in my mind Kawhi sees this Raps team and knows he could have ran it back for another title this year. Ultimately he chose to go home. After last night, he is in enemy territory and hopefully it gives people some closure now #WeTheNorth.

@ScottRegehr You should mention the @Raptors were missing three key players. They did a great job holding the clippers to less than 100 points in a back to back. #WeTheNorth.

Here to spice up your morning. 24 Pts - 11 Reb - 4 Ast - 3 Blk @pskills43 | #WeTheNorth.

Spicy P (24 PTS & 11 REB) came up BIG for the Raptors in their win against the Lakers! 🌶 #WeTheNorth.

⛔ @pskills43 disse NÃO para LeBron James! #WeTheNorth #NBAnoSporTV.

#WeTheNorth 113 #LakeShow 104 Clave para Raptors pts al contrataque (32-8) y un último cuarto malo de LeBron en ataque AD: 27 pts, 8 reb LBJ: 13 pts, 13 rebs, 15 ast Kuz: 15 pts Daniels 11 pts VÍDEO en un ratito en el CANAL.

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Here’s your morning recap of @chrisboucher highlights from last night. Pay attention NBA! #WeTheNorth.

Que equipa incrível, um carácter monumental. Depois de perder Kawhi, sem entrar ninguém relevante, sem Lowry e Ibaka por lesão e vão ganhar a LA. #WeTheNorth.

The Dogs would like to thank our Amazing fans who helped Defend Ron Greene Stadium this regular season (6-0) and invite The North to Again, Defend Our House, This Friday Night vs. East Lincoln in round 1! #WeTheNorth.

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So last season the @Raptors were 17-5 without Kawhi in the lineup. This season they are 7-2. That’s 24-7 (.774) without Kawhi. Winning 77% of your games equates to 63 wins over an 82 game season. Yes, it’s just the regular season, but it’s impressive nonetheless. #WeTheNorth.

#LakeShow 104 - 113 #WeTheNorth Toronto se rendait cette nuit à LA pour jouer les Angelinos de Lebron James. Malgré 2 de leurs titulaires blessés, on a pu assister à une victoire très collective des Raptors sur le score de 113 à 104 avec + de 6 joueurs dépassant les 10 points.

#WeTheNorth 👀 @Betclic you know it my man, Siakam t’es un crackito de la mañana le reuf 🏀❤️.

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this is so 😍😍😍 happy to see and played with their former will always be 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 #WeTheNorth.

Şu saatten sonra şampiyonluğa karşı inancım arttı. Nedeni ise bir takımı yendik diye değil, 2 önemli adamımız sakatken La Lakers gibi iyi kurulmuş bir takıma karşı galibiyet aldık, şu saatten sonra şampiyon olacağımıza dair tweetler atacağım artık 💪 #WeTheNorth.

Let’s make it back-to-back wins in LA! 🤜🤛 #WeTheNorth #Raptors.

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@Anthonysmdoyle Can we just shut down Yonge & Dundas again tonight? #WeTheNorth.

No Lowry. No Ibaka. The bench got it done! Everyone is gonna be talking about Siakam after AD’s ankles sure won’t forget him #WeTheNorth.

Raptors knew Danny green’s every move and they gonna have Kawhi on clamps tomorrow. #WeTheNorth #RTZ.

💯. This team just competes. I love these guys! #wethenorth #Raptors.

Enjoy these @pskills43 highlights with your morning coffee. #WeTheNorth 44 Pts | 61 FG% | 10 Reb | 5 3PM | 4 Ast.

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