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Andrew Wiggins: 17 pts 10 reb 1 stl 2 blk +12 Just another scrappy and hard-fought performance from Wiggins.

Mike Brown said at shootaround Andrew Wiggins asked to pick up Tyus Jones full court. That’s when he knew Wiggins was locked in.

Steph Curry has a lower effective field goal percentage than Andrew Wiggins in this series. Klay Thompson has an eFG of 45 percent. Draymond Green has a turnover ratio of percent. Abhorrent basketball..

This series is a roller coaster. Klay and Draymond show up. Steph and Wiggins look awful. Looney is excellent. Poole is a mess..


“That’s what we’ve been asking Wiggs to do all year. For two years or however long he’s been here… It’s very hard to stop him from getting to the basket.” Draymond on Wiggins playing bully ball.

Los Golden State Warriors colocan el 3-1 después de imponerse a Memphis Grizzlies por 101-98 📊 Stephen Curry: 32 puntos, 8 asistencias, 5 rebotes Andrew Wiggins: 17 puntos, 10 rebotes Klay Thompson: 14 puntos, 7 rebotes #DubNation.

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Warriors Postgame Media Availability Transcripts | Game 4: Acting Head Coach Mike Brown: Stephen Curry: Draymond Green: Klay Thompson: Andrew Wiggins:.

Special shoutout to Andrew Wiggins: 17 points on 70/100/100% 3 rebounds 1 assist 2 steals 1 block +3 Otto Porter Jr.: 13 points ( FG, 60 3P) 4 rebounds 3 assists 1 steal 2 blocks +30 Draymond Green: 5 points 8 assists 5 rebounds 1 block +19.

Richard Jefferson need to shut the hell up about Wiggins. Do you not see this dude battling?!.

Il lavoro che stanno facendo Wiggins e Otto Porter Jr in questa serie è incredibile. Fungono da 4 e si fanno il mazzo per tutti a rimbalzo. Nel tempo libero invece Wiggo taglia da Dio e OPJ oggi ha messo 4 triple. Sono fondamentali.

The stats might not show it, but this is one of Andrew Wiggins best games as a Warrior.

@warriors if i speak for all warriors fans we playing at home klay is hot the rest not turnovers kill us steph is washed dray is washed wiggins is washed we playing at home and dont have big leads against a team without JA cant understand.

Grading the Oklahoma City #Thunder bench which includes some of my favorite players, Aaron Wiggins, Tre Mann, Isaiah Roby, and of course, Aleksej Pokusevski. #ThunderUp.

I was against trading Wiggins ,Poole and was happy with the kuminga pick. They strongly disagreed and blocked.

The Warriors were sorely tested by the Grizzlies this series, and their penchant for turnovers nearly doomed them again tonight. But behind brilliant games from Looney, Wiggins, and Game 6 Klay, the Dubs closed out the series. Some thoughts on the win:.

没人不喜欢nba的超巨,有天赋能兑现,有球权有人气,打球风格劲爆,夺人眼球。但我心中的top3是勇士的wiggins 热火的士官长 公牛的caruso。最喜欢的是维金斯,有天赋但从不争功,不要球权,脏活累活全干了,球风干净为人谦逊,身体素质爆表却不张扬,像个扫地僧。每个赛季基本都能全勤。.

Wiggins ain’t getting enough love. He’s been huge the last two games. #MEMvsGSW.

I don’t think we give Otto & Wiggins enough credit for the little things they do..

This will be special: Pat Thomas gives the UK premiere of 2 works by C19th virtuoso Thomas Wiggins, including the extraordinary, cataclysmic Battle of Manassas (1861), which prefigures several C20th avant-garde piano techniques by at least half a century.

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@RealSkipBayless Curry shooting 4-17 Wiggins 2-9 Over 16 Warriors turnovers Just say it.

Luka quit a long time ago Wiggins had him on Wiggins island. Lol wow man I didn’t expect this I’m not even gonna front.

@SpursUpNext Ja morant has been playing better than Curry tho but the Warriors are wayyyy deeper than the Grizzlies Wiggins, Klay, Poole, Draymond etc. Grizzlies are young and inconsistent.

Andrew Wiggins whenever he sees Brandon Clarke under the basket.

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I fw draymond green since he fuck with Joel Embiid. Matter of fact I fuck with steph and Wiggins too since they close to Embiid. I hope they win the ring this year. And I also hope Dray plays in Philly sometime in his career he fits the city.

Que lindo un equipo inteligente que ataca el aro y no se encapricha con los triples. La sensación es que no jugamos así siempre para que la NBA tenga sentido. Curry marcó el camino, se prendió Poole en el 2T, antes fue Wiggins. Hermoso Kuminga titular. Otto garantía. Ojo Moody..

Poole 27 PTS Klay 21 PTS / 9 REB / 4 AST Wiggins 17 PTS Kuminga 18 PTS Warriors NO tienen que ganar en Memphis (aunque ya lo hicieron) pero hoy enviaron un mensaje claro. 🤫.

last point before i go to bed, but Wiggins has been killing us the whole series, rather it’s his scoring, rebounding, or defense he’s been everywhere.

@Rhi55362241 これ最近言動からとてもほんとに思えますが多分このGuruて方の作り話だと思いますwリプ欄でもyou are guruedとか書かれてますので😅.


末节18分!库里创纪录,32+5+8罚球准绝杀夺赛点,维金斯17+10太稳了 18 points in the last quarter! Curry set a record, 32 + 5 + 8 penalty shots to win the match point, Wiggins 17 + 10 is too stable..

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