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@sergeibaka Plenty of space in that room for another trophy #WeTheNorth

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Ray Lalonde
Ray Lalonde ()

Gotta love these buses @Raptors will be using for NBA Return to Play @WaltDisneyWorld Sending a strong message in an important moment in our society. First class for defending champions! #BLM #WeTheNorth

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Isael Castillo
Isael Castillo ()

Qué bonito el autobús de los campeones! 🔥 #WeTheNorth #BlackLivesMattters

Michael T Bryce
Michael T Bryce ()

This is absolutely on point. The champs are stylin’ and have already won in Florida. #WeTheNorth

Dapper Tux
Dapper Tux ()

That’s my team right there.🏀 #BlackLivesMatter #WeTheNorth

NBA Australia
NBA Australia ()

The reigning champs have held bragging rights longer than most, and if their defence and chemistry hold serve, they might get to keep them for a year more. One thing’s for sure--the road to the title still goes through The North. #WholeNewGame #WeTheNorth | @Raptors

Bhushan Suryavanshi
Bhushan Suryavanshi ()

The Raptors arrive in Orlando to defend their Championship #BlackLivesMatter #WeTheNorth @Raptors

ʙɪɢ ᴡɪʟʟ🍁😷
ʙɪɢ ᴡɪʟʟ🍁😷 ()

I think Raptors are getting the shaft with the hotel rooms 😕 #WeTheNorth #NBABubble

TCM ()

@sergeibaka Plenty of space in that room for another trophy #WeTheNorth

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Kevin Shafer
Kevin Shafer ()

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the @Raptors organization from top to bottom. #WeTheNorth

Kyle ()

Gonna be hard to beat us four times, that’s all I know #WeTheChamps #WeTheNorth

Laced Sports
Laced Sports ()

It’s a clown suit, right? Because Joel Embiid is a clown 🤡🤡 #Raptors #WeTheNorth

greg harvie
Greg harvie ()

@sportsrage First class again by Masai and the raps , exactly right gm bad ass great look well done , raps are definitely becoming one of the premier organizations in na pro sports , hopefully future talents see it , Masai has to get a lot of the credit #wethenorth #back2back👊🏿⚡️

Roger ()

Slipknot and dumbells help me when I’m stressed. What helps you?

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Maple 🍁
Maple 🍁 ()

Now that’s an entrance! 🔥 #wethenorth ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾❤️

Gabriel Morency
Gabriel Morency ()

lets #WeTheNorth ...he going to help off us the bench . he can ball.

Tania Inverso
Tania Inverso ()

My Tweet made the article 😁 Thanks @blogTO #Raptors #WeTheNorth 🖤🏀

Rebel Fraggle
Rebel Fraggle ()

@Raptors @Bell It is crazy how much I missed these men and this show. Stay safe, gentlemen! #wethenorth #raptors

skillz (46-18)
Skillz (46-18) ()

#Raptors bubble update! Long awaited Lowry sighting. #WeTheNorth

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Victoria Raptors babe
Victoria Raptors babe ()

@Raptors @Bell Jeez my life sucks without basketball ... cant wait for the ball to hit the air #wethenorth

Chris Miller 🎥🎙🏀
Chris Miller 🎥🎙🏀 ()

I’ll just leave this caption here. “Get on the bus for equality”. #WeTheNorth #BlackLivesMatter

☚ #laspecialededifool gonzaroo ☛
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